Penny Zenker
Keynote Speaker

Penny’s high-energy and interactive keynote presentations and workshops inspire and challenge you to think differently, be more purposeful, more strategic and inspire you to be your best.

Penny Zenker is an international female keynote speaker, business strategy and executive coach and bestselling author of The Productivity Zone: Stop the Tug of War with Time. As a master NLP practitioner and neuro-strategist, she integrates the elements of thought, communication, and behavior to provide strategies for positive changes and maximum results.

Penny’s expertise focuses on strategic thinking, leadership, problem solving, communication, and productivity. She has coached hundreds of successful business leaders and entrepreneurs in leadership roles, relationships, and building culture.

She is skilled at helping individuals
and organizations on


Increasing Sales

Strategies to effectively manage demanding customers, sell more and faster in a competitive market

Boosting Productivity

Focus on greater self-awareness in the moment slows time and improve your productivity. She has created the P10 Productivity Accelerator program.

Reducing Stress

Methods to work smart and achieve more.

Improving Communication

Skills for managing difficult people and situations to make organizations function more effectively.

Enhancing Leadership

Perspectives to drive effective leadership in every aspect of business. Understanding the critical elements that deliver superior results in every leadership area.

Productivity Under Pressure

Break out into groups and be challenged to solve a seemingly impossible problem in a short amount of time. See how time management, personal responsibility, communication and problem-solving skills shows up in the game and how that relates to your every day.

Penny’s experience and accomplishments include:

  • Being selected as a featured TEDx presenter
  • Supporting Women Veterans as President of the Board of Heart of a Fighter
  • Executive Coaching for Tony Robbins’ Business Breakthroughs.
  • Building  and selling a multi-million dollar technology business
  • Leading a major division for GfK Switzerland
  • Leading two major corporate merger and acquisitions

Penny earned a BS in Accounting and Finance from Drexel University and attended University College London. Her professional training in coaching methodologies is from the International Coach Academy (CPC), Anthony Robins Leadership, Steve Linder-NLP and Jack Canfield-Success Principles. She is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and A Master NLP practitioner and Neurostrategist.