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Happy Customers Who Have Hired Penny as a Resilience, Motivational, Inspirational, Virtual Keynote Speaker.


Reset Moments are not only the big pivotal moments of truth that we might think of like COVID-19, Market shift, or career change.

Reset Moments are present every single day when we slow down and pay attention to the day-to-day signals and feedback that we often ignore.

Reset moments are moments to reflect, regain perspective, and realign with what matters most.

Participants will:

  • Recognizing Reset Moments
  • Learn the 3-Step Reset Practice
  • Strategies to Maintain perspective under all circumstances
  • Making Reset Moments a part of your culture
  • Practical Reset Tools
  • Coach others using these skills

Time To Reset?

Adopt a Reset Practice to align your actions and behaviors with your goals, values, and intentions

People are exhausted and distracted:

Burnout, quiet quitting, change fatigue-call it what you want. Our people are exhausted, distracted, critical and hesitant. They feel out of control. Productivity, collaboration and innovation are suffering.

Competing priorities:

People lack clarity, and have trouble determining what’s most important. Markets and behaviors are constantly changing and communication is getting more scattered rather than clearer. Information is abundant but insights are limited.

Declining Trust in Leadership:

Stress rises under uncertainty; skepticism is at an all-time high and people don’t feel appreciated. Poor communication and lack of transparency decrease trust and disengage people. Complacency rises and productivity declines.

After 25+ years in founding, running, and scaling organizations and interviewing over 300 successful business leaders, I’ve learned the answer to these challenges is always found in teaching teams how to focus on the right things, focus on what creates the greatest impact.


The energy of your thought is based on Penny’s TEDx which has reached over 1 million views.

Balance is a feeling we seek like happiness or control. The paradox is the more we focus on balance, the less of it we feel. Balance can be a moving target as a result of changing expectations that are driven by the energy of your thought.

The energy of your thought directs expectations, impacting your outlook, mood, behavior, ability to recover, communication, and ultimately your happiness and meaning of life.
This session will cover how to manage the energy of thought and create emotional balance, better manage external and internal pressures, and create strategies for fast recovery when an imbalance occurs.

Participants will:

  • Review the science of behavior
  • Reveal negative thought patterns
  • Apply 4 fundamentals to reframe unproductive thinking
  • Coach others using these skills


As Your Resilience Speaker

Penny is a fun, energetic, inspiring, impactful, sought-after STRATEGIC COACH, INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER, TALENTED FACILITATOR, and Best-selling AUTHOR committed to bringing you actionable value.


40 years as an experienced leader and entrepreneur, business builder, team motivator as well as 7 years speaking to all types of audiences around the world.


Event retention techniques, as well as books, workbooks, apps, online training, and assessments to provide ongoing reinforcement to get lasting shifts in behavior that reduce stress, boost productivity, improve collaboration and elevate leadership.


Penny is down-to-earth and shares real stories about her own experiences and the experiences of her clients. She is not speaking of theory but what she knows works in practice.


Penny inspires people to action with practical, easy-to-use tools, tips, and resources they can implement immediately.


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