7 Noteworthy Time Tracking Apps

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7 Noteworthy Time Tracking Apps

For those looking for time management tips, time tracking is a top time management tip. Tracking your time using time tracking apps is an effective tool in creating awareness of where you spend your time. Like tracking what you eat, sometimes we don’t realize how many calories we are eating until we actually track it. That is why tracking is an important part of the weight loss process.

So as it relates to our time, awareness not only gives you a clear realistic view of where you are spending your time but also makes you think twice about what you are doing with your time. Tracking influences your behavior. Often we behave differently when we are being watched, even if we are watching ourselves.

In addition to awareness, time tracking can help to keep us on task when we integrate it as part of a more systematic time blocking system.

In order to help you find the right tool for tracking your time, I have included some of the time tracking tools I have experimented with. I like using a tool for this purpose because of the reports that are generated from the data collected. Keep in mind pen and paper are also a fine alternative and keeps you in control of how and what you are tracking. There is also no lead time in figuring out how to use a new system.  You don’t have to remember to press the record button you just need to set up a consistent way of collecting the data and set aside time to capture and review the data. If you are working together in a team, I do recommend the electronic version of tools that support team views because of the automation of reporting inherent within electronic data capture and other automated workflow options.

If you aren’t prepared to make time to review the results, you are not ready to bother tracking it. Time management tips include if you aren’t going to do it right, don’t do it at all.

There are so many tools available; here are 7 that I felt were noteworthy.

1. Toggl

This app requires input from you to enter what you’re working on and start and stop the timer. The benefit to this is the flexibility of coding your activities and then being able to create customized reporting on where your time is being spent or wasted. Toggl integrates with many other apps opening up process automation capabilities. The desktop version offers the most flexibility and power.

Price: Free version or pro for $10/month.

Platform: Apple, Android, and Desktop.

2. RescueTime

person wearing Apple Watch showing all the app icons on the screenRecue Time tracks minutes spent on various sites or applications to see and block any challenges with problem sites such as Facebook or email overdoses. The program runs in the background on your computer or mobile device, so once you start it you really don’t need to think about it anymore. The premium version gives you more flexibility to add categories for offline time or to refine accuracy.

Price: Free version or premium for $9/month.

Platform: Apple, Android, and Desktop.

3. Hours

This is a simple free to set up projects and project timers to just clock and start tracking. I like the simple tap option for the preset timers.

Price: Free

Platform: Apple

4. ATracker

This free app lets you track everything personal and professional by tapping on your phone to start or stop each activity. It makes it really easy to track the day’s activities and task categories. It then produces a visual report at the end of the day. Simple to use.

Price: Free version or premium for $9/month.

Platform: Apple

5. Everhour

This tool is great for teams. The syntax functions with many of the common @Projectname # allow a simple single line entry to tag and track time. The benefit of this time tracking is it integrates into several project management tools such as Asana, Basecamp, Pivotal, and Github and offers more functions like estimated time to complete. More great features include integrations will billing tools.

Price: $7/month

Platform: Apple

6. TIME Planner

Scheduling and time tracking features for work and personal activities. Keep yourself on track by scheduling and then following up with your schedule.

Price: Free

Platform: Apple

7. Timely

Plan blocks and logs your hours simultaneously. It doesn’t allow you to schedule according to the calendar just the hours. Depending on how you work this could be a duplication of effort or not optimizing the calendar view making it less intuitive. I do like that it resembles the form of time blocking.

Price: Free version, Premium $10/month

Platform: Apple.

There are lots of options for tracking and tools such as Zapier and IFTT will allow you to automate the next steps with integration into other tools.

Before picking an app, review your process, what you want to collect, and why and then look for tools that will fit what you are looking for. The best time tracking app is the one you’ll actually use, so be sure to experiment with these and others and find one that fits your needs best.

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