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TBT 009 | Billionaire Mindset

A lot of us think that we get a lot of work done when we multitask. Often times, that is true, but there are also instances when we are just all over the place and get things done halfway. Brian Sidorsky has a billionaire mindset to finish one project at a time. There is no need to split your focus, if you don’t get the work done in the end. The trick is to prioritize, start and complete each task so you can be productive and save time for the next task that needs to be done.

We are interviewing Brian Sidorsky, who is an amazing entrepreneur. He’s the Founder and CEO of Lansdowne Equity Ventures which is a highly profitable, family-owned real estate business with operations in land banking, real estate development, and property management of commercial shopping centers and mobile home parks. This man has made his fortune through being the largest retail furniture in Calgary. From his strategic way of thinking to be that smart investor with what he earned and he kept. You’ve heard of so many different entrepreneurs who have made millions and at that billion-dollar mark. Then you hear about all of them who have lost it. They’ve made it, they’ve lost, and they’ve made it again. We all make mistakes along the way. We have to learn from those mistakes and we want to learn from others who have made those mistakes.
One of the things I remember him saying in a dinner that we were at together, he said that he always took counsel from those who made it and kept it. That’s who I want to learn from as well. It’s not necessarily those who lost it. Even though I’m sure they have great stories and they also have some great experiences to learn from. I want to learn from the people who made it, kept it, and continue to build it like Brian Sidorsky. He’s not just an investor. He doesn’t only invest his time and energy in making money. He invests his time and energy in giving back. He is a Chancellor for Junior Achievement Worldwide, developing financial literacy across the world for our youth. Brian has a world of experience. He’s also focused on making the world a better place.

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The Billionaire Mindset with Brian Sidorsky

This is Brian Sidorsky. This guy is amazing genius. I’m with him here and he started to share his wisdom. I’m like, “We have to share this because people need to hear what he has to say.”
I’m Chief Chancellor of Junior Achievement Worldwide or JA Worldwide, University of Success. We are putting together curriculum program to teach the world how to fish. We’re teaching financial literacy in 127 countries and 10 million students a year.
This man is super modest. He is mega successful, making more money than god. He works on incredible deals around the world. You made your fortune on a furniture company?
We had the largest retail furniture appliance store in Calgary at one time. We have two smaller stores though in the area. I’m not involved in the day to day. I have partners that run those. We’re in the mobile home park business. We just sold that recently. We’re in commercial shopping centers, land development, and subdivision development in the Calgary area.
This guy knows a thing or two about business, smart investor. He built his fortune by getting the proceeds from that and then investing. Being smart in his investments. When you want to learn from somebody, you want to learn from somebody who’s done it, who’s been there and understand what makes him tick. To see what success principles you can take away and implement in your own life. Brian, you were just going to share with us about multitasking.
Imagine that you’ve got a magnifying glass and you’re trying to burn a whole premise on in a piece of paper. We’re talking about multitasking and putting your energy and focus. If I said, “Can you burn a hole in that paper? I don’t want you to burn one hole. I want you to burn three holes and burn them all at the same time.” The moment you take your focus off, you’re multitasking. You have to stop what you’re doing then you start the next one. It doesn’t fit to complete this one, and this one starts unless it’ll move to the next one. If you’re going back and forth throughout your work, you’re multitasking. You’re not completing any of those tasks. There’s no such thing as multitasking that’s ever going to be effective. You need to start and finish one project at a time. Prioritize. Start and complete each task. You’ll accomplish a lot more each day in your productivity.

TBT 009 | Billionaire Mindset

Billionaire Mindset: There’s no such thing as multitasking that’s ever going to be effective. You need to start and finish one project at a time.

It’s so simple but so true. How many of us are splitting our attention, splitting our focus across multiple things, and not completing and not giving our full energy, thought, and attention. I would fold that paper into three parts and I would then gear that through so at the end I would have three holes. Sometimes you got to think strategically in the way that you approach something. That goes to Einstein’s thought that you take time to plan up front. Instead of multitasking and doing it the hard way and then never achieving your result, if you think about something smarter then you’re going to get the result a lot faster.
I’d never even considered that to get outside the nine dots to draw those lines together. You get outside of your normal thinking and creative thinking, that’s fold the paper. If it was a piece of wood, you couldn’t fold it up. Again, there’s always another application. The idea of productivity and multitasking, do one task at a time. Start and complete each task. Do it as creatively as you can. When we’re building furniture, they layout the plot to do one furniture, one set of sofa. They do the cutting. They’ll layer as many as 50 sofa cuts on one laser cut, then they all cut off 50. That’s your productivity. You think of a way of multiplying the productivity in the manufacturing process or in your day to day, in any process.
Any other tips on what helps you to take back your time? That’s the name of my new podcast, Take Back Time. What would you say a last tip?
I don’t think you can get it back once you’ve spent it.
If you work smarter, then you take it back in the context of you can spend it more wisely. 
You have to spend it wisely right at the time of spending it. Once you spend it, I don’t think you can get it back.
No, you can’t. I’m meaning in the context of when you think smarter and you approach things from a more strategic perspective, then you’re actually saving yourself time. That’s what I meant by take back time. 

TBT 009 | Billionaire Mindset

Billionaire Mindset: Think and Grow Rich

A couple of nuggets I will share with you. Everybody should read the book Think and Grow Rich, the major book by Napoleon Hill. Go online and look up Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, narrated by Earl Nightingale. It’s a 39-minute audio. You listen to that four or five times. It will absolutely change your life. I read the book over 500 times and I get something new every time I read it.
I’m going to go online and do that because the version that I got, it was ten hours long.
No, it’s only 39 minutes. There’s another one called The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale, as well. Earl Nightingale is a wonderful man who’s no longer on the planet. His amazing wisdom is something I’ve become an ardent student of and benefit greatly from.
From a great successful man who’s telling you that one of the keys to success is to read other people’s successful tips and tricks mindset. What can you learn from others? You don’t need to have all the answers. You just need to, as Greg Reid said, “Take counsel from those who have been there and done it.”
The last words I’ll leave with you, as Napoleon Hill, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” You visualize it. You have a passion for it. Write down whatever it is you want. Find out what you really want, why you want it, write that down with a time and a date, and keep looking at it. Put it on your mirror. Put those goals right in front of you. Look at them. Download them into your subconscious mind. You will absolutely find that you achieved those results in those timeframe that you created.
[Tweet “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. “] Brian Sidorsky, thank you so much. 
Thank you.

What did you take away from Brian Sidorsky, who is a major entrepreneur who built his fortune and kept it? His goal was to reach $1 billion and he’s reaching his goal. Not only that, he’s making an impact worldwide on financial literacy by being a Chancellor for Junior Achievement around the world. What did you learn? He talked about two things. The funny thing is with my previous interview, we talked to Heidi Hannah talking about multitasking. From a doctor’s perspective, a brain perspective, how multitasking is not optimal and not effective.
Brian’s coming at it from a successful entrepreneur’s perspective. He’s telling you that whenever you split your time and attention, your energy and your focus, you’re not going to get the result that you want. Clean and simple. You prioritize. By prioritizing, it means give your time and attention to one task and complete it, and then move on to the next. Simple, yet that’s the recipe for success from Brian Sidorsky, billionaire. I would take that and say, “If it works for him, it’s probably going to work for me too.” Get more conscious of where you’re multitasking. Stop and break it down.
Right now, what’s happening is that you’re doing it unconsciously. It’s an autopilot that you’re managing these multiple things. Running from this screen to that screen, looking at different activities at the same time. Be aware of that. Every time you catch yourself doing it, with any habit or pattern of thought, break it. If you have a record or CD that’s playing, it plays the same song over and over again. That’s what happens in our brain. We repeat the same thoughts over and over again. We have 70,000 thoughts a day. The key thing is only 5% of those thoughts are new. That’s a confirmation that we are repeating the same thoughts over and over again.
We need to be in control of what’s being repeated. We are deliberate that that’s what’s impacting us in a positive way and moving us towards what we want in our life versus sabotaging us from the very things that we want. Get conscious of what those thoughts are and what those patterns are. If you find yourself multitasking, break that thought and say no, and come back to the one task that you’re prioritizing. Every time you break it, you come back to the task. You’ll find that you become more focused over time because it’s like an addiction.
When you’re addicted to something, like your phone or some type of distraction, when you recognize it, you’re going to reduce the number of times. You’re going to find it faster and you’re going to shift it. The more that you break that pattern, the less it’s going to show up. It may still show up. If you find yourself ten times a day multitasking, then as you practice this, being aware of it, and creating consciousness around it, the next day you might find that you’re only doing it eight times. The day after that, you’re only doing it six times, and so forth. You want to be able to recognize your progress as those impulses to do it are reducing down. You can get more clarity and more focus. I did the same exercise with a client of mine. Within one week, he was already 20% more productive because he was able to reduce the number of impulses to be distracted and to multitask.
[Tweet “Prioritize and stick with each task and complete each task. “] That’s the first thing that Brian shared with us. Prioritize and stick with each task and complete each task. Then we talked about another aspect which was thinking about things. Taking a little bit more time to plan upfront how you’re going to approach something so you can use a more strategic approach. A little bit more time upfront is going to help you identify how you could create leverage. How can I do this in a smarter way so that I can do it faster so that I can do it more effectively? That is, at the end of the game, going to help you to take back time. Lastly, important advice and counsel from this genius was simply to take counsel from those like himself or other greats who have been successful and are teaching the principles of success.
He mentioned Napoleon Hill. Earl Nightingale doing a reading of Napoleon Hill’s work. I highly suggest that you click on that link and that you go and listen to that. Not just once but many times. You heard him say he listened to it 100 times because he was deliberately changing the way that he’s thinking by listening to that. That’s going to have an impact for you because you’re going to start to think more like that. It’s those principles of thinking that helped him to be smarter in the way that he approached things. To be more deliberate in getting what he wants.
That’s going to be your assignment. Go listen to that audio once a week. It’s 35 minutes. You can fit that into your schedule once a week. Listen to it for the next four weeks. Just take one month and listen to it four times. I’d love to hear how this changes your life and what specifically do you see changing for yourself. Potentially just because of that, you’re going to multitask less. You’re going to be more concentrated on what you want. Focus with your attention and energy, and blocking out distractions. You’re going to be thinking at a higher frequency. You’re going to be open to greater possibilities.
I’m so excited to hear what this does for you. That’s your assignment. Listen to the audio from Earl Nightingale. It’s about 35 minutes. It’s going to be about Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill. You’re going to listen to it once a week, so that’s four times over a month. Then you’re going to report back to us on our Facebook page. Those are the tips from Brian Sidorsky who’s created a huge fortune by thinking smarter and investing. Doing the things that helped him to keep his fortune alive and to grow it. It’s to be focused and energized.
I look forward to having you on further episodes to have more tips and tricks about how you can take back time. This is Penny Zenker and we’ll see you in the next episode.

About Brian Sidorsky

TBT 009 | Billionaire MindsetBrian Sidorsky is the Founder and CEO of Lansdowne Equity Ventures Ltd., a highly profitable family-owned real estate business, with operations in land banking, real estate development and property management of commercial shopping centers and mobile home parks. In addition to his smart business sense, Brian is dedicated to financial literacy in our youth and is chancellor of Junior Achievement Worldwide.

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