Drew Berman on Achieving Success Through Collaboration And Mentorship

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Reaching your goals may be tricky, but with proper collaboration and mentorship, you can get there faster than you expect. Bestselling author, trainer, and coach Drew Berman introduces his masterpiece called You Can Have It All – a book that teaches how to live prepared rather than to live in repair. Drew offers some tips that can help you write your content, especially when you are stuck with an idea. Highlighting the importance of collaboration and mastermind, he points out the great value of learning from others – finding someone that has what you want – and doing what they did. Stop getting caught up in the lone wolf syndrome and realize that bringing minds together creates way more.

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Drew Berman on Achieving Success Through Collaboration And Mentorship

I am super excited to have my good friend Drew Berman on for many reasons because he’s an awesome guy, really fun to talk to, and super successful. Let me give you the official stats about this guy. He’s a bestselling author, trainer and coach. He is the top leader in one of the fastest-growing health and wellness companies in the world. He’s also helping people to live a better life while creating world-class masterminds on the principles of Think And Grow Rich. His book, which is coming out soon and he’s going to talk more about that, is You Can Have It All. He teaches people how to have more fun, make more money and to love the good life. You’re a great example of that, Drew. Welcome to the show.
I’m happy to be here. You’re one of my favorites so I’m happy to hang out with you.
I want to hear more about when your book is coming out. Give us a preview of You Can Have It All.
I’m going to be one of those overnight success stories that took 47 years. I had my 47th birthday and this is my life’s work. I was talking to one of my friends and I feel like when I was twelve, I came up with this worldly life philosophy. I remember the day I was walking home from elementary school. I was like, “I figured out the key to life.” Figure out what you want and figure out how to get it. It wasn’t until many years later where that started to mature into an adult. I’m like, “Figure out what you want and figure out how to get it.” It’s the humans that mess everything up. Everything is simple. The universe has your back. As Gabrielle, one of my friends, she’s an author. She wrote The Universe Has Your Back. I love hanging out with people like you. You uplift me, you encourage me. We’ve sat in a business suit, we sat in a bathing suit. That’s one of the ways that you can take back time when you leverage your relationships. I came up with a mastermind, The Law of Collaboration. I own TheLawOfCollaboration.com and that is a movement in happening, but right now I’m focused on the book, You Can Have It All: The Ultimate Guide To Having Fun, Making Money and Living The Good Life.
I got off the phone from one of my very good friends, very smart, got this school, got this degree, went to a second school, and became a lawyer. For several years he’s been chasing the struggle, wanting to be an entrepreneur. Nothing’s changed in several years. He’s a very good friend. The text says, “I really want to participate in some of your fun things, but I’m in an urgent mode right now. All of my clients are getting foreclosed on and their banks are going to get closed. Stephen Covey teaches there’s the urgent quadrant and then there are the important quadrants. If you can live in the important quadrants, you won’t have to live in the urgent quadrants.” That’s what I like about you. One of the articles I wrote is called 2020 Hindsight or 2020 Foresight. 2020 is right around the corner. The expression that we grew up in is 2020 hindsight where you’re looking behind, but here we are, the 2020s coming up right around the corner. It’s ahead of us. I’m trying to teach my clients, friends and business partners how to live in prepare rather than live in repair.
For the magic to happen, think, say, and do in alignment. Share on X You’ve said so many powerful things. There are people reading and they’re still back at can I have it all. A couple of things that I want to say are that I want to go back to your point around mastermind. One of the keys to success and Napoleon Hill says this. How many times do you think I just watched a video that said more than 100 times in his amazing book, he says that a mastermind is a key to success, that collaboration you’re talking about? It is a way to take back time. I want to make sure that people understand that they are reading this blog because they want to get back more control in their life. They want to be more strategic in their thinking so that they can quasi take back time and collaboration and working in a mastermind is absolutely critical. That’s point one.
We’re going to come back to that point because I want to talk about your book. You talked about people being in the urgency. I think a lot of people here are going, “Everything is reactive. I’m urgent. I’ve got to do what’s urgent,” and never put any dedicated, purposeful time towards what’s important and towards what really creates success for them. I want to talk about that in the context of what in your book. Give us a tip or something that it helps people in how to because they’re stuck in that urgency mode. How do they get out of it?
You just gave a PhD in life and lessons. You mentioned words like strategic thinking, people are like, “What does that mean?” Here’s one tip from the book. You’re a superstar. I know you talk all over the country and all over the world. I think you attract some of the top entrepreneurs. I know you’re in helping small business owners and corporate. How do I, me, a regular guy attract someone like you to collaborate with? I came up with a sentence. I’ll give you one sentence. How do you make someone like Penny appear in your life? How do you make anyone appear in your life?
A mate, a perfect business partner, the perfect collaborator, how do you make someone appear in your life? You make them a peer in your life. In order for you to attract someone, like a high-caliber person like Penny, I have to become the person that she would want to collaborate with. How do I do that? It’s through the Law of Attraction, the Law of Collaboration. Here’s a very good takeaway for your readers. If you only read one sentence, this is the game-changer. It’s called the Law of Alignment. When what I think, what I say, what I want and what I do is all in alignment, that’s when the magic happens.
All the other formulas that you hear, like people read The Secret and think the Law of Attraction is think it, I want it. They’re missing some really key elements, which is the aspect of doing it and taking those critical steps to do it. We have the formula. Keep it simple. I don’t know how to do it. There are people reading and they go, “I don’t know how to do it.” Let’s say you’ve written a book, I’ve written a book, they want to write a book. How do I do it? I think that I can do it and I can see myself. The question is do I believe it in my heart? How do I do it? What’s missing for me? If I want it and I can think it, what are the steps that I take in order to do it?

You Can Have It All: The Ultimate Guide to Having Fun, Making Money, and Living the Good Life

GTS, Google That Stuff. This the ultimate collaboration. When you and I grew up, if we wanted to collaborate with someone who is a wise person but has been deceased, the only way we can collaborate with that person would be through the Encyclopedia Britannica. We would have to look up someone like Abraham Lincoln and then you have to read all about Abraham Lincoln. That’s how we would collaborate through a consciousness. Now with Google, we can collaborate with anyone. Here’s the exact process and this works 100% of the time no matter what industry. Here are a couple of steps. Step one, figure out what you want. Step two, find someone that has what you want. Step three, find out what they did. Step four, do what they did. Step five, don’t quit.
Keep doing what they did?
Right or the word is until. It’s because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened yet. That’s just language. I want to be a billionaire. Do I know any billionaires? Can I find a billionaire? What did he do? I will do it until.
I can’t tell you. It sounds so simple, five easy steps. Why aren’t people doing it? It’s true and it works 100% of the time. Maybe the until takes a little bit longer in some contexts, but if you do it and people are really willing to help and collaborate. A number of years back, as I was starting to get into speaking, I didn’t even know any major speakers, but I was doing a podcast and I interviewed somebody. I was impressed with them and it felt like we had a connection, even though I’d only met them once for the show. I asked her if she would mentor me and she thought about it and was very deliberate in her thinking, but she said yes.
There was no payment involved. We met once a month and she mentored me. There are different levels of a mastermind. When you talk about collaborating and mastermind, there are so many different ways to find someone who’s done that, do what they did, do it and report back to them. If you’re working with someone and collaborating with them, also let them know that what they did and the support that they provided was valuable and then pay it forward. A few extra elements to lock it all in, makes you feel good, reinforces everything that you’ve learned, but it’s true. It works 100% of the time.
In educating people, you have to bring in desire because it is something that cannot be taught. Share on X It’s worked for a million years. The word over thousands of years ago was apprentice. If I wanted to be a goldsmith, I’d have to apprentice. If I want to be a wizard, I’d have to apprentice. You were on they call it my chicken scary list. I was like, “She seems so successful. Why would she want to talk to me?” I just said to you something like, “I like your energy. Maybe there are some projects we can collaborate on.” You’re like, “Sure.” You were approachable like a regular person. Christopher Columbus said something pretty wise. He said, “There are three parts of a human’s life. Phase A, put your blinders on. Be a student. Learn as much as you can. Don’t disrespect your teachers and do exactly what they tell you to do. Phase B, create your fortune, your house, your finances, your financial for it. Phase C, go help people in phase A and B and it becomes the circle of life.”
A little wisdom from Elaine Zenker, my mother, is that she said, “You don’t ask, you don’t get.” At the end of the day, that has stuck with me and so simple and so powerful in my life. For people who are sitting at home and going, “That’s good for you.” The whole, “Yeah, but,” syndrome many people have, just ask. What’s the worst they can do? They say no. You’re going to be respected for asking. You might find that a larger percentage of time than you even think, you get a yes.
You also will get a lot of noes and people need to know that up and front and you might have to ask a lot of people. There are a lot of stories that you can relate to. Michael Jordan got cut from his high school basketball team. Abraham Lincoln had many failures on the way to the presidency. Disney got cut from his elementary school artist class because he didn’t have enough imagination, these types of things. My favorite one is Colonel Sanders, at 90 years old went to 500 chicken recipe places and everyone said no until finally someone said yes and then the success story.
People wonder why Formula 409 is called Formula 409. They tried 409 times to get to the right formula. It’s true. You said until.
Until the mastermind comes in, which is so fascinating to me because Napoleon Hill 100 years ago said, “There’s a problem in the world now that most people are spending so much time making a living that they don’t have time to make a life.” Is that truer now than ever? There are thirteen principles in Think and Grow Rich that works 100% of the time with 100% of the people in 100% of the professions. However, a lot of people we associate with and you have heard of that book, most people would read it maybe once or at least heard of it. One of my mentors has read it 75 times and he realized that there was no how-to. The result of philosophy and he got frustrated. He wrote up how-to, and then he created an online university. I think as of this time I will be either the dean of marketing or the chief marketing officer or something for like working person.

Collaboration And Mentorship: Once you have goals, you need rituals to help you hit those goals and follow the blueprint.

I’m really excited about because it teaches under a very structured system. The eleven principles that work, but you have to bring two of them. You have to bring desire because we can’t teach that. You bring a mastermind. We have a set formula where we can teach you how to take your vision, which is what’s important to you, your projects. It doesn’t matter if it’s clean the garage or raises $10 million for an orphanage. You have a project. Now the project is like a recipe for a cake. You need a blueprint. Once you have a blueprint, you need goals. Once you have goals, you need rituals to help you hit those goals so that you follow the blueprint and that you hit your vision. I’m creating world-class masterminds, pods of four. We would invite the readers to come and participate in one of these masterminds where you can focus on you, your goals. It’s not coaching. It’s not mentoring. It’s opening up a universal power that’s outside of your brain. That’s where the magic happens according to the number one book in personal development in history.
Collaboration does open that up. When you bring your minds together, you can create way more than any individual. Back to why we don’t have it all and what the benefit is of this mastermind is, I say people get caught up in the lone wolf syndrome is that they think they have to do it all themselves, especially the entrepreneur. Maybe they have a couple of partners, but they’re in competitive mode, “I’m not going to talk and engage with this one,” or very selective and in that lone wolf, “I’m doing this myself.” That mastermind totally opens that up. I am part of probably four major masterminds. I know the power of collaboration and masterminding and the different minds that you get together.
I can tell you in each one of those, I’ve created some amazing ideas and momentum moving forward because of what was created out of that mastermind. Not because of what I did, but because of what the mastermind brought to me and brought to each individual. I’m 100% in alignment with how powerful that is. I want to thank you for being here. You’ve shared so many great nuggets. Before you get to share where people can find you, what’s one more thing that you think we didn’t touch upon yet that’s really critical? That people reading, entrepreneurs, business leaders if they hear about either masterminding or the aspect of You Can Have It All?
The concept of that out of the box thinking is already limited. There’s no box. It’s just a story in your head. What Joe Dispenza’s teaching now and he’s really doing a great job about it is recreating the story that you’re telling. Jack Canfield from Chicken Soup says there’s no such thing as a right. You keep telling yourself the same old story. A lot of people feel like they’re running full speed on a treadmill going nowhere. Here’s my advice to the readers, it’s time to create a new story. How do you do it? Reach out to me. I’ll give you some free fun strategies, tips and techniques on my website. I have a very simple way to get in touch with me. It’s EZCard.com/HaveItAll. My book is called You Can Have It All. My name is Drew Berman. I’m very available on social media. You hit me up on social media and be like, “I read that interview with Penny,” we will be in connection and collaboration. The best way to collaborate with me is through my EZcard and you can get one too. I’ll show you how, but it works as an app. It works as a digital business card and it works like a mini-website. Go to that website and you will see my book with all the links to get involved with me and even participate in one of my world-class masterminds. The link is right there.
Thank you so much, Drew. It was great having you here and some fantastic nuggets. If you like this show, I want you to go back and read it again. Drew said that his mentor, the Founder of LifeWorks has listened to Think and Grow Rich or has read it, listened to it and poured over it over 100 times. It’s not just listening or reading something once, it’s really gleaning all that you can and we can’t get that when we go through it once. There was a lot in here. It’s very simple, but also you need to repeat until you’re doing it. That’s until. Read again and take action. Thank you for being here. We’ll see you in the next episode.

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Drew Berman is a best-selling author, trainer and coach. He is a top leader in one of the fastest-growing health and wellness companies in the world.
He also is helping people live life better while creating world-class masterminds based on the principles of think and grow rich. His newest book You Can Have it All teaches people how to have more fun, make more money and love the good life.

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