The Big Idea

Focus is More Than Attention

Focus and attention are not the same things. Where you focus both emotionally and strategically will determine the quality and speed of results.

This book provides a high-performance framework identifying the gaps and traps that keep us from focusing on the most productive things and what 10 behavior drivers focus your attention to give you the most productive mindset, the winning strategies, and create sustainability.

The Productivity Zone helps you focus on value creation.

Here’s What People Are Saying:

Hyrum Smith:
Co-Founder of FranklinCovey

“There are so many powerful principles in this book. You will think dfferently-you will become more productive, more successful, more balanced and more in control.”

Jeff Hoffman:
Founder of PriceLine

“These are proven principles for personal and professional development”

David M. Corbin:
Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author

“This book is a no nonsense high content treasure-trove of ideas to keep you in the productivity Zone”

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