Interview Dr. Isaac Jones Pt. 2 | Productivity – Set Yourself Up To Win

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Dr. Jones and Penny On The X Factor In Productivity

Welcome Back. We are speaking about the X factor in your productivity with Dr. Issac Jones.
Dr. Jones: Thanks so much
Penny: We just had an exciting first session where we were talking about toxicity and how it’s affecting our every area of our life really. Especially the area that we are talking about which is productivity. I ask every guest this question. How do you define productivity? And why?
Dr. Jones: Let’s say it is defined by the ability for you to get the things done that you want to get done. Optimizing at your body’s ability to function during that process. A lot of people get things done but they are burnt out, stressed, they don’t do it for very long. In a long-term way of getting things done.
Penny: I would like to add to that it is also how you feel about what you have gotten done. What you achieved. There is that element of being able to appreciate what you are achievable. We are going to talk a bit about the connection there. What factors or elements do you think have the greatest impact on our productivity?
Dr. Jones: you really nailed it with just the way you have put your business together. I had the opportunity to work with you and maximize my productivity from a business perspective. I think that the whole psychology of when I was in the midst of working with you, I really beat myself up all of the time. From a psychological standpoint, I have all of these expectations and I was trying to accomplish this and that. One of the great pieces of advice you gave me was that we need to me feel like I am winning. Set this up like you are winning and feel good about yourself. So, just setting yourself up to win is a really big, important element of maximizing productivity. There is a psychological, the physiological and the educational, as far as understanding systems that can help you be more efficient. Another thing that you have taken our business to the next level.
Penny: You brought up how you felt about it, as opposed to, you are such an overachiever. Your level 10 is different from someone else’s level 10. You are striving for more and more. You have such incredible passion that sometimes it’s almost just not enough because the passion is overwhelming. That is what I meant about the idea of it’s also about how you feel about what you have achieved. You can achieve loads and if you are not happy and not appreciating what you achieved and seeing the legacy that is being passed down and how you are affecting other people around you, you don’t have that appreciation for it, its somehow , a letdown. It’s not really achieving at all.
Dr. Jones: I used to beat myself up a lot. You helped me to stop creating more drama. A side effect of having a psychology of excellence now is my physiology combined with my psychology has just skyrocketed my productivity. I am getting more work done in less time. I am more profitable than I have ever been. It’s a great combination.
Penny: It’s the icing on the cake. The profits come after everything else fits into place.   You know, one of the things I wanted to come back to is the connection between physical health and productivity. I have witnessed firsthand in my experience when you focus on helping the natural byproduct, is physical and mental energy. I have also seen some amazing transformations of my very good friends. They talk about how the energy they feel. I know what I have experienced, and sometimes it’s when you get together with other people. I have done cleanses with other people. I remember on a particular trip I was on, I was rooming next to a couple who did your program together. Let’s just say I could hear from my room, how it positively impacted their relationship. It goes way beyond just our physical health. They just had a baby a few months ago.   It’s incredible. From your experience, can you describe the connection between physical health and productivity?

Dr. Jones: When your body is functioning optimally, your brain is functioning optimally. If you don’t have a properly functioning brain, then your productivity is going to suffer. I want to give you some real practice things because if the things I will actually be talking about a little bit later, I will give you guys some really priceless action to help maximize your brain function. But the whole focus really of maximizing the health of your body, it needs to be on doing the things that are necessary so it can function. A side effect is the brain will also be functioning at optimal levels. So, when your brain is optimally functioning, you just are able to focus at a higher level. You are able to create better content, manage your team better, create new ideas, whatever it is in your business that you are really wanting to achieve. You are also able to control emotions at a higher level so that you don’t go into a downward spiral of loss of momentum.
Penny: We will be talking about focus next week with Dr. Heidi and brain impact. It’s so important because that is our design center.
Dr. Jones: It’s a control panel of your body.
Penny: Thank you that is what I was thinking about. So, there are a lot of people out there who are interested in losing weight. You talked about it in the beginning. Tell us more about your focus on gaining health rather than losing weight. Why do we have to shift our focus to attain our desired weight?
Dr. Jones: If you look at the research over 90% of diets fail because the focus is short-term. Oftentimes, its extreme. It is recreating new habits so you can take those baby steps forward into the future for maximizing health. People want quick fixes. Unfortunately, when you want to lose weight, it’s a paradox. The fastest way to lose weight that is long term sustainable is actually through focusing on health creation and taking baby steps towards that. One of the things that I educate all of my patients on is focusing on an area and mastering that one area over a 30 day period. Just one month and focus on one area. For instance, if you don’t work out at all, as opposed to picking up a diet book and trying to work out and trying to do things from a spiritual perspective, just focus on one thing. Your one focus should be on working out not all of the other things. Move your body. By you just focusing on one thing at a time and creating one habit at a time, you then create unbelievable momentum. You create confidence. It increases your capability of maximizing your health. Focus on decreasing your overwhelm factor when trying to change your lifestyle and focusing on the long-term effect which is really focusing on gaining health. Incrementally focusing on one habit at a time. Achieve it and then move on to the next.
Penny: Do not bite off more than we can chew, right? Pun intended. hahaha Along the same lines, I just came back from working out with my trainer and I know that if I didn’t have that as part of my routine, it probably wouldn’t happen. I would find a number of different things that seem more important. Planning and accountability are important elements in making new habits. When someone begins your program now, what kind of energy return could they expect to see?
Dr. Jones: It depends on where they start from. It also depends on how committed they are. It’s interesting. They are simple solutions and strategies to maximize the busy person’s energy level throughout the day. The return that we see is surprisingly higher than what they were expecting. At the beginning, some people are like oh, my energy is a 7 or 8 and around 3 or 4 months later, they realize that the 7 or 8 was actually a 4 or 5. They didn’t realize how much energy they had to attain or achieve. The scale changed after working with me. I don’t know if anyone experienced like the dimming of a light in a theater. It happens over time while the previews of the movie are going and without you even realizing it, you can barely see in front of your face. You just focus on the screen. That is the same with energy. People think the dim level of light in their life is what is normal. When its not. Then when you turn the light on back on full blast, you are like, whoa. I can see!
Penny: It’s amazing what we get used to. What we accept to be our standards. To set our standards low.
Dr. Jones: I was working with this one guy, Gary, and he works for a company that is all about personal achievement and maximizing your potential and whatnot. So, with that, he is a coach in that company. When he first started working with me, he said he felt embarrassed. He didn’t want to get on calls with people because his head will start nodding. He needs naps in between calls. Around 3 months after beginning he has gone from a one to a seven out of ten. He has transformed his entire life. He is jumping for joy. He has referred many people to me.
Penny: That is life-changing.
Dr. Jones: He is going to get up to an 8 or 9 or 10. That is our goal. I am excited to see that.
Penny: I love when people are able to see those breakthrough results that take their life to a new level. I want some of our listeners to get a piece of that. What do you see are the most common things that our listeners can take away that most people are doing to damage their health today?
Dr. Jones: There are 3 major things. First, they are consuming too much sugar. A lot of executives that I am working with, you think it’s simple, but there is a lot of hidden sugar. Some are consuming. Too much fruit sugar. It’s causing issues within their body. Think of it this way, our ancestors used to consume less than 20 grams of sugar a day. The average person now is consuming 100 grams a day! It’s a lot of sugar. A lot of that is through even people that think they are doing something great, like drinking orange juice, they are getting like 20 or 40 grams per cup of sugar. Jamba Juice smoothies are full of sugar. These sugars are causing damage to the brain and the body. If you look at an MRI of the brain after consuming a higher sugar meal, even if its organic sugar, the brain actually decreases its functionality by 30 to 40%. You can see it on the MRI. There are little Swiss cheese areas that seem like they are empty as far as your ability to use the brain. From a productivity prospective, you want to decrease your sugar consumption. The other thing that people are doing is they are consuming dairy toxic fat. Some of the toxic fats that people don’t know they are consuming is canola oil. Canola oil comes from grape seeds which is genetically modified seeds. It didn’t even exist 100 years ago. Its toxic oil. Vegetable oils are way too high in Omega 6. The better oils to consume are coconut, healthy grass fed or organic butters, olive oil. More of the natural oils. Oils you can find in nuts and avocados. Those are healthy. For the sugars, you can use stevia as a substitute in your coffee or tea.
Penny: I would like to point out that some people think if you put something in your water like some sort of sugar or something that it has the same effect on your body as regular water. Is that true?
Dr. Jones: People are putting sugar in their body and it will have different effect or same effect?
Penny: They will put a drink mix with water, like Kool aid, or whatever, and they think that is equivalent to drinking water.
Dr. Jones: If you are doing that, or are addicted to fruit juice or sodas or something, and you are in a transition phase where you are trying to decrease the amount of sugar. The reality is that there is still sugar in the water. Focus on consuming just water. I have a patient in Canada who she actually loves coconut water. I think coconut water is great because it has a lot of potassium. Many are deficient in potassium. It is amazing but one bottle of coconut water has 15 grams of sugar. So, she was having like 7 bottles a day. So, I was just recommending cutting it back to one or a half of one per day. The best fluid to be ingesting is just water. You can pinch a bit of sea salt in the water to boost the minerals.
Penny: I wanted to bring that up because for real hydration and cell penetration I understood there is no substitute to water.
Dr. Jones: Exactly. Then you can get into the best types of waters. But we won’t get into that.
Penny: What was the third element?
Dr. Jones: The third element that is damaging their health and ability is just coming up with the excuse of not having time to exercise. It’s really the most common thing I come up against. People say I just don’t have time. If you think about it when I look at their schedules, they have at least a half an hour if not 15 minutes. You can get a killer workout in 15 minutes. Penny, do you remember the training strategy I educated you on? Go ahead and share that with the listeners. It is just profound.
Penny: I would prefer that you share so they get it exactly the right way.
Dr. Jones: Your goal is to warm up for two minutes and after that you whether you swim or are on a rowing machine, treadmill or whatever it may be or just jogging, you go as hard as you can for under 30 seconds. Or 10 or 20 seconds. You go all out from 80% for the first one and then 90 to 100% for the next. Whatever that exercise it, you go all out. Until you are sweating and sucking wind. You catch your breath for about a minute and a half and then you repeat that hard 30 second sprint again. Repeat that whole cycle of sprinting and resting and sprinting and resting for around 6 to 10 times. My focus is to get to 8. What is so profound about that is that it sky rockets your human growth hormone levels of the body. It turns on the metabolic pathways to the body far greater than what you do normally. Get that done in a hotel room where you only can do squats. Get in a squat position and quickly start moving. Even balance against the wall as much as you can until you burn out. Most people burn out in less than 30 seconds.
Penny: Thank you for pointing out those three areas that people are currently damaging their health and also suggestions on how they can eliminate or reduce the effect they are having on those areas. It’s time for our last break. When we come back, we will talk about how to do a real health check before systems of lack of health rob you of your activity.

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