Shake That Ass: A New Twist on Productivity and Time Management

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If you ask any  individual about the secret to their productivity, they will likely tell you that one of the main components to their success is how they manage their energy. I believe that how we manage our energy is what determines the experience we will have, the results we get, and the happiness we feel. The key to greater productivity is managing our energy. Today, we are going to talk about one easy step that will help you get a hold of your energy and make you the most productive you can possibly be. All you have to do is get up and Shake That Ass! How can “Shake That Ass” be a major key to managing your energy? Read on!

In my best selling book, The Productivity Zone: Stop the Tug of War with Time and my keynote speeches, I talk in more detail about what are the drivers of our energy. Understanding these drivers and how to use them helps us create what I call a “Championship Psychology”. Champions are not born, they are self made and they do it by managing their energy. After all, you and the most successful people on Earth have the same amount of hours in the day. Do you ever wonder how they somehow managed to accomplish everything? Well it all goes back to the concept of energy and how to use. It all starts with them developing life changing habits like getting up early in the day and using their time wisely. When you start your day earlier, your energy reserves are fuller and fresher than when you’re winding down at the end of the day. Not only that, but it’s how you use the energy that you that allows you to maximize your outcome. 
Some great speakers such as Tony Robbins have harnessed this ability and have made it possible for your everyday average Joes to understand it as well. In fact, this past weekend, I was at a Tony Robbins event in San Jose. It was held in a hockey stadium and had 10,500 people. Watching the crowd and energy that was created in that stadium was outstanding. Words can hardly describe the experience other than a self-development rock concert. To learn more about TonyRobbins Events Click here

What are some energy and productivity traits

When it comes to understanding how energy and productivity are linked, there are four traits that you really need to focus on. These energy and productivity drivers are 1) Motivation, 2) Self-Talk, 3) Focus and 4) Physiology. Everybody has a certain level of control over these four traits. The determining factor is actually committing yourself to improving the way you control these traits. Today, we are going to focus on the last one; physiology. “Shake That Ass” is one strategy That encourage you to change your physiology to better manage your energy. 

Take control of your energy 

Everybody knows that your brain has a high level of control when it comes to your energy Reserves. For example if you do not get enough sleep, then you will be too tired to take on the adventures of the day. But, did you know that your physiological makeup is just as valuable a component in energy management as your mindset? Physiology is one of the easiest ways to shift your energy from a stage of stagnation to a state of productivity. There is so much power in how you physically approach your day that will allow you to enhance your use of energy. We will talk about the ways you can do this in just a moment. The only daunting thing that keeps a lot of people from effectively using their energy is the thought of actually doing what they say they are going to do. As Jim Rohn used to say, “It is easy to do and easy not to do.”
Going back to the Tony Robbins event I just mentioned, when I was standing in the stadium it was clear to see the physiological impact that was laced through the presentation. At this event, One of the best ways movement was used to enhance energy was through the encouragement of dancing and cheering. In fact, check this video out- we made a world record in the #manequinchallenge. 

The simple act of getting up and dancing can be super beneficial because it’s your body’s way of encouraging you to feel the potential energy that you are capable of. For example, we have all been in a situation where you enter a room that is filled with people who are timid, not exuberant, and just downright unenthused. Perhaps It is a conference, or an office setting, you can immediately feel the palpable and unenthusiastic tone in the room. This lack of spirit, if you will, will quickly transfer onto anyone who enters the room. While it may seem from on the outside productivity is happening, there is an obvious lack of excitement or enthusiasm. Inevitably, this muted environment will often be the culprit of creativity killing. And when you do not have creativity floating around, you can only be as productive as the setting will allow you to be. 
Some of the most successful corporations including Google, Uber, and Apple pride themselves in the physiologically stimulating environments their workers spend their time in. While we’re not saying you have to be cheering and dancing throughout your workday, it certainly does make an overall difference in how productive you can be in the long run. 


Joseph McClendon took the dancing concept one step further by lighting up that physiological change with some added fun. He calls it “Asstitude” He says this is his “Legacy”. Any time you find yourself entering a state of stagnation, you need to change things up. A state of stagnation can look like anything from being stuck to being overwhelmed, to being bored. When this happens, Joseph McClendon popularly encourages you to get up and just “Shake That Ass”.

When in doubt – “Shake That Ass”.

It might seem a little silly, but I dare you to try it. It took changing my physiology into a whole new realm of fun and playfulness. You’ll be surprised at the burst of energy you will get when you get up and move around the next time you feel yourself entering a state of stagnation. Not only that, but there is a whole rush of feelings that come with it while you are “shaking your ass”. 
Most people on the face of this Earth love music and when you get up to the beat of the song, you can’t help but smile.  This will automatically trigger the chemical reaction in your brain that takes away to build up cortisol, the stress hormone.  Immediately you will feel yourself starting to loosen up and you really can’t feel bad anymore.

Changing your habits

Another neat component of getting up and moving around is the fact that you’re actually changing the habits that are leading you to the point of stagnation. That change in your physiology by “Shaking That Ass” breaks your unproductive thought patterns.  Instead of being stuck in a cycle of frustration, you allow your brain to see problems in a different light. 
If dancing just isn’t the thing for you, then that’s not a problem. The beauty about the “Shake That Ass” philosophy is that you really can do any activity so long as you’re ass is shaking!  that means you can get up and walk around, you can get up and do some stretches, you can get up and even run a lap or two if you don’t mind getting a little sweaty. Whatever it is that you choose to do, movement is the key to implementing this philosophy throughout your day.
Now, I am sure that there are those of you who are scratching your head at the reliability of this. However,“Shake That Ass” makes you happy, and it’s not just a theory either. The University of Pennsylvania has done a lot of work around the science of happiness. In their studies, there was a positive correlation between the effects of movement such as dancing and the levels of endorphins, serotonin, and oxytocin that is released. 

When to know it’s time to “Shake That Ass”? 

Whether you are working on a project, or trying to get through your work day, when you are finding yourself entering a state of unproductiveness your body will act by shutting down slowly. It is at this time that you know it’s time to get up and move around. Yet, many people will often forget that this is an option. Instead, they’ll resort to doing other things to try to distract themselves in hopes of getting back on track. Avoid the urge to get off task just to get sucked into another tasks like checking social media or answering emails. Instead, you need to remind yourself to get up and actually move around.

Set a routine for yourself

One of the best ways to do this is by setting a time for yourself throughout your day to get your movement in. For some, there’s a natural break in the day that allows you the opportunity to move around. For others, you will likely just have to wait until you feel like it’s time to get up and move around. Whatever method works best for you, you have to make sure that you eventually get up and “Shake That Ass”. 
We did 4 days of conditioning an Unleash the Power Within (UPW). If you are committed and disciplined (and want to add some more fun in your life) you can condition yourself without going to an event.
Here are some suggestions how to get yourself started on Shake That Ass!

1. Create a morning routine

Create a morning routine to “Shake That Ass”. What better way to wake up than to do a dance and “Shake That Ass”. You do not need to commit a whole lot of time to this either. A simple 5 or 10 minute time frame is really all you need to get you started off on the right foot. One of the best  ways to implement this is to get yourself in the zone during your morning routine. Whether it’s brushing your teeth, getting dressed, or preparing breakfast. Make sure that at some point you are moving around in a way that encourages your body to get out of its state of rest.
Speaking of morning routines, you want to make sure that you are consistent with this routine. Make it a habit to set a fixed time that you get up every morning.  I recommend giving yourself just enough time to have some “you time” before you get your day started. Allotting about an hour or so all to yourself before you head out to work or getting started on that project is ample enough to have you feeling like yourself before buckling down for crunch time. 

2. Constantly remind yourself to stay on task

Be sure to put the definition of “Asstitude” up in your wall or computer, on your cell phone cover. This next tip might sound silly,  but it is especially helpful when it comes to remembering how to Shake That Ass. It is one thing to have a mental note of Shake That Ass on your brain, but when you have it on the forefront reminding you, then you are more likely to get in touch with that concept and do it. Also, having the reminder of Asstitude front and center will be a constant reminder of how you approach the obstacles in your path. 
Your attitude is the key to resolving issues that may arise. If you find yourself getting bored, stressed, or overwhelmed, your attitude can make or break the outcome. Do yourself a solid and remember that your attitude is solely dependent on your “ass”.  when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, literally get off your butt and do something about it!

3. Set alarms

Set alarms throughout the day to “Shake That Ass”. We talked About  this a little bit earlier, but, it is important that you regularly and routinely get up Shake That Ass. If you’re one that gets overwhelmed easily, then one of the best ways to ensure that you “Shake That Ass” is by setting alarms. Set alarms throughout your day beginning with your morning routine to help encourage you to get up and move around. If you work in a team setting or have other members that can naturally take a break with you, then one of the best ways to “Shake That Ass” is to get up and do it as a group.

4. Get creative

As we mentioned earlier, when you “Shake That Ass”,  you can really do it the way that best fits your needs. That means if you’re not a dancer,  maybe exercise or a simple walk through the park will be enough to remedy your stagnation. For some, meditation and yoga are enough to help them find moments of clarity. 
Are there any other ways that you already use that fall in line with the Shake That Ass  philosophy? Be sure to let us know below!

Switch it up

The beautiful thing about Shake That Ass  is the fact that it is not limited to individuals and isolation. One of the best ways  to incorporate this method is by doing it as a group or even company-wide. Create common break times that require people to leave their desks. this time can then be dedicated as professional Shake That Ass  time. speaking firsthand, I can attest to the Wonders that company-wide brakes can survive. For example, When I lived in Zurich, Switzerland the Swiss companies all took a break at 9:30 and 3:30. As a company, you can also create a “Bad Ass” award and other “asstitude” awards. the possibilities are Limitless and you really have plenty of room to  shake that ass a whole. if you do choose to implement this philosophy as a whole, you want to make sure that you select time periods throughout the day that do not interfere with personal X such as lunch time. Just as important as it is to shake that ass, it is just as important to have personal time as well. 

Do not underestimate the power of movement

 all too often, I meet people who have a true misunderstanding of the power of movement. Just because you are sitting at your desk connected to all the latest technologies that can enhance your workflow does not mean that they can provide the solution you need. Your brainpower is  a Trevor trolls that is waiting to be unlocked. Unfortunately, hitting the same wall over and over again and wallowing in stagnation, stress, and paperwork is not the way to do it. Getting up, moving around, and letting your ideas low creatively certainly is. This is the new twist to boost your energy management simply by changing your physiology. It is that easy to get better results in the area of time management and productivity. All you need to do is what? “Shake That Ass”.

Bring it to the whole team

You can integrate the art of “Shake That Ass” into your leadership training and other management trainings as well. Keep people learning principles of leadership and engagement and get some fun injected in your organization.
It should be noted that if you do choose to shake that ass, you do need to approach with caution. if you use this strategy you are likely to have more fun, get people more engaged, be more productive, be happier and even lose a few pounds over time.
So what are you waiting for? Get up and “Shake That Ass”!

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