Sound Therapy And with Keara Palmay

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TBT 61 | Sound Therapy

TBT 61 | Sound Therapy

There is so much noise in our everyday lives that cut across the way we go about the way we work. As entrepreneurs and business owners, it greatly helps to find that focus in order to perform our absolute best. Clarity coach Keara Palmay introduces us to sound therapy. With it, we can get into the zone and gather up the clarity we need in our minds. Keara presents how helped her achieve this. Different frequencies impact our states; and is a great tool that could bring you to your super peaceful place. Keara also talks about how it can reverse different types of challenges – from depression and anxiety, to sleep problems.

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Sound Therapy And with Keara Palmay

On this show, we love to cover different tips, tricks and strategies, meet with cool people and talk about how we can be more productive. At the end of the day, I always say that productivity is also a byproduct of many other things like doing what we love and being in the flow. That’s going to fit well with our topic. We’re going to be talking about something that I’m fascinated with. It’s about sound therapy. This is going to be in a different context. We’re going to talk about I got introduced to somebody who I’ll have on the future shows around tuning fork. We’re going talk about different frequencies that impacted on how we can change our states.
We’re going to talk about how we can also reverse different types of challenges like depression, anxiety and even different ailments that we have with our bodies through sound. That is so awesome and it’s natural. It’s an exciting area. That’s what we’re going to be looking at and talking about, especially as it relates to We have a very special guest. Keara Palmay is here. I put something out on to a lot of my friends and contacts over Facebook and I said, “What are the productivity tools that you love?” Keara came back and said, “ I love it.” I said, “Will you come and talk about it?” She said, “Absolutely.” I’m excited to have you here. What’s the connection between what you do? Tell us what you do. Why is a productivity tool that you love?
I help service-based entrepreneurs use their natural gifts to change as many lives as possible. Being an entrepreneur requires me to stay on my game, sharpen my mindset and always condition that mind muscle. Since I’m coaching and healing other people, I’ve got to take care of my energy as well. I use, which is an app on my phone that anyone can get. I use every morning to get into this zone of meditation.
I had never heard of it. I’ve been using Spotify to get different types of music genres and different types of playlists. I went on and I checked it out and I was like, “This is cool.” Let’s talk about I want to hear what attracted you to it. I saw that the difference between Spotify and was that Spotify has fixed songs. They weren’t specifically generated in order to shift emotional and cognitive states. This is constructed specifically for that. I thought that was cool. Is that how you found it? What drew you to it?
I went to an Amazon conference when I was dating an Amazon seller. The most successful guy in the room said that everyone should download That caught my attention because I had a lot to learn from that guy. He said he listened to it as he worked every day because it helped him focus. I went ahead and downloaded the free trial that you could do and I fell in love with it. I bought it before my trial expired. I was like, “Screw it. Let’s just go. I’m going to commit.” What has are different playlists. There’s focus, meditate, sleep, recharge and relax.
There are only those few. It’s just focusing on the few cognitive states that you want to create.
It’s niche specific. It’s great for entrepreneurs because we don’t have a boss constantly breathing down our necks saying, “Get work done.” We can focus. I stopped using it for sleeping or napping because I fell into a coma. If you have a problem sleeping, then this could be good for you. I can fall asleep at any place and at any time. It’s one of my superpowers.
There are a lot of people that are challenged to fall asleep or stay asleep. Sleeping is one of our greatest productivity tools that’s free. If people can enhance that, that in itself is a huge productivity tool.
When I bought the app, it’s only $5 or $6. is special because it’s using binaural beats. There’s a lot of science behind it. The gist of what I understand as a healer is when you listen to binaural beats, they are beats that sync with your brainwaves and can change your brainwaves. A lot of things can do this like Wi-Fi. It can mess with our brainwaves in a bad way and also cell phone towers. They can mess with our energies. Even though they’re invisible, we might feel extra anxiety if, for example, you work in a building that has a cell phone tower on top of it. What this is doing is instead of soliciting binaural beats that are causing your brain to go into specific states, whether it be a meditative state or focus type of state or a deep sleep type of state, it’s changing your biochemistry to create specific outcomes.
I want to bring it down to some of the people that are like, “It’s blowing my mind. I’m out of here. That’s too woo-woo.” It’s very science-based. When you were saying that, I thought of the sales match and mirror which is how we build rapport. When we meet someone where they’re at emotionally or if their hands are crossed, then you cross your hands first. By matching them, you can open your arms and that other person is likely to open their arms too. From a sound and frequency basis, it’s doing that with those binaural beats. It’s the same concept but from a brain perspective.
Through my hobby with sound healing, I’m using crystal bowls. In sound healing, we do that with huge crystal bowls that vibrate the entire room and that’s changing our brain chemistry. That’s putting us into a deep meditative state. is doing something very similar except anyone can have access to it. You don’t need to book an appointment with your local sound healer, but you can reap all the benefits.
Productivity is a byproduct of many things like doing what we love and just being in the flow. Click To Tweet It’s pretty cheap if you’re only paying $6 or $7 a month. To work with you is a couple of hundred dollars an hour. You’re getting a good deal. Tell me what it does for you. Why do you love it?
There’s a meditation function that I use every morning. There is a guided meditation. If you’re newer to meditation, you can go through the guided ones. I listen to meditation music or beats and it just helps me feel that I’m in a super peaceful place. All of that chatter can start to take over our brains every morning, especially if I make the mistake of looking at my notifications before I begin my routine. It turns that off and puts me back into the center of who I am so I can make better decisions from that place. Moving into my day, it’s a great way to begin. In terms of productivity, I love the focus tracks. Even though there are only specific outcomes like focus, meditate and sleep, that doesn’t mean you’re hearing the same music all the time. As a matter of fact, they change it every single time. Anytime I listen to the focus track, I’m hearing new music or tones that I’ve never heard before. It varies like that.
The focus playlist is a two-hour long track. I’m an entrepreneur, I can BS a lot and do laundry or cook or avoid work all day. What I do is I put the focus track on I like to go to a coffee shop just to get out of my house because I’m there all the time. I go to a coffee shop and then I make a promise to myself like, “Keara, you’re going to finish all of your work within two hours and you’ll know when to stop because your playlist on will stop.” That’s what I do. Instead of taking eight hours to finish all my projects while dilly-dallying around the house from time to time, I sit at a coffee shop. I put this playlist on for two hours and crank it out. I get way more done in two hours than I would in a week.
On the website, it shows the difference between the Spotify focus music and the focus music. It shows how it boosts the tension by creating more concentrated activity here in the attention-related regions of the brain compared to other music. It’s specifically designed and written to activate those areas. I liked that and I wanted to show that to everybody around that. This has been studied and they’ve honed in and optimized how they’re doing that with those by binaural beats. You’re getting now two hours done. What did it take you before? What level of productivity do you think if you had to put a number on it? Are you 20% more productive? Are you 40%? What percent would you give that?

TBT 61 | Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy: By matching with someone, you both can open your arms to one another.

I would say 40%.
If you could get back even 10%, let alone 40%, what could you accomplish? What other things would you like to be doing with your time? That’s the whole idea and the whole concept of this show. We are finding smarter ways to approach how you’re doing what you’re doing. This is a great asset. Is there anything else that you want to share about this tool that the audience should know about?
If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. Get the free trial and I promise you’ll end up wanting to sign up.
If you go to the app store, just type in
It’s easy to find. Download the free trial because if you’re already using and appreciate music as a valuable resource to focus and to relax, then this is going to give you that much more of a lift. That’s what we’re looking for here in the show. We’re going to get you that lift and instead of just the incremental boost, let’s find where we can make exponential boosts. This is the next step. Go in and let us know. Make some comments on this page. Give us some feedback as to how it’s working for you and maybe we’ll have you on the show too to talk about what specifically is doing for you. Thank you all for being here. Keara, thank you so much too for being here and sharing your experience. Where can people find you if they want to find out more information about you?
You can find me on my website, If you’re looking to share your services with the world, I’ve got a free four-day challenge at
Service-based entrepreneurs use their natural gifts to change as many lives as possible. Click To Tweet Thank you so much for being here.
Thanks for having me, Penny.
For all of our audience, thank you for being here and for investing the time in yourself so that you can take back time. We’ll see you in the next episode.

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TBT 61 | Sound TherapyYou are on the verge of a breakthrough. You are only a few steps away from an awakening that activates the most magical possibilities in your life. You’ve got a heart of gold and a deep desire to raise consciousness with your work. You are a conduit for DEEP SHIFTS. You are already making a difference in the world; people tell you that all the time… While it feels incredible to receive praise –deep down, you know you’re still holding the most powerful parts of yourself back. You’re capable of creating a way bigger impact than you currently are, and you secretly beat yourself up about it.
You have a vision for what the future holds. It isn’t always clear, but you constantly see glimpses of this vision in your mind’s eye. You want to crystalize your vision…so you can embark on a journey that metamorphosizes lives all over the globe–including your own. You’re willing to work for what you want, but you want to work in accordance with your natural gifts, so you feel energized by your mission, rather than depleted. Your spirit craves connection and adventure, and you know that liberating other people from their perceived limitations will catalyze your own healing journey.
Your Shadow feels threatened by change, but your Higher Self is SO READY to blossom into the leader you were born to be. You don’t have a perfect plan in place, but deep down you KNOW that you were put on this planet to help people make profound shifts in their lives. The good news?… YOU WERE PUT ON THIS PLANET TO DO DEEP WORK. As a matter of fact, you were CHOSEN for it. The only thing holding you back from actualizing the impact, finances, and freedom you desire is the lack of a clear vision & an expansion plan. Think of it like this… You are like a channel to the Divine, and your soul is like an antennae that is tapped in with Universal Intelligence… If your signal is being disrupted by self-doubt, comparison, or confusion, you cannot receive the guidance you need to get to where you want to go.
Alternately, if you’re trying to force your passions to generate income in a way feels inauthentic to you, you will disconnect from your heart’s vision. That’s where I come in. I will guide you to synergize your unique passions so you can fully embody your wildly creative spirit. I will help you transform your self-belief so you can become the leader you would follow. You will navigate OUT of overwhelm and channel your natural desires into a clear purpose that makes a lasting imprint on people’s souls. The truth is… When you crystalize your vision, you begin to attract a tribe of people who are magnetized by your passion. When you do this in conjunction with embodying the art of authentic leadership, you become unfuckwithable. Just imagine how powerful you will feel when let go of your limiting stories and fully step into your soul’s purpose.

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