15 Time Management Quotes for an Office

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Whether we assign time a dollar value or not, time is a valuable resource. Your day, just like everyone else’s, is 24 hours. However, some people seem to be able to squeeze more from that compared to others. Time management is key, not just for business owners, but also for employees, students, and professionals. Why is this not a class at school?

We become stressed if we cannot complete a certain task within the deadline. Perhaps you can benefit from time management quotes to motivate you to manage your time well. There are many tools and strategies that can help you in managing your time, including mobile phone applications, creating lists, and adjusting your sleep time. What are you using that is working? and what do you find is not working? These are important questions to ask yourself.

The purpose of this article is to highlight why time management is important, to share some tips to manage your time well, and to provide some of the best time management quotes.

Why Is Time Management Important

Time management is important since time is limited. When you focus on something you can’t control, it only creates more stress. No matter how you spend your 24 hours in a day, you can never get an extra second. In an office, this applies to you and your co-worker regardless of whether he or she gets to do half the amount of work assigned to you. Maybe it was your former workmate who consistently accomplished more than you, which led to his or her promotion, Maybe it was your roommate that got better grades, someone you see at the gym who is in great shape or a couple you see out to dinner that has a great relationship.

Time management plays a role in the success of every area of our lives. Everything requires a certain level of attention to get the result you desire. Too little attention or attention to the wrong things and you fall short of your goals.

If you are a good time manager, you will be able to accomplish more with less effort or better yet reach your goal faster. Learning to take control of your time improves your ability to focus on what’s important and what moves the needle.

Improved Decision Making Ability

Time management is crucial as it leads to improved decision-making ability. Whether you have discovered the power of list-making or any other time-chunking technique, you’ll realize that the benefit of managing your time well allows you to make better decisions. When you face time constraints to accomplish a certain task, there’s a high likelihood of jumping to conclusions, which may cause poor decision-making. However, if you are a good time manager, you will be able to eliminate the pressure that comes from feeling like you don’t have enough time. You will be calmer and in control of the situation. You can compare each option you might have and settle on the best, which minimizes the chance of making a bad decision.

Career Success

Time management is key to your success in your career. It will allow you to take control of your life instead of following the flow of others. You will also be able to accomplish more each day and make sound decisions. People will notice, and business leaders will approach you when they need to get things done. The increased exposure will lead to better advancement opportunities.

Increased Learning

You will learn more, and you’ll become more valuable to your employer. There will be great opportunities around you, and you will find time to take advantage of them. When you have more time, you can help in launching new products. Time management will provide better learning opportunities. The more you learn, the better your chances of making a positive impression in the workplace.

Reduced Stress

You will reduce stress since you’ll have more control over your time. You will avoid feeling rushed and overwhelmed. If you feel rushed, you can’t even figure out how long it will take to complete a certain task, and this increases the likelihood you’ll miss the deadline. If you learn to be a good time manager, you will no longer subject yourself to stress. This is beneficial to your health and you’ll have more clarity on the demands on your time. You’ll be able to make better estimates on when to complete tasks and meet deadlines.

Less Procrastination

When you have good time management skills, you’ll leave no room for procrastination. You’ll get better at setting priorities, which will yield more self-discipline. Self-discipline is a valuable skill that can impact other areas of your life where a lack of self-discipline kept you from achieving a certain goal. Besides, you will also find time to unwind, relax, and have enough sleep.

Time Management Tips for Success

Time management is not about being able to do your job well. Rather, it is about setting priorities and boundaries, The two areas we are not naturally good at. Being a good time manager allows you to have time for what’s important personally and professionally, including play, work, and taking the time to relax because this is when you will get your most creative ideas. We have compiled some tips on how to become a good time manager.

These include:
1. Always start your day by looking at your goals and what is most important for you today. It lets you set priorities for focus and attention and identify boundaries for the day.
2. Break tasks into manageable and reasonable units. Looking at big tasks can make you feel hopeless and overwhelmed. Unless you are careful, this may keep you from doing other things you’d like to do. Breaking bigger tasks into manageable bits will help you plan your time better.
3. Always have a plan for what you want to accomplish. You should have a set of reasonable goals for what you need to do for any given day.
4. Delegate if possible. You can have assistants who will help you accomplish tasks. However, you should let them do what they are best in. This will help you avoid burnout and help you harness creativity for the things you are good at.
5. Prioritize tasks and refuse inessential tasks. You should decide the best order for tasks you need to accomplish. This may mean saying “no” to other people who want to do things that aren’t included in your schedule.
6. Plan time for socializing, exercising, and meals. You should not work until you burn out and decide to stop for good. Before that happens, ensure that to make time to do things that will make your life complete.
7. Practice the 10-minute rule. We all have some tasks we dread to do. These tasks keep us in a state of anxiety that can drain our energy. The 10-minute rule is working on these tasks for just 10 minutes. Once you start, there is a high likelihood you’ll keep working.
8. Follow a big push with relaxation. Just know that you can’t keep on working forever. You also need time to relax and unwind. This way, you will have energy reserved for the next day.
9. Always end each day with a plan for tomorrow. Before sleeping, ensure that you have a quick list of what you need to do the next day. Once you wake up, you’ll have clarity on what needs to be done.

You may already know many of these things, so perhaps some of these quotes will inspire you to be more aware, more disciplined, and more connected to your goals so you can create greater focus and set boundaries to stay the course and reach your goals faster and with less stress.

15 Time Management Quotes for an Office

Time Management Quotes about Setting Priorities

  • “My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”—Steve Jobs
  • “You must vie with time’s swiftness in the speed of using it, and, as from a torrent that rushes by and will not always flow, you must drink quickly.”―Seneca, On the Shortness of Life
  • “You get to decide where your time goes. You can either spend it moving forward, or you can spend it putting out fires. You decide. And if you don’t decide, others will decide for you.”―Tony Morgan


Time Management Quotes about Using Your Time Wisely

  • “The common man is not concerned about the passage of time, the man of talent is driven by it.”―Schopenhauer
  • “The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.”―Stephen R. Covey
  • “Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much can be done if we are always doing.”―Thomas Jefferson


Time Management Quotes About the Importance of Rest

  • “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”―Bertrand Russell
  • “The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”―Abraham Lincoln

Time Management Quotes about Making Better Decisions

  • “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”―Douglas Adams
  • “One always has time enough, if one will apply it well.”―Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Time Management Quotes about The Importance of Time

  •  “Time is money.”―Benjamin Franklin
  •  “Your greatest resource is your time.”―Brian Tracy
  • “Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.”―Peter F. Drucker

Time Management Quotes about Finding Your Focus

  • “You can have it all. Just not all at once.”―Oprah Winfrey
  •  “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”―Albert Einstein


Time management is a vital and limited resource. If you want to rise through the ranks and get promoted, you have to acknowledge the significance of managing this limited resource, as it is what determines your productivity in the workplace. Good time management is associated with less stress, more free time, less life friction, more opportunities less rework, less effort, more opportunities, and reputation improvement. We hope this article has adequately addressed why time management is important, highlighted tips for managing your time better, and provided time management quotes for motivation.

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