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Women have different challenges in the workplace than men. Penny Zenker lived in Europe for 16 years and met with a male-dominated society in Switzerland. She recognized that functioning like a man was not the way to fit in and add value.

Women need to value their femininity, their level of care and nurturing and balance that with the masculine energy to compete and succeed.

I didn’t have the ambition to be CEO but I did want to add value and create value. My drive for competition was never about getting one over the people it was always about value and impact.

Penny has spoken to hundreds of women’s groups from service businesses to pharmaceuticals to hospitals connecting with womens challenges and providing practical tips and experience.

There is an abundance of  skill training for excel, word, SAP and sales force and other office systems but not for the soft skills of managing stress, communication and priorities that often make or break the success of any role in the organization.

People need different skills than are provided on the job to collaborate successfully, to solve problems quickly and to communicate effectively. It is a combination of emotional intelligence and leadership skills that matter at all levels of the organization but such training is often reserved for management and leadership teams.

What if, all levels of the organization were taught leadership skills that would help them take greater responsibility and ownership for transforming culture.

Often training and education around the soft skills are left out or seem impossible due to location, orientation, time and resources. Penny Zenker speaks to the construction industry and other industries to invest in the hard and soft skills to improve communication, reduce stress, create greater focus and boost overall productivity. She speaks about leadership soft skills that go far beyond just time management skills.

Penny Zenker is an award winning speaker with accolades in the construction industry and other industries with actionable content and  measurable value. She is a Communication Speaker, productivity speaker and overall leadership speaker who

Help you to Stop the Tug of War with Time and think and act more strategically to be more creative, solve problems faster and collaborate more fully.

She also is the author of a best-selling productivity book, The Producyivity Zone : Stop the Tug of Ware with Time.

Penny Zenkers Womens and LEADERSHIP TOPICS

Penny Zenker spends  time talking to you and learning about your women’s event, your group and your goals. She will even sometimes do surveys to get the voice of the audience. By doing so, she can develop a customized leadership presentation that provides immediate value to all members of the audience. The presentatio

n is structured to allow audience members from all levels of the organization to receive actionable leadership insights that everyone can use to take ownership and responsibility for the transformation in every area of their lives.

Stop the Tug of War with Time – Understanding how to step back and evaluate the options from a strategic perspective and set more effective priorities

 Be The Example – Leadership lessons to do what you say and say what you do. People will follow you if you are authentic and congruent. The best leaders are self aware and focused on their own emotional intelligence and communication to increase influence and create autonomy in their teams.

Smart is Not Enough – Penny shares her own journey to success and breaking through comparisons and judgements that made her feel small and insecure and how she became stronger to overcome them and find herself in the process. She shares the 3 common thread that has helped her through difficult times and allow her to bring the best of herself regardless of the situation.

Penny Zenker covers the various topic of leadership, teamwork, communication and priority management that teach construction organizations how to take their everyday operations to the next level. Pennys presentations are engaging interactive and memorable and best opf all here is what people say…

BOOK Penny Zenker FOR YOUR Womens EVENTs

Finding the right motivational speaker for your women’s events can be difficult to know who to choose. Penny Zenker has spoken to hundreds of women’s groups on health, mindset, resilience and business, she will help your audience go from burned out to fired up.

Penny bring her personal stories, real world experience from various industries to open up peoples thinking and offers practical leadership tips and insights.

To book Penny for an event, please contact us today.

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