Penny Zenker

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Strategic Business Coach

Best-Selling Author

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She leaves a lasting impression with stories and exercises that create an impact and motivates action.


She is skilled at helping individuals and organizations on:
  • Increasing Sales
  • Boosting Productivity
  • Activating Accountability
  • Improving Communication
  • Enhancing Leadership
  • Reducing Stress

What People Are Saying: 

“Penny is a phenomenal and dynamic speaker. Her voice is powerful, she is energetic and she delivers phenomenal information.”-Robert Fox, CEO-People Source International

“Penny’s workshop was inspiring, freeing and engaging” – Crystal Almanzar, Talent Acquisition-Samsung



Penny teaches that how greater self-awareness gives you the edge to be faster, smarter and more effective. Studies prove that the energy of your thoughts create your results, like the placebo effect as an example. Penny will interactively show you how this shows up in your life and what is in the gap for you to get more out of your life, your family and your community, your team and your company. You will walk away with practical tools to implement this immediately.


The responsibilities, activities, and stresses of life leave people feeling physically depleted, emotionally drained, and mentally distracted. In this presentation, Penny shares the 10 Productivity Drivers to shift those emotions, avoid procrastination and perfectionism, and get in the Zone.
The Productivity Zone is where efficiency and productivity meet. The Drivers will help you to think and act more strategically – that makes you work smarter. You will walk away with Assess yourself in the 10 core drivers, identify the gaps in your performance, create an action plan to close the biggest gap.


A recent Gallup study showed that only 30% of the workforce is engaged. That is 70% of the workforce has checked out. It isn’t just the millennials- this is not a generational issue as some may say. So Who or what is to blame? How much is it costing your organization? And most importantly what are you doing about it. This session focuses on strategies to revitalize engagement, accountability, and productivity.


The Imposter Syndrom effects 70% of the population. We wear masks to be who others think we should be and often loose ourselves along the way. This is an unconscious force and it stems from a fear of failure or of success along the way manifests into behaviors such as procrastination and perfectionism. Because at the root of each and every one of us there is to matter and belong. Everything that we do is driven as a result of this basic instinct. In this keynote, you explore how to break out of those patterns and to know that you matter.


A recent study we conducted showed that accountability was a top frustration for managers and business owners. Why is accountability an issue and how can you foster accountability in your workforce? Often organizations focus on external factors and results. Ownership is at the core of accountability and ownership is an inside job. It is more than having people do certain actions because compliance is not ownership. Learn the fundamentals that support personal ownership and accountability in yourself and others.


You negotiate with yourself and others every day, moment to moment. Are you getting the results you want for yourself, with your relationships, with your team, with your clients? Penny reveals the 6 fundamentals needed for a successful negotiation applicable for in any form of negotiation that appear in all areas of your life. They include the Mindset, Preparation, Communication, Partnership, Problem-solving, Emotional intelligence. In this talk, you will walk away with a practical framework and interactive application of these key skills that can be implemented immediately.