10 Social Media Alternative Options to be More Productive

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Social media is known to be a productivity killer. The average person will spend more than five years of their lives on social media, according to a study by influencer marketing agency Mediakix. That is derived from the daily usage figures below.

While there are alternative options, why do we turn to social media?

Some people are on social media to promote their businesses, but I see three major reasons we reach for social media. They are there to procrastinate from work or look for solace and connection.

Let’s examine each one.

1. Boredom:
If you aren’t clear what you are doing next why not jump into a social media app and read something to pass the time. People are not happy with down time so we seek stimulation. If we are waiting in line – check social media, stuck on hold- check social media, even in the bathroom-check social media. Sad but true.
Here are some more productive alternatives to fight off boredom and boost your energy and focus when you return.

1. Go for a walk in nature:
Getting out of your day-to-day environment and into nature is a great way to get your body moving, change your breathing and energize your mind.

2. Drink a glass of water:
As simple as it is, getting up and getting a glass of water changes your chemistry to break the pattern of thought you were having so that when you come back you can be in a different state of mind.

3. Learn/enhance a skill:
If you want a productive break, take the time to learn a new skill that will support reaching your goals faster or fulfill a personal desire with something you love.

4. Medivate:
I made up this new word to combine the benefits of clarity and focus of both meditation and motivation. The definition is to focus ones mind during deep breathing for a period of time on something inspirational that that creates intensity, direction, and persistence.

Two of my favorites from Tony Robbins are: https://www.tonyrobbins.com/priming-exercise/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smhzRqHkpZs

2. Need Inspired:
Just seeing a picture on social media may inspire you for a new meal idea for dinner or a moment but it isn’t enough to inspire you to consistently eat healthier and make a long term change in your life for the better.
When we need a boost of motivation to

Here is what I do to inspire myself:
1. Go outside into nature:
Getting out into nature is a great way to get your mind clear and open you up to new ideas. When we are in nature and move our body we can tap into more creativity. Stop doing if you want to get creative and inspired.

2. Watch a TED talk:
There are so many great TED talks available across various different topics. Who and What inspires you? Find talks from those people or topics and get a deeper boost of inspiration. Here is one I did a few months ago, perhaps it will inspire you. http://bit.ly/energyofthought

3. Listen to Music:
Music can be a beautiful inspiration and it isn’t really doing anything so you are also giving your mind a rest so you can recharge your energy reserves towards what you need to do afterward.

4. Connect to your goals:
When you connect to your goals and really appreciate why they are important to you, you can re-ignite your inspiration

For more check out this site https://tinybuddha.com/blog/50-ways-to-find-inspiration-create-explore-expand/

3. Seeking Connection:
One of our basic needs as a human is to connect with others. We know that babies die if they are not held after birth. We all have a deep seeded need to belong to a group and feel like we matter
One way of feeling like we belong is to click that picture that others have clicked. My peeps. We share a common interest. That isn’t the best form of connection but it is fast and easy and out brains are always looking for fast and easy. The greater the intensity of emotion the higher the connection. Of course, you want to seek a positive experience creating a positive connection.
Here are a few more productive ways to create connection for ourselves that is deeper and richer than social media provides us.

1. Compliment people
When we receive compliments it makes us feel good. Why not take a break and walk around passing out compliments and see that it doesn’t only feel good to get compliments but to give them as well.

2. Pet some animals
There is something peaceful in animals that bring out our unconditional love. It doesn’t matter that we haven’t met this animal before, you give this animal your love and attention and they give it back in return. There is a reason animals are supporting people with stress emotional disorders, they have a healing nature about them.

3. Wow someone
Someone coined the expression “Giving is living”. When you give or do something special for someone, it makes them feel good and you feel good too! Start giving more and bring more energy to everything you do.

Turning to social media isn’t always the best chose for one of these needs. The reason being is it still requires a lot of stimulation at a time we need to recharge. Time management tips can also be about what to do in your free times, breaks and transitions to better manage your energy when you are working. When you want to recharge energy your best source is not going to be with further stimulation with social media but focus on rejuvenation of the mind, body, and spirit.

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