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Do you ever find yourself struggling to focus, battling brain fog, or feeling overwhelmed by the distractions of the modern world? In this episode, our host Penny Zenker sits with Rob Rene, the founder of QE Strong, to discuss fixing brain fog. Together, they explore the fascinating intersection of science, intention, and the human body’s energy systems. Rob discusses how the concept of frequency, which might sound abstract at first, plays a crucial role in our mental well-being. He mentions intriguing experiments like Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water and its response to intention, offering a glimpse into how the vibrations we emit can impact our surroundings. The conversation takes a unique turn as they discuss the influence of various factors, including COVID-19’s impact on brain fog and the distractions of the digital age. Rob explains how QE Strong’s innovative skin patches utilize frequency and positive intentions to address cognitive challenges, from brain fog to anxiety. Throughout the episode, Rob touches on the nuances of frequency-based solutions, the science behind them, and how they can potentially aid in breaking patterns of negative thinking. Tune in now and embark on a path to greater mental clarity and well-being.

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Fixing Brain Fog With Rob Rene

I am excited to talk about the science of clarity and focus. We are going to take a different twist on it. We are going to look at some new technology and new ways of looking at things because we have always looked at things the same way. It’s time that we also open up to some new perspectives and there is some new information out there.

Rob Rene is here and he’s going to share with us. He grew up as a gifted athlete and runner with a keen interest in health and using food and nutrients to fuel his body. After getting hit by a truck and thrown 36 feet, nearly losing his life and his dream of becoming a professional runner, he struggled for years with addiction and a lack of clear direction. He was able to do research in this area to take a look deeper into our medical systems, frequencies, quantum energy, and some crazy stuff that we are going to talk about. Without further ado, Rob, welcome to the show.

It’s such a pleasure to be here and it’s so neat to listen and learn about your background, what you do and what you have been able to do. It’s super impressive. I’m proud to be here chatting with you. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

I’m excited to learn. I’m putting my learner’s hat on so that I can learn. I have always been fascinated with quantum physics. When you talk about quantum energy, is that based on quantum physics?

It’s similar. What’s interesting is how I got into all this as a God thing, in my opinion. I’m a man of faith and I feel that God led me to this technology. When I was first introduced to it, I was like, “What?” I had no idea that this type of thing even could happen and how our bodies worked. The person who introduced this to me, I was like, “That sounds strange.” What is quantum energy and the way that we use it is related to frequencies, and the frequencies are all around us.

Everything you use, your cell phone, your radio, and light. Everything is made up of frequencies and our body is made up of energy and it interacts with those frequencies, both good and bad. That’s how we are going to get to the clarity and focus discussion on how frequencies can help interact with your body to help it do certain things.

That’s what I found fascinating because, as I mentioned, I had no clue that our bodies were made up of energy. The more research I did, it was fascinating to find out that not only is it made up of energy, but it interacts with external entities. One of the things I know you do a lot with is with the mind, the focus, and your NLP experience and stuff that you have done and having a positive mental attitude and focus and things like that. That is important and what’s interesting is as I was researching these frequencies, it’s been proven that even intentions and positive intentions have a physical impact on external entities. That was fascinating to me.

 Are you talking about like the water and the rice study?

That’s exactly where I was leading.

Dr. Emoto, he had this water and you would say, “I love you,” and it would turn into this beautiful crystal and you say, “I hate you,” and it would be like this dark and ugly. It’s crazy.

That’s exactly where I was heading because until I did that research, I was like, “That’s not possible.” You start understanding that and you see that the words that you say out loud have a physical impact on an external entity like water and rice Dr. Emoto studies. It’s great. You are going to like this book I have here on my desk. The Hidden Messages in Water by Dr. Emoto.

It’s cool because it shows you the actual crystals and stuff that he did through his research related to this. It proves how those frequencies and intentions impact external things like water and rice, but what happens is that impacts the human body as well. Since we are made up of energy, those things have a physical impact on our bodies.

What’s been fascinating is to be able to harness those frequencies and then be able to help the human body do things that it’s built to do. God made us wonderfully right and fearfully and he’d made our bodies amazing. As what you mentioned in my bio, my upbringing in running was important to what I do now in the respect that way back then, I knew how important eating correctly is. What I put in my body helped me be a better runner.

I knew that because, literally, it helped me improve dramatically. Once I started eating more healthily and doing the right things to fuel my body, I was much better than my competition. I was doing the right things to feed my body what it needed in order for me to perform because I was a long-distance runner, a miler, and a distance runner. Your body uses its energy fast and it has to use the materials that you bring in the nutrients in order for you to perform.

To make a long story short, I started doing this research. I’m like, “I understand that you can impact the body and these frequencies can change things within the body.” Doing things like the clarity and focus discussion, you started with what we are going to talk about now is important because everything is so distracting. The world is distracting. There’s so much going on and I don’t know if you know this, but one of the biggest side effects of COVID is brain fog. Have you heard that?


Brain fog is a real condition. I had COVID. Millions of people have had COVID, and one of the biggest effects of that is brain fog. It gets frustrating because you are like, “Why can’t I think effectively? I’m a smart person. What’s going on? Why is my mind not working?”

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Other conditions because that too. I went through menopause and menopause also has a brain fog effect.

Brain fog is frustrating because you know you have never had it before and then all of a sudden, you have it and you are like, “What the heck? I went into this room and now I have no idea why I’m standing here.” I have done that before. It’s so frustrating because you are like, “What the heck is going on?”

Stress causes brain fog as well because it takes up all of our energy and so it also has an effect. Extreme distraction has the same effect when we can’t think creatively. We aren’t able to focus. The extreme distraction with our phones and everything. There’s no doubt that brain fog is an issue and that we are in a focused crisis.

I 100% agree and that’s why I’m so excited about what we are doing because we are helping people without drugs. That’s the other thing that I learned through my research was it’s sad. Guess what the number of prescriptions an average senior is on now.

I don’t want to hear it. Tell me.

It’s bad. It’s like 12 to 14, depending on which study you read. Think about that. They are on twelve prescription medications and that’s horrible. There are lots of probable reasons, but in my simple analysis, it’s like we have a medical system that’s made up of experts, and the experts are amazing. They are heart doctors, cardiologists, foot doctors, and pediatrics for children. There are all different types of specialties, but you go in for a problem and they help you fix that problem.

It’s very narrow-focused.

They help you with that problem, but that medication, as you watch every commercial on TV, the side effects are a lot of them. There are so many of them.

“Death can occur as well, but don’t worry. Take our product. It’s going to work.”

“Take this pill.”

“Until you die, it’s going to work.” Tell us more about frequency. I’m being the average person who’s reading. “I get it. You are telling me about these water studies and that there’s science. I understand the placebo effect, but how do we change the frequency? What does that mean? How do we take back our focus?”

What we have done is we have harnessed the intention and the physical frequency and we put it onto skin patches. We infuse the frequency onto these patches that then you can apply to your body. When you apply that patch to your body, it connects to the energy system in your body within five seconds, and we can show that through EEG analysis.

You can go to an EEG clinic and it has those hats you put on that measure your brainwaves. We even have a simple product that the Muse too. I don’t know if you have ever heard of the Muse before, but it’s a device that is relatively inexpensive. It’s a couple of hundred dollars, so it’s not cheap, but you can use that device and apply it to your head and it measures your brainwaves.

We can show within five seconds that our product connects to your energy system, and then we have already pre-encoded the intentions and the frequency for the certain condition. Clarity and focus are the product we are talking about, at least the solution that we are talking about, and/or anxiety. We have an anti-anxiety solution that does very similar things, but they are programmed a little bit differently with different intentions and different information that helps the body react to that condition.

Brain fog, for example. It gives you clarity and focus. It helps your brain do what your brain normally does just by having a frequency and intention built into this skin patch. That’s a different solution and different technology, but the great thing about it is it’s all-natural. There are no drugs. There are no side effects, so it doesn’t interact with other things, but it does interact with your body.

TBT Rob Rene | Brain Fog

Brain Fog: Just by having frequency and intention built into this skin patch, you get clarity and focus and the help for your brain to do what it normally does.


Do I have to wear it all day? Is it something you do once? Is it something you have to do for 30 days? Is it something you do for the rest of your life? It’s important. One of the challenges is compliance. For people, there are pills and exercises that they can do, but they want a quick fix. They want to go to the gym once, and they want to be fit and strong by doing it once. They want to take a pill and not have to worry about it. What’s the time and l how does it work?

These little skin patches that we have look like this. The skin patch is about a nickel size and you apply that and it lasts a couple of days or up to a couple of days is what we say. It depends on your body on how much you sweat and how many showers you take because you need to keep it dry. I sweat a lot when I work out and I work out almost every day. Mine lasts a day.

What I do is I will take off the patch and I will do my exercise, I will shower, and then I will apply the patch again. If the stickiness of the patch wears off, then I will put a Band-Aid or something over the top of it. You can put the patch anywhere on your body, which is cool because energy, like electrified water, your bathtub is electrified. It doesn’t matter where you put your finger. It’s all-electric.

The cool thing about our body is our body is entirely electric. You can put the patch in the back of your neck underneath your collar where people can’t see it and it’s still working. It’s unobtrusive and is effective and helps. The answer to your question is yes, it will work as long as you have the patch on your body.

It’s immediate. I will immediately feel that clarity.

What is interesting is it’s not immediate. One of the products we have is a pain relief product and that one, what happens is it starts working with your body. It connects quickly. We can show you that your brainwaves connect to the patch and then it starts working on the condition. It depends on the severity and the cause of the problem as to how quickly it will work.

For some people, it works very quickly, within a matter of minutes and/or hours, and for others, it’s a severe problem and it might take even hours and/or days. You’d use the solution for multiple days to help solve the problem. Sometimes the problem will completely go away and sometimes it’s something you will stop using the product and it will come back.

What if it’s a head thing? I’m procrastinating from doing something because I fear what the result might be. What if it’s a thinking problem? Is this patch going to give me focus when I have this underlying fear?

Probably not. It’s going to help if you want it to help, literally, in my opinion. Your underlying body can tell you negative things, like you are saying, that will make the actual product effectiveness decrease.

It’s like a placebo. I have to believe that it’s going to work. I’m saying this so people understand. My son and daughter both have anxiety and it’s the way that they think. They can’t shut off. They can’t stop ruminating. They can’t stop worrying about what might happen. I’m wondering, knowing Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is it breaking the pattern of that thinking? It’s changing the frequency. It’s breaking the pattern over time. It’s like a CD that’s going to run that it won’t play anymore because it’s breaking the pattern, or is it muting it or it’s not doing anything to it because it’s there?

I don’t know the exact answer to the question, but here’s how I will answer it. We do put positive intentions and information on the patch so that literally, within their brains and their bodies, they have these positive intentions and positive thoughts or positive information that’s flowing through their body. Will that let them transfer from negative thinking to positive thinking? It can be because that information is there.

They can break the pattern.

You can.

I love the fact that you have combined two different types of technologies and things that have been studied, like Dr. Emoto’s work and then using the frequencies. Tell us a little bit more about the frequencies. Let me give you an example of what comes to my mind and a lot of people to them this is like, “This is woo-woo. I don’t know what you are talking about.”

I met someone who does work with tuning forks and that you can use different types of tuning forks to reduce stress and those types of things. You put them in different meridians of your body and it is a frequency because it’s a tuning fork. It has a reverberation when you apply it to your body. Is it like that?

I would say it’s similar. I’d say it’s not that, but it is similar. It does take a frequency and it connects to the energy system in your body and helps interrupt that brain signal that’s causing the problem. The pain one is an easier one to explain because when you are in pain, your brain is going like this because it’s struggling with a problem.

Your body is interacting with that pain and you can see your brain going crazy. What it does is interrupt that signal to the pain to your brain and then your brain starts going, “I’m not dealing with that problem anymore,” and the waves smooth out. It does a similar thing when you are with clarity and focus and with anxiety. When your body is not feeling anxious as much, your brainwaves are leveling out, so then your body is not in much stress. That’s what the product does.

It combines that frequency and the positive intention that we talked about, but then we try to combine it with a multisensory approach as well, where we have an intention guide that we want people to read out loud. Use their mouth to say it, their eyes to read it, and their ears to hear themselves say it. It’s a multisensory solution to the problem.

If you are a person of faith, we have prayers on that as well. It gives you positive intentions, gives you prayers, and uses multiple senses to help you with the problem. It’s a unique product, but it’s been working super well. I have gotten hundreds of people who have given us positive testimonials. I received a fun one on our pain product if you want me to read that.

Read that. I was going to ask you for a case study to tell us about a situation where somebody went from being brain fogged to what they were able to achieve by shifting their frequency.

I will read this one on pain and then we will talk about that. This one is fun. It says, “I’m pleasantly surprised. I have been using the pain product for under a week and I’m quite honestly pleasantly surprised with the gradual improvement in my level of pain. It was an 8 and is now down to a 4. I have already noticed a steady, sustainable energy level during the day as well and an increase in the hours I’m able to sleep. This is huge in my book because our bodies can heal more efficiently and quickly with a good night’s sleep. I thank and praise God for such an amazing, wonderful gift and for being able to have a better quality of life. I now have hope again.” Thank you, Jeanette.

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It’s awesome to see that it has a true impact on people, and the sleep thing is important as well. We do have a sleep solution that I believe is important as well. The better you can rest, your body can heal naturally the better. She is using our pain product and doing it. The people who have talked about our clarity and focus product think it’s the brain fog from COVID and they use the product and they send us a note. “It’s amazing. I can think again, I can study again, I can read a book again, and I can do the things that I used to be able to do that I couldn’t for a while and now I can.”

They are so excited because they have got something that’s drug-free that’s helping them think clearly again. We even have a lot of collegiate students use the product to help with studying. Instead of staying up all night and cramming for exams, they will use our product, which helps them retain information better. At least that’s the reports they are telling us, which is awesome. To be able to help people think more clearly and effectively is an important thing nowadays, especially with the brain fog problem that this dumb pandemic has created.

The distraction that we have created ourselves with social media and everything else.

We have so many inputs that it makes our lives chaotic for sure.

Thank you so much for sharing about your tool. We are at the end of our time together. Tell us how we can reach you and find out more about the product and where to get it.

I appreciate that. It’s simple. It’s QE Strong. QE for Quantum Energy, so In there, you will see our list of products. We have fourteen of them, but the Clarity & Focus is an awesome one. Pain Relief is our most popular product because you know when you are in pain, and this product helps relieve that. It’s a pleasure to be here with what you are doing. I congratulate you on all of the things that you are doing and the episodes I have read. I was like, “I’m impressed with Penny. She’s sharp.” I’m excited to be here. Thank you so much.

It’s our pleasure. Thank you for sharing what you have learned. Hopefully, people will go check it out and we will understand a little bit more about how they can benefit from these frequencies, tuning into the frequency, changing the frequency in our body, and using intention and the scientific basis that’s behind it, which is quite fascinating.

The exciting thing is it works and that’s the fun thing, and it’s not using drugs. Our heart as a company is to get people off of those big pharma drugs. Instead of the average senior being on 12, I want them to be on 3. Those are the three that are the most important. Let’s get rid of all the other ones and help people live a more healthy life.

Thank you so much for being here.

Thank you.

Thank you all for being here. Check it out. I will see you in the next episode.


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TBT Rob Rene | Brain FogRob grew up as a gifted athlete and runner with a keen interest in health and using food and nutrients to fuel your body. After getting hit by a truck and getting thrown 36 feet and nearly losing his life and losing his dream of becoming a professional runner, Rob struggled for years with addiction and a lack of clear direction. Through God’s guidance, he became a researcher on the takeover of our Medical System, Frequencies, and Quantum Energy. Through this research he found the Quantum Energy Solutions that are helping people get off of addictive Big Pharma medications. He founded QE Strong – a company dedicated to utilizing unique all-natural solutions to improve people’s health. A service greatly needed in our ever increasing overweight and unhealthy community we find in 2023.


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