5 Tips for Selecting the Right Self Help Books

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While some people seek help for problems from their parents, friends, or therapists, many others buy self help books. There are millions of books sold every year within the self help industry on just about every topic you can think of, so it can be difficult to know which ones to choose for your needs. These tips can help you select the right self-help book to help you accomplish your self-improvement goals.

Pinpoint the Improvement

The self help industry is worth approximately $11 billion, with books accounting for about $776 million of that total. So, there are probably dozens of books about the improvements you wish to make in your life. However, before you go to the bookstore, the library, or pull up Amazon on your computer, you should take the time to identify the improvements you want to make.
It’s important to be as specific as possible because if you’re not, then you could end up with a book that doesn’t provide the information you’re seeking about the changes you want to make. For instance, if your goal is to improve your finances, you should determine if that means saving money for retirement, cutting unnecessary expenses, or changing careers so you will get a better salary.
Then, when you determine the improvements you wish to make, you can start shopping for the best self help books available in those categories.

Research Authors

After determining the improvements that you want to make, you can then start looking for books about those topics. When you find some titles that interest you, note the authors’ names and do some research about their backgrounds. Most people who are seeking advice about making life changes want to get it from people who have experience and knowledge about the topic.
The writers of self-improvement books are not required to be experts in their field, and a Ph.D. doesn’t automatically make an author an expert. It’s important to check the writers’ credentials to find out what type of expertise and experience they have in the fields in which you want information.
For instance, if you have questions about running a business or improving productivity, then the author should have experience utilizing the information they’re providing about the business world instead of writing theoretical information. Verifying an author’s credentials will allow you to make an intelligent decision about selecting books about the topics in which you have an interest.

Pick a Format

The top self help books are available in both print, electronic, and audio book formats, so if you don’t have time to read a book, you can listen to one while commuting to work or working out in the gym. Audio formats are further broken down into:

  • Audio tapes or CDs
  • Podcasts
  • Audio book downloads

While you can buy audio books from online book or media stores, there are also websites that offer self help audio books free. Some of these sites include those you would normally listen to music on, such as Spotify, but you can also listen to many of the best books on Audible.
You can also find free e-books online on websites like the Reddit free textbooks forum. On other sites, you can listen to or read books on the site or download them to a compatible device like an MP3 player, your laptop, or a smartphone.
Self help audio books are very popular as over 24 million people in the United States purchase them every year, which accounts for approximately $455 million in sales. Along with information about business ownership and management, the self help industry also includes information on:

  • Weight Management
  • Motivation
  • Changing Habits
  • Leadership
  • Relationship Advice

While women account for about 70% of the sales of books within the industry, there are also thousands of self help books for men.

Read Reviews of Self Help Books

Before finalizing your purchase of a self help book, take some time to look up and read the reviews about it. People who have bought it before can provide information about how well the advice worked for them.
Disgruntled customers are usually eager to share their complaints, which can contain invaluable information. Those who bought the book and found it helpful may also share their experiences about reading it and applying its advice.
The information you get from reviews can encourage you to purchase a book, or it can provide the information you need to avoid it and look for another one. However, if the book is free, then reading or listening to it will not cost you anything but time and you may be able to glean some insight from it.
Most sites from which you buy books will have a review section, or you can go to the author’s website to read testimonials. However, keep in mind that some of the testimonials on the author’s site may have been written by paid writers instead of people who’ve read the book.

Look for Implementation Tips

When selecting the best psychology books or books on self improvement, look for those that provide tips for implementing the advice they contain. Many book sites include free previews or chapter content information, so you should browse through it to find out if the book offers user-friendly instructions about applying the advice for your situation.
Many books will also provide ways to monitor your progress to tell whether you’re meeting the goals you’ve set for yourself. Without keeping track of how you’re doing, it can be difficult to determine how effective the book’s advice is for meeting your goals. Some books will provide worksheets to monitor your progress that you can download from the book’s website.
Whether your goal is to improve the relationships between you and your staff or to become a more effective leader within your industry, you should be able to find a plethora of self help books on the topic. Using these tips can help you find the best books to help you meet your goals out of the hundreds that have been written.
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