"Penny's way of cutting through the clutter, to get to the heart of the issue, is what makes her so unique. The changes in behavior that she suggests are easy to implement and the improvements are evident almost immediately."

Tracey Salas, Director Pfizer


Addiction is when we are compulsively seeking out activities or substances that interfere with everyday life. There is no doubt that distractions like messaging, email, internet browsing, social media, and binge watching classifies. As a result, we have accepted increased anxiety, reduced quality of sleep, loss of concentration, and disconnection as the norm rather than the exception.

Focusing and being present with our attention is not easy in the best of times. Before the pandemic, 59% of workers feel physically depleted, emotionally drained, and mentally distracted. The pandemic has only amplified our problems, challenges, and dysfunctions. The pandemic also brought with it many new challenges as well as opportunities to make important needed changes. Today more than ever we need practices to protect our time, energy, and attention, to challenge the way we have always done things, and focus on what’s most important and let go of the emotional pull of FOMO and Instant gratification that keeps us checking our notifications, emails and cat videos.

What if distraction was a craving, would we address it differently? We have trained our brains over time to crave stimulation and distraction. During our breaks we don’t rest, we stimulate which furthers our level of distraction and impulse to further distract.

In this session, we create a heightened awareness around the problem, the costs, implications, and solutions to break the pattern and take back our focus.

  • Review the statistics around the emotional and physical implications
  • Identify top distractions and what it is costing you personally
  • Learn how to disarm temptation and impulse
  • Reveal 3 types of gatekeepers and how to use them to protect your focus

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59% of workers feel physically depleted, emotionally drained, and mentally distracted. Imagine what you could accomplish with a gain of 25% productivity without adding another work hour. It IS possible to gain greater focus, make more profits, and feel more balanced ALL at the same time.


As Your Safety Speaker

Penny is a fun, energetic, inspiring, impactful, sought-after STRATEGIC COACH, INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER, TALENTED FACILITATOR, and Best-selling AUTHOR committed to bringing you actionable value.


40 years as an experienced leader and entrepreneur, business builder, team motivator as well as 7 years speaking to all types of audiences around the world.


Event retention techniques, as well as books, workbooks, apps, online training, and assessments to provide ongoing reinforcement to get lasting shifts in behavior that reduce stress, boost productivity, improve collaboration and elevate leadership.


Penny is down-to-earth and shares real stories about her own experiences and the experiences of her clients. She is not speaking of theory but what she knows works in practice.


Penny inspires people to action with practical, easy-to-use tools, tips, and resources they can implement immediately.

More than 50% of people say they feel emotionally drained, physically depleted and mentally distracted.

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