Pulsemotiv: The Future Of Website Audio Integration With Steven Kiger

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TBT 110 | Website Audio

Technology leaders are always looking to improve existing tech and make things easier for people on all fronts. With this, video has been drastically improved over the years while also becoming more expensive. On the other hand, innovation in audio has been keeping up with far less cost. Steven Kiger, a Partner at RocketSource, introduces a new tool they have developed to increase user experience and engagement through audio called Pulsemotiv. Learn the different ways this innovative tool can improve your website and business with the least amount of effort possible in this episode.

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Pulsemotiv: The Future Of Website Audio Integration With Steven Kiger

We have another great tool by RocketSource and we have Steven Kiger here. He’s going to be sharing this with us. He did a session on PlatStack and told us some amazing new things that are coming out in that beta. I wanted to make sure that I captured this other product, which sounds interesting. I’m going to be checking that out as well, which is called Pulsemotiv. Steven, welcome to the show.
Thanks for having me.
It may not be immediate personal productivity, but it is for business productivity of how you can enhance and stand out in the marketplace. Tell us a little bit about Pulsemotiv and what it does.
Pulsemotiv is a cool tool where you can essentially upload audio and add audio to your website. Any user that comes to your site, they can click play on the audio piece. What’s cool about the tool is we have what’s called triggered slide outs. Imagine you go to a website and it’s the founder of the company telling the people why he created the business and what’s unique about it. At a certain time cue, you can have a slide-out come up and it could be maybe a coupon. Let’s say you’re talking about a product that you have, “I built this cool product. It’s unique in this way. If you buy now, you’re going get 20% off.” A coupon slides out with 20% off. It could be a video.
What we found a lot of people use it for is you can do what we call voice triggered navigation. Instead of having a user come to the site and not know where to go, imagine having you upload an audio piece that says, “Thank you so much for checking out my site. We’re excited to have you here. If I was to recommend anything on our website, you should go here.” It’s going to have that triggered slide-out come up and that user can navigate to the next page. If you’re using analytics to look at what’s the best user flow for a journey flow for a user to purchase your product, you can guide them down that path with personalized audio.
When you add personalized context to the website, you get people to stay on your site longer. Click To Tweet Does this plug into any type of website?
Yes. We have a WordPress plugin. If you do WordPress, it’s a simple JavaScript imbed so you can put it on any site you need to. We have a full analytics engine in the backend. Once you log into the platform, you can see how many plays that had, what percentage did they play to, did they click the slide out. You can start to look at the engagement and see if it’s working and what we can do to improve it. What we’re finding is, when you add personalized context to the website, add that personalization view or the about or the why, you get people to stay on your site longer. You get them more engaged. Ultimately, you buy products from companies and people you love. The more you learn about the company and people the more you can learn about the people that are behind the business, the more you’ll get brand ambassadors and people talking about it.
It’s making that company more personal. I love the fact that you’re so focused on things that help a business to stand out and show their uniqueness. It’s a unique approach. What was the brainstorm around that where you said, “I’ve got to do this because of that?”
Our main company is called RocketSource and we have a large blog. We have these long blog articles that are amazing and everyone should read them if you’re in digital transformation. What we found is these 20,000-word blog post, they take a long time to read. What we ended up doing is adding a TLDR I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Reddit, but TLDR stands for Too Long Didn’t Read. It’s like a cliff notes version of the blog post. It’s nice because we cut it down from 20,000 to 500 words or not even 500 words. What we thought was maybe we should add audio to that and add some personalized context with audio and tell the reason why we created this blog post.

TBT 110 | Website Audio

Website Audio: If you get people to stay on your site longer and go to more pages, your search ranking is going to go higher.

We added off the shelf audio platforms out there and people started to love this audio intro of a blog that says, “This is why we created and why we did it.” We’re like, “There’s something there.” How do you add personalized context to websites and audio? Podcasting is getting bigger and more popular. Why not add audio to websites? The benefit of audio is it’s cheap. You can record it on your phone, and you don’t need professional equipment. Video is laborious and expensive. It’s so much easier to add audio to the website than a video. It’s quicker. You can do it faster and you can change it easily. We thought it was a good time to do it.
Did you do any statistics of how many more people read the article to the end because you did the audio?
What we found is people stayed on the site significantly longer. I don’t have the percentage but ultimately, the goal is, “Let’s get people on the site longer but get them more engaged.” That has definitely worked and people start to click around longer and view more pages. Your exit rate goes down. All those things are huge factors for Google. If you get people to stay on your site longer and go to more pages, your rank is going to go higher. There’s a lot of secondary benefits to it other than the actual personalization. It’s getting people more engaged.
Steven, thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about it. There’s a WordPress plugin and the site that people should go to is?
Ultimately, you buy products from companies and people you love. Click To Tweet Is there anything else you wanted to share?
Feel free to try it out. We do a 30-day free trial still. Record an audio and put it on your site. It’s super easy to put on the site. You don’t need any coding knowledge. You don’t have to put stuff in the header or footer. You slap in that code in the WYSIWYG editor and you’re good to go. We do everything else for you. We make it as seamless as possible. It’s a platform that we’re looking for feedback on as well.
Thank you, Steven, so much for being here. We’ll be back again next time you have your next product.
Thanks so much.
Thank you all for being here. I’m happy to share these cool and fun tools are going to make a difference for you. It’s going to help you to take back time, work smarter and also play harder. We’ll see you in the next episode.

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TBT 110 | Website AudioSteven Kiger serves as Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Platstack. Focused on creating digital products that improve the way we interact with and experience content in digital spaces, Steven leans heavily on his 14-year background in experiential, human-centered design.

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