Logistics Checklist

Once you confirm Penny Zenker as the motivational speaker for your event, not only do you get an impactful presentation, customized to your specific meeting needs and desired results and audience, you also get an extraordinary customer service experience from Penny and her staff.

It is our goal to make you look good and make the process easy every step of the meeting process, from our initial conversation to the raving reviews and feedback you get from the attendees.

With Penny Zenker, all your logistics bases are covered.

Contract Details:

Click here to do the final booking after finalizing the event details with Penny. You will automatically receive an online contract and invoice, followed by the w9 for your accounting team. All automated to provide you with everything you need.

Upon signing the contract complete with presentation details, you will meet with Penny to discuss the theme, any further goals or information about the audience and discuss your customized program, interactives, materials and takeaways to be used for your event.


Platform Preference:

Penny is fine with most room set-ups.  She does suggests a raised platform for groups of 150 or more. Being elevated makes it much easier for everyone to see and enjoy her presentation and she can better see and respond to the audience. Penny does not speak from a lectern or podium. If it is necessary for a lectern to be on the stage for other parts of the program, please have it set to the side of the stage during his presentation.


Travel Arrangements:

Unless otherwise agreed, as soon as the contract is signed,  Penny’s travel arrangements will be made by Penny’s Team. You are responsible for securing her hotel on your master account. Penny prefers a King Size Bed / Non-Smoking Room. Please forward this information to Penny as soon as it is available.


Ground Transportation:

Please arrange ground transportation (to and from the airport) and let our office know who will be meeting Penny, or if you need her to take a cab, Uber or shuttle.



A deposit of $1000 is due upon confirmation. Unless otherwise agreed, the remainder of the honorarium is due two weeks prior to Penny’s presentation date.

Invoices and w9 are sent automatically after the contract is signed by both parties. Expenses estimated as part of the initial invoice to eliminate further paperwork.



Penny will provide your team with any handouts. Handouts are used to enhance absorbtion of the materials and memory recall of the subject matter following the event.



Recording of Penny’s presentation, in whole or part, without prior contractual agreement, is not allowed. Penny records all audio and video and will provide you with a copy for internal use only, if requested.


Follow Up:

We will contact you following your event to get your feedback and discuss Penny’s NEXT presentation! Due to the high demand from clients to bring Penny in for subsequent events, we archive each presentation to ensure there is never any repeated material, unless specifically requested.

Feel free to contact Penny with any questions at 484-254-6929 or by email at penny@pennyskeynote.com

Logistics Checklist

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