Interview Berny Dohrmann Pt. 3

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Cooperation Increases Growth And Happiness

This is the last segment.  I am Penny Zenker and I am joined with Berny Dohrmann.  We have had a fantastic two segments.  For those of you just joining us, you will want to go back and listen.  Some great conversation to really bring some new concepts.  We talked about increasing production and growth and happiness within your business and with your employees/clients.
Welcome back, Bernie.  We are going to talk about CEO Space.
B:  Ok, glad to be back to share.
P:  When you talk about cooperation that is pretty much the foundation that CEO Space was created on?  Yes?
B:  If you click CEO you will see our main website.  There are many videos.  We talk about our part of the revolution.  We studied for 50 years, cooperation in the workspace and the performance magnets that make the performance rise and we really have fallen on a belief that every problem between a man and a woman in your lifestyle is based on cooperation vs. competition.  We sweetest relationships, self-renewing relationships that are really switched on people.  They say I see the magic you have in your home.  They are cooperative vs. competitive.  Then you get cooperative parents and they do just a different job.  The children have such a different journey vs. fear, punishment, and exploitation.  I have seen competitive parents who are screaming and yelling at their kids saying I am not your friend.  Do this, do that.  These children grow up damaged.  They can’t have their full potential realized because the parents had that same modeling and didn’t know what to copy.  In the workplace, it translates.  You take your abusive dysfunctional home life and add it to the workspace, you tend to dominate and get self-gratification there and everybody can reform to have the greatest adventures.  Our life is short.  When we come together and join each other with achievement is just having enjoyment with each other.  We don’t let each other down.  We are not going to be perfect.  We are really rising our performance output all of the time and our customers receive our brand with joy.  How do you double underline the joy in your brand?  You can’t have joy in mudville if you don’t have joy in your home space.  You have to be able to be operating your business with systems that create inclusions and full partnership and are buoyant to the employee group as opposed to pushed down pyramid management.  CEO Space is a place that the owners of business, including all professions, in all 50 states.  In this country, 5 times a year, out in Vegas we have team programs and adult programs in which we put you through a unique tradeshow.  We don’t believe in seminars, workshops and lectures.  We believe you learn to fly by flying.  You learn to operate into a brain by operating.  Having a great person help you do the procedure.  If you go to a seminar, you graduate Tony Robbins greatest seminar on frontal lobe surgery, nobody will give you the ability to go into their head after you graduate the seminar.  What we do is guarantee we will get you new customers.  If we don’t accelerate your business in a way we can measure, we will refund your money from the program before you leave the building.  We also give you a lifetime membership.  You pay once, you can come to all five tradeshows.  Also, to remain current, any time you want, for the rest of your life, you are connected.  Where else can you do that?  Nowhere else.  There is no program that uses wheels to build relationships in today’s networking world.  You build relationships and you exchange appointment cards.  We give you the cards, called See Me cards.  You get these appointments so in the evenings you are having customer after customers sign up and buy your products and services.  You get national, and global companies.  This program serves clients that are in 64,000 retail stores in 100 countries.  So when you want to get anywhere, we are already there.  When you want to get to the 10,000 Fortune Companies one of our faculty members coaches them.  What we have done is taken coaches that are millionaires that they make fortunes in their consulting business.  Senior partners at the biggest law firms and they are donating their time.  They are taking one on one private appointments.  They may need you for three hours to say how do we develop a sponsor plan.  Get a much bigger sponsor program.  Put you into 200 cities.  Bump you in television.  You meet with those people who have done it and know how to put it together for you.  Very specific to your business and industry.
P:  I think what is amazing about that is that whole concept of mentoring right, is having people who have done it at such a big scale that for some of the small businesses, they don’t vision themselves like that.  They think wow that is the next level.  By having people that you can talk this through with who see your vision at the next level is an amazing breakthrough to getting to that level.
B:  When you get the best in the industry, these folks have done it all for 40 years.  They are giving back.  They sign a contract to give 15% back.  No selling.  No marketing.  They meet you privately and they become your buddies.  They give you the stages and phases of growth.  So, you get the end point you want to reach.  You don’t just go to it, you go to it in stages and phases that are comfortable for you.
P:  I don’t know that people appreciate what opportunity they have in front of them right now.  All of those names, brands, those are all companies and products that have been able to soar as they have because of their involvement in CEO Space.  If you are an entrepreneur and you have a great idea, business, or product, and you are looking to take your business to the next level.  The people you will interact with in an organization like CEO Space is unparalleled to anything that is out there.
B:  They can go to free meetings in there city.  You can look up CEO Space Orange County, San Diego, Baltimore or Denver and just look up on your meet ups.  Every week we have free no selling networking go and network and get to know people.  Get new customers.  Eventually you want to become a member.  Come in and get value and new clients and network.  You will find the best if you say what is cooperative networking like?  Come into one of our meetings and you say, Please Lord, let me help another entrepreneur.  You are not trying to get something.  You are trying to help someone else that is in business.  But everyone else is now trying to help you.  And so they all will help you.  You don’t have to go get it.  It comes to you.  Once you do cooperative networking, you can’t stand the other networking groups.  You just want to do cooperative networking.  There are other groups doing this. I speak on stage with other companies quite a bit.

P:  Before we end today’s show, I want to make sure they understand this concept called Super teaching.  Could you explain?
B:  Super teaching is a 40 year research project that is patented by the US Patent office just last year.  It is a prescreen system that we have proven creates an elevated retention for students learning.  Whether it’s in a corporate space, public schools or a training room.  We have done a lot of in public school work and you simply get better grades or better retention of what you are learning all of the time.  We showcase it at our CEO space events.
P:  To recap here, this organization is really committed to mentoring, educating, networking and all of the principles through cooperation that help you as an entrepreneur to build and grow your business.  That website again is and you will see our latest website we just released in 2014. and you will see videos that are just 3 minutes long that will change your income and your freedom by what you make it.
Anyone who does decide to sign up as a result, I am going to through in a free assessment of my Take Charge of Your Productivity assessment that goes over 10 elements of time and energy management.  I really want to support those people that are making that decision to take their business to the next level.  This is an additional tool.
B:  Our lifetime membership has not changed since 1988.  It includes your hotel room and all of your meals.  No add ons.  I will also throw in a copy of Redemption.  The President wrote me a handwritten thankyou letter.  If they come to you Penny, I will send this book.
P:  If you guys don’t jump on this, you are crazy.  Thank you Bernie for your time today.  It was a great show and our listeners are going to be tapping away on their computers to get more information about CEO Space.
B:  Get your arms the latest currency to remain current and maximize your own recovery in 2014.  I know you will.
P:  Thank you Berny so much.  In summary, winning strategies for your business is knowing where to focus your energy to create value and leverage.  So that you can effectively grow your business.  We have talked today about 3 things that create that leverage.  1.  Mentoring – taking guidance and perspectives from those who have been there and done it.  They can help you with the various stages.  2.  Networking – that can help you excel your business by bringing about greater cooperation and collaboration.  Eventually, it might even be with competitors because you can create tremendous leverage and value for all parties by utilizing each other’s strengths.  3.  Education – knowing the key strategies in areas such as accounting, and marketing but also be and stay current.  Understand which technologies are going to support you.  What structures?  What do you need to know in order to stay ahead of the curve?  CEO Space brings these 3 elements together in one organization.  Berny has made a great offer for you today.  When you go to the website and you sign up, he is going to send you as a result of listening to this show, he is going to send you a copy of his new book.  Redemption The Cooperation Revolution.  Also, I have thrown in a free assessment on the ten elements of time and energy management that will enable you to identify where you are today in those 10 elements.  Also, it will give you a tracking tool that will enable you to create an action plan and track yourself on a weekly, daily, or monthly basis.  Whatever time frame you want.  This is a great opportunity.  Thank you for being here.  I know that you have enjoyed it and taken a huge value away.  If you like what you heard, send us a message on Facebook, Twitter, or email.  Facebook is www.facebook.compennyzperspective.  Twitter.  www.twitter/pennyzenker.  Join us next week as we continue to provide you with amazing experts in each of the ten core elements that will dramatically increase your productivity and create what I call Quantum Productivity.  Until next week, this is Penny Zenker reminding you to take charge of your time and energy.  It’s a choice you can feel good about.

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