Keynote Speaker Audio Visual Requirements

Penny Zenker is excited to be your keynote speaker. Penny will entertain educate and inspire your team into action! She will use audio visual to support her story telling while sharing personal stories, she will provide instructions for interactives so people don’t just walk away intellectually understanding but also get a physical experience which drives the learning deeper and she will also use objects to anchor stories, memories and experiences.  She will create an unforgettable presentation that people will be talking about long after the presentation!

Penny likes to 30-60 minutes early to do an audio and visual check before the meeting starts, when no one is in the meeting room. The purpose is for Penny to meet and greet the individual who is introducing her, and to clarify the audio/visual part and ensure all handouts are distributeed.

Other Information:

  • Penny does not stand behind a podium/lectern and prefers to use a lavaliere microphone to walk around the room  and have her hands free for objects and interaction.
  • Penny prefers to use a projection system to show a short movie clip and/or powerpoint. She will send her presentation and video in advance as well as put it on a flash drive.
  • For smaller groups and workshops, Penny uses a flip chart to support the frameworks presented and collect comments and action items. 

Feel free to contact Penny with any questions at 484-254-6929 or by email at