Why You Need to Make a Positive Mindset Your #1 Goal in 2017

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Positive Mindset The Key To Success In 2017

Since the year’s end will be here before you know it, most people will begin to consider making a new year’s resolution. Personally, I never make any. I think they’re a waste of time and effort. In fact, I think resolutions, like many of the parties that typically happen on New Year’s Eve, are for amateurs. It’s estimated that only 8% of people who make resolutions are successful at achieving them. Think about it. Millions of resolutions are made at the start of each new year with the same thought given to a bad habit. We know it exists, but we never do anything about it.
There are those who set goals instead of resolutions. These are overachievers. You know who you are. You are likely an entrepreneur or successful business person. You recognize the importance of setting goals and laying out a plan for success. You use the plan to your advantage like a roadmap takes you to your destination. To you, life isn’t a game. It’s a calculated adventure that more often than not, works in your favor. But even those with the best of intentions are at risk of failing to achieve that which they have set out to do.
Then are also the “in-between” people. They are those who may have the grandest of intentions. They may make a declaration to their friends, or on Facebook, or perhaps just to their family or friends that this will be the year they “get that promotion” or “start that business” or perhaps “get back in shape.” Most times, these people (you know who you are) have a goal in mind. They may have a date to reach their goal. They could even have a plan to execute it. But sadly, most of these people will fail in their effort to achieve the goal.
There is of course, one more group of people. They scoff at resolutions. They think of them as water cooler talk and want no part of them. These are people who set and achieve goals with the seaming ease of taking a breath. They set lofty goals that seem unattainable to mere mortals. They hit every goal with the accuracy of an expert sharpshooter.
This begs the question, “How?”

How can you achieve at the same rate as these high performers?

Some may think that these people are different. That they have something within them that no one else possesses. The fact is, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s the easy answer. It’s an answer that takes any responsibility off of us and blames it on circumstance or maybe even genetics.
The problem is that you are looking at it in the wrong direction. You are linking your results to who you are as a person, rather than just the results and then decide you are a failure. Tony Robbins said, “There is no failure, there are only results.”
Wow, this is great news! The problem isn’t you, it’s only your mindset.
Wait a second Bearj, isn’t my mindset part of me?
Well…yes, but it’s not a permanent part of you, because it can be changed. Your mindset is the sum all of your experiences and inputs from birth until now. Your experiences, challenges, and reactions have shaped you into you.
Changing your mindset means you have to change your reaction to the events that take place around you.
For example, while driving, you run out of gas. Your reaction to this determines your mindset and how you feel about the event.

Choice 1: I’m stupid. These things always happen to me. This is a huge inconvenience. How could I let this happen?

Choice 2: I’ll walk to get gas, it will be good exercise. Maybe I’ll have the chance to meet someone new. I’m glad this happened to me and not one of my kids or my wife. What a beautiful day to be outside.

If you think of your mindset as a radio transmitter and a radio receiver, you will understand the importance of mindset and its role in achieving success.
A transmitter sends out a signal in the form of a vibration and whatever is tuned in at the same wavelength will receive that signal. And the reverse is also true. If you are tuned in to a specific wavelength, you will receive any signal that transmits on that wavelength. So if you are tuned in to a “woe is me, I can never do anything right” wavelength, then that is what you will receive. However, if you are tuned in to a more positive wavelength that will be the signal you receive.
Setting a goal is important, but the real key to achieving your goal is having a rock-solid positive mindset that will give you the strength to overcome any obstacle.
The concept is simple to understand, but a little more difficult to achieve.
So, next month, I’ll talk about how you can retrain your mind to begin receiving and sending the right vibrations so you can get what you want and make every goal seem attainable.

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6 Comments on “Why You Need to Make a Positive Mindset Your #1 Goal in 2017”

  1. Great job Bearj. And you read my mind. Half way through I Thought “This is great, but how can you change it?” It feels like my mind set is etched in stone and that the negative stuff is the true me. Glad you’re going further next montj.

  2. Great article. Positive mindset is “The Secret.” I will pass this along to my staff!

  3. I agree 100% that keeping a positive mindset is key in achieving your goals, and how important it is how you react to things along the way. Thanks for the motivation on keeping it positive in 2017!

  4. Thanks, Izzy. Mindset is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. Sadly most don’t take the time to work on it and fail. Then they place blame on external things, when it;s really an internal issue.

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