What is a Focusologist?

My world unexpectedly turned upside down when I was 19, my dad died in an accident on vacation. During those trying times, I stumbled upon a simple, yet profound strategy...


What began as a coping mechanism—a way to find brief solace in the storm—evolved into my guiding compass. I started to find reset moments in all areas of my life. These leadership skills became my superpower.

Reset Moments were pauses, reflections, deep breaths, and questions to help me find clarity, and refocus on what matters most. These moments realigned me with my goals, values and intentions.

From personal challenges to professional hurdles, Reset Moments allowed me to cut through the noise, to simplify the complex, and to find windows of opportunities in the most unexpected places. And YOU CAN TOO!!

It comes down to this...

Make More Reset Moments!

People tell me after events that they are recognizing more Reset Moments
every day and it is making a HUGE difference in their lives.

Reset Moments are not just the big moments like the death of my father, a health scare, or a new job. What I found was these Reset Moments are present every day, if we slow down and pay attention. They are early warning signals or opportunity knocking.
In today’s hustle culture, we have to listen for the signals of disconnection, distraction, and dissatisfaction but also celebration, gratitude, and opportunity. Making more Reset Moments is what it means to be a Focusologist.

I’m still

I may have discovered this a long time ago, but I have to stay present to the Reset Moments every day. We get distracted, we lose connection to people and the big picture, and sometimes we get lost in the details and self-doubt so we have a proven framework to Reset; rethink, reconnect, and reprioritize.

I am excited to share my simple system to you Make More Reset Moments and improve your impact as a leader, support your personal development, and build greater adaptability and resilience.

Penny is on a Mission to help you Own Your Focus ONE RESET MOMENT AT A TIME

You will notice…

It is NOT about how complex the problem is but rather how simply we approach it

This 3-Step Reset Practice gives you perspective and creates alignment around the next best steps for any situation. NO matter if it is a product innovation, difficult negotiations and conversations, creating buy-in with diverse teams and even how you approach your kids.

Life is complex. Just like this cube, a few simple steps done over and over again Make the Complex Simple.

EO Cube

The more Reset Moments you make, you condition a…

Reset Mindset

Leadership Keynote Speaker:

Building Essential Leadership Skills

Join me as a

PRACTICE Controlling and Directing the energy of your thoughts feelings and actions to produce positive, meaningful results by Making More Reset Moments.