Do More with What You Have

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Do More with What You Have

I am on a kick in 2020 to help people Do More With What You Have. We have so many resources available to us right now in our lives to help us save time, money, and effort, reduce distraction and stress and create more freedom all with-in available resources.

Here are free things you can do to start 2020 of right- and Do More with What You Have. Do one, do them all—it’s up to you – no one is watching. And if all else fails, just skip to number 10.

1.   Donate Your Time, Clothing, or Food.

Doing something for others is a great way to start the year with compassion and empathy towards others and help them feel like they matter. Being in contribution and focusing out not only help those in need but creates an attitude of gratitude to start the year off on your best foot forward.

2. Clean Out Clutter. 

It could be your car, your drawers, your closet but start cleaning out clutter. Cleaning makes me feel good, some people even find it therapeutic. Clutter s something you can control and sometimes we need to have areas of our life we can control when we have circumstances outside of our control.

Clutter is unconsciously distracting and cleaning it out is a metaphor for simplification that will permeate your thinking and create more freedom in your mindset and have a positive impact on other areas of your life. Don’t believe me – try it.

3. Learn Something New

Learning something new and getting curious is a great and positive way to direct our mind. To stimulate creativity and make new connections in your mind. to the old and the new.

I love to watch TED talks, listen to a podcast, read a book, find a good article. Here is mine if you haven’t yet seen it.

Learning something new and getting in a curious state of mind is good in your relationships, your business, and even for your health.

Curiosity opens up your perspective and will make you happier.

4. See A Great Movie. 

Seeing a great movie can have a profound impact. I always get big “AHA’s” in my life from watching movies, they seem to help me identify or work through my challenges and inner thoughts. It can help me release friction and feel more joy. I can’t explain it but it is healing for me.

I set out with a stretch goal to be part of a movie project that would impact millions of people – not knowing if that was even possible and well – it happened.

I was involved in an impactful independent film called Wish Man (about Frank Shankwitz one of the founders of Make-A-Wish) and we are holding our breath if we get a nomination.  It’s now available on prime and Netflix  – go check it out.

5. Sleep Late

Do yourself a favor and in addition to all the days, you wake up early and get stuff done. Give yourself a break once or twice a week (that is what weekends are for) and just sleep in, have no agenda, and give yourself permission to take care of yourself and your needs.

6. Compliment Someone

I don’t care if you have a new relationship or one that has been in your life forever. Parent, sibling, kids, spouse, mentor, friend, associate – everyone loves a compliment. When sincere a compliment goes a long way to create trust, caring, meaning, and so much more.

Do you give out compliments freely?

Keep in mind, accepting a compliment is also a compliment – so be sure when you are complimented you say “Thank you” as opposed to deflecting it from your own insecurity.

Along the same lines of a donation, letting someone know you care, you appreciate them and their efforts, and letting them know you are thinking of them is the greatest gift you can give someone. Make sure you give at least 3 compliments a day to those in your life. See what it does to strengthen your relationship.

As an extra stretch, choose someone who influenced your life and you never really told them, share what influenced you and how you have used their guidance or lessons. It will make their day, month, and year.

7. Plan a Day Trip

Get out of the house, go somewhere like a museum, a winery, a quaint village, a hike, and create little adventures that you can look forward to, that create memories with friends and family and enjoy being out and about. Variety is important to our overall health and wellbeing.

8. Take a Digital Detox

Many people have their phones by their side 24/7. It’s by the bed and the first thing you look at before you go to bed and the first thing you look at when you wake up. Take the phone out of the bedroom and get an alarm.

This constant pull from our phones makes us more distracted and reactive in our lives. My word for this year is to be more purposeful. I already don’t have the phone on my bed, but I am ready to set even more boundaries around my tech so I have more quality time with those that I love.

Limit your social media time, remove the phone from the kitchen and the bedroom. Put silent or airplane mode on during focus time, keep the phone in the trunk when in the car. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

9. Keep a Gratitude Journal

I have been keeping a gratitude journal for over 10 years now. I started to do this to keep me from focusing on the negativity of heavy challenges in my life at the time. I kept it up because focusing on gratitude shifts the way you think about anything and everything. It isn’t just positive thinking it is a shift in mindset.

Try it for 14 days and tell me what you notice.

10. Eat Cake for Breakfast 

My birthday is coming up, so for a year do something crazy, fun silly, and just unconventional. As long as you aren’t risking your life-Why not?

11. Bonus: Forgive and Let Go

One thing many of us are not good at is forgiveness. Forgive yourself for making a bad decision, investment, choice. Give yourselves permission to forgive and let go. You can commit to making a better choice next time, applying what you have learned and sharing it with others is the best way to forgive and let go.

I hope to have inspired you to think about Doing More With What You Have. Share with me what you can do this year in this context. I love to be inspired by the actions and thoughts of others and am always amazed at the value of sharing brings to the sharer and those who read the shares.

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