Fresh Start On Your 2018: 9 Time Management Tips

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2018 is knocking at our doors and as we review the hits and misses of 2017, we should also make better commitments rather than new years resolutions for the coming year. Time management can make or break your success in 2018. Start 2018 off with a fresh start. Imagine being focused more on how to utilize your time and resources to the fullest, without overwhelming yourself.

Here are 9 time management tips to make you more productive in 2018.

1. Less News, More Motivation

Einstein said that Everything is Energy and I say Energy is everything. We need to fill ourselves up with positive energy and create more positive energy and motivation to inspire ourselves and others. In order to do that, we have to reduce the amount of unproductive energy we surround ourselves with. So stop watching the news. If you are filling yourself up with news when you wake up and when you go-to bed, there is so much unproductive energy filtering through your system at the key times of the day that you need just the opposite energy.
Take your morning time and focus more on motivating yourself to achieve the goals you have set. Review your goals, meditate, workout, practice gratitude and journal. The news is fine in the right quantity and at the right time of day.
I challenge you to change your habits around watching the news for 2 weeks and just recognize how much better you feel.

2. Stop Over-Committing And Start Saying No

I know you care deeply about others and about the world around you. You also cant be everything to everyone. Over-committing is only reducing your energy, your joy and your compassion. It is time to say no. No doesn’t have to be no, not ever. Maybe it is a no for now. The sooner you start saying no, the better.
Saying No to things that are not in line with your goals and vision, gives you more time and energy to YES to the things that matter most. Being honest with yourself and others about your priorities will set you free.

3. Stop Wasting Time On Social Media

Is social media an important part of your life? Its great to catch up with people and post a few things but set a timer and be very clear how much time you want to dedicate to it because it can be a rabbit hole that sucks you into hours of unproductive time.
There is a time for work and a time for play. Use social media when taking a break from work or at the end of the day. Don’t use it to distract yourself during work. This only leaves you frustrated at the end of the day, not because you didn’t get the things on your to-do list done but you know the reason why was avoidable.
Set a timer and keep yourself focused.

4. Stop Impulsively Checking Your Phone And Start Focusing

Addiction to one’s phone is a great challenge for us all. I know addiction is a strong word but it is. People texting and driving coming from an addiction to connect and not being able to wait until we get to the destination to respond. Complete impulsive behavior. We know it is dangerous yet we do it anyway. Impulsive.
You can control the impulse by putting your phone out of reach and turning it off. Every time you have the desire to reach for it, laugh and say no. This will break the pattern of the impulse and reduce the number of impulses until you can be free from it.
This is definitely a decision you need to make in advance and set yourself up in your environment for success. Be focused on what you want which is to be free of this impulsive behavior versus your primal impulse.

5. Stop Complaining And Start Doing Something About It

It is far to easy to complain, criticize and blame others for things that don’t go right in our lives. The fact is that doesn’t help you get what you want and will actually keep you from getting what you want. Reaching your goals for 2018 has to start with personal responsibility and accountability.
If you are not happy with your life, then change it. If you aren’t happy with your results, change your approach. Be proactive in planning for how you can best support yourself when the going gets rough, because as the expression goes- the tough get going. It has to be something you are 100% committed to and focus on the behavior and next steps to focus n to get you there.

6. Plan Your Days Carefully

Planning is the key to prioritization. Just because you say something is important and SHOULD be a priority – it isn’t actually a priority until you treated it as one and it is reflected in your actions. When you schedule your priority and plan your day around it, you create progress over time.
You need a little order in your life to get the most out of it. Chaotic schedules aren’t good for anyone. It doesn’t make you a free spirit to fly by the seat of your pants. It actually creates more stress and less progress. That doesn’t sound so free to me. Plan and renegotiate when necessary but don’t change the plan.

7. Stop Beating Yourself Up Over What Hasn’t Been Done And Celebrate What Has Been Done

Are you an overachiever and feel bad at the end of every day because you are focused on what you didn’t yet get to. That is depressing isn’t it.
One day I decided that wasn’t serving me. I was ending the day feeling down, overthinking and overworking as a result. When I did stop my day, I wasn’t present because I was still thinking about all that had to be done.
I now celebrate the wins of the day, create my new list for tomorrow and transition into my time with family with no regrets and free to hit the reset button forth following day.
Focusing on what I did do, reminds me that I did do more than I gave myself credit for and can get some perspective on my focus for the following day.

8. Stop Procrastinating And Do The Big Things First

Stop putting off the most important things and doing what is easy. Challenge yourself to do what’s important first; make it a game, be inspired by the momentum it will create.
Procrastination is natural because our brain is wired to take the path of least resistant. You have to override that program and create what you want rather than create self-sabotage.
Stop procrastination and start getting the important things done. David Allen tells you to “Eat that Frog”. That means do the hardest thing first and everything else is easy and the momentum you create is powerful.
So if you want to avoid it, that is the very thing you want do first. 

9. Stop Ending Your Day With TV And Start Ending It With Purpose

Coming home after work to only watch television makes you stop thinking about things. It doesn’t create more purpose, just more wasted time.
Imagine the possibilities of using that time for a more purposeful outcome. Write that book you have always wanted to, pick up a hobby that is fun and makes you feel happy, connect with friends and family, or pick up your gratitude journal and recount all the things you are grateful for in your life. Just this little change can boost your motivation and purpose in life and make you feel more alive.
Challenge yourself this new year to focus on what to stop and re-commit to your success with the time management and productivity tips I have shared here.
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