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TBT 128 | The MORE Method
The more you are in harmony with yourself, the more you will achieve happiness and success. This is Jen Groover’s message in her new book, The MORE Method.  A well-recognized motivational speaker, author, performance coach, and successful serial entrepreneur, Jen is passionate about helping people get more of everything they desire by giving them the tools master their mindset, understand the power of perspectives, elevate their relationships, and understand the expanse of their potential. She shares some of these tools in this conversation with host, Penny Zenker. Your mind might be the only thing that’s preventing you from getting what you deserve. Listen in and learn how to unlock that true potential you have in yourself.

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The MORE Method With Jen Groover

In this show, we are dedicated to helping you to work smarter and that’s not always easy, especially we are faced with the pandemic. We’ve been in lockdown and things are starting to open up. There’s a lot of uncertainty where things are going. This topic couldn’t be more appropriate. We’re going to be talking with Jen Groover about her book, The MORE Method, and it’s the simple formula to getting more out of everything that you desire in life and even under stressful situations and how to deal with that. She’s going to talk about that. You want to learn about Jen because she’s a rock star. She’s been tagged by SUCCESS Magazine as a One-Woman Brand and a Creativity and Innovation Guru, and a leading Serial Entrepreneur by Entrepreneur Magazine. She’s ranked number eight by SAP in the Top 51 Influencers of Human Potential. She’s won several awards in speaking. She has a highly sought after speaking and global training organization that she’s been doing for many years. She’s a top business and lifestyle contributor and content creator for almost every major television network. She’s been in a number of business magazines and online resources, and she’s been featured in hundreds of media outlets. Jen, welcome to the show. 
I’m happy to be here.
I got through your The MORE Method and I have to tell you that I loved it. We have a lot of synergies in the way that we think. Everything resonated with me and certainly some extra things to think about. It’s a challenging book and I love the fact that you’ve got some journal pages there at the end of every chapter for people to take it in. Before we get into the book, tell people what prompted you to want to write this? Why the points that you brought out in The MORE Method? Why you did that?  
I’ve been teaching human potential for many years. How I teach it is probably different than a lot of how my colleagues teach it because I’m bringing different disciplines together. It’s how my brain works. I learn psychology and education in college, and then my continued education was in nutrition and physiology. I became obsessed about mindset training and that included understanding also neuroscience, quantum physics, and metaphysics. I became obsessed spiritually with Buddhism and how that impacts emotional intelligence. As I learn things, I always want to turn around and teach people. The more I learn though, the more complex and deeper my knowledge would get. I would always be struggling with, “How do I teach such complex things that are so layered?” Emotional intelligence, for example, is layered in a short period of time, so that somebody can truly transform their lives quickly. That was a challenge I kept challenging myself with.
I was writing another book called The Operator’s Manual For Life, which is a deep book. It’s going deep into all those different sciences that I mentioned. I kept feeling like there’s something missing. I felt like if someone picked up that book and they hadn’t already had tons of personal development training, how would they be able to receive it? Would it be too much? It’s like when I first read Eckhart Tolle’s books, they were too much. I couldn’t even comprehend. I’d put them down. It’s like, “Why does everyone keep talking about this? I can’t even understand what I’m reading.” I had to become a different person before I could read those books.
That’s a great point. We all have to start somewhere and we have to go through the stages in order to understand it because we’re understanding ourselves in layers and it’s important. You talk about this later in the book about expectations. I want to say for people who are reading, we have to put the appropriate expectations on ourselves so we don’t stress ourselves out and have all these expectations of who we should be, what we should be doing, and should all over ourselves. What do you have to say about that?
When we're in harmony with ourselves, we can be in harmony with others. Click To Tweet I believe that creating expectations is important. Going back to the reason I created that book, I sometimes would go into my speaking engagements and training, expecting people already learned this stuff. Some who had would pick it up quickly and others who hadn’t walked away feeling confused or firehosed with information that wasn’t making sense. I learned the importance of context and expectations. The MORE Method became this formula, this methodology to create context and expectations of the information that they were learning. Throughout the book you read, I constantly say, “In order to get more of everything good in life, here are the things you need to follow.” I keep reminding people what the objective is and what the expectation is.
Expectations as human behavior training, in general, are fascinating to me. Expectations are the number one thing that causes the most amount of self-inflicted pain for all of us. When I first say that to people, they’re like, “That’s deep.” I’m like, “It’s real.” The self-inflicted pain is caused by us, myself-being part of that, by our expectations of other people to think, act, and be like us or read our minds. We can’t do that or we’re going to keep getting disappointed and angry in life and then it’s our own fault. Expectations are a deep and layered thing to teach people too. I try to break it down into three core parts. The first is the expectations of others to think and be like you or read your mind essentially. This is why most people get divorced, people break up, or friendships dissolve. They’re expecting other people to treat them or do things a certain way that isn’t effectively communicated. The first part is these expectations of how we expect people to be.
The next part is if you are in a relationship with somebody and you care about that relationship, you need to clearly communicate expectations. When you’re communicating expectations, the other person has to agree upon the expectations, which is another part. If the other person doesn’t agree upon the expectations, then you have this thing that I call the moment of truth. You have to say, “That person can’t meet up to those expectations.” Let’s say someone was dating and the female wanted to have children and the male didn’t want to have children. They had this communication and the guy said, “I don’t want children.” That’s a moment of truth. You either get to choose to decide to stay in the relationship and forego having children, or you have to end the relationship, but there’s still a basis of truth.
A lot of times people don’t like to live in the space of truth. They like to live in the illusion, the gray. Maybe if we don’t talk about it, I can convince this person of something different or it will somehow magically happen to change that person’s mind. The second part of that expectation is the communication and then the agreeing or not agreeing upon, and then you make decisions from there. The last part of expectations and the third part of expectations is the expectation for self. I expect people I’m in a relationship with to treat me with respect. I expect people that I’m in a relationship to be thoughtful, kind, and so on and so forth. I have certain expectations of my life. When I realize, people cannot meet those expectations by who they are, then I get to choose to not allow them to diminish my expectations. I choose to walk away from those situations or circumstances. It’s a layered topic.
There are the expectations that we have on ourselves. I know that isn’t necessary. You go over those other three more about the relationship, but we have that relationship with ourselves. Sabotage often comes in the unrealistic expectations that we put on ourselves as well.  
The most important relationship is the one with ourselves. From there, when we’re in harmony with ourselves, we can be in harmony with others.

TBT 128 | The MORE Method

The MORE Method: The most important relationship we have is the one with ourselves..

You share your story and in this context, some people are wired to be positive thinkers or to turn and find the silver lining. I pondered with this a little while. Are we born with it? Is it something innate in me or you that somebody else doesn’t have? A lot of people think it’s from your upbringing. I wanted you to share your thoughts on that and maybe your background comes into that as well. 
To answer your thought process, in my opinion, it’s a little bit of both. Part of that is consciousness. I start off the book with a shaking story for many, especially if they knew me and didn’t know about that part of me. A lot of people come back and be like, “I had no idea.” My mom and dad were different. They fell madly in love and quickly got married. What my mom didn’t realize when she married my father, he was a highly functioning alcoholic. Why didn’t she realize that? He was the fun guy. He was the guy that would drink at the party, but he was good at keeping his tipping point away from her for a while. The tipping point, what I mean by that is when a lot of people that are heavy drinkers who have inner anger and trauma that’s unhealed, that comes out past the fun guy part.
One of my first childhood memories deals with his alcoholism. He came home from drinking after work and he threw my mom down a flight of stairs. I was only four years of age. My brother was only five. When he threw her down on the flight of stairs, her head hit the concrete cement floor in the basement. A pool of blood started spreading around and he locked the door. My brother and I couldn’t get to her. We were screaming as you can imagine as little children. We’re trying to get to her and watching this unfold. My mom had taught my brother to dial zero and give the operator the address. Thank God he did that at that young age.
What a responsibility like that to feel you’ve got to save your mom. That’s shaking.  
We have to pull it together. My brother luckily saved my mom, but that was the beginning of a lot of years or trauma of my childhood. We’d sleep in station wagons at night. We escaped to her friends or family members. We were always unsure how my dad was going to come home if we’re going to be safe or not. That created a lot of stress for me as a child. I had fever blisters in all of my childhood pictures because of my stress level all the time. I escaped my survival mechanism. I believe my natural. When you talk about, is it natural or is it not? There’s nature and nurture. I escaped through play outside with my friends all the time. I escaped that it didn’t feel right to me. In that escape, I use my imagination a lot and I put myself in other worlds. I believe that was part of my self-preservation.
My brother, who’s only eleven months older than me, it’s fascinating because it’s a case study. He wasn’t as independent. He was more reliant on my mother and got more involved in the drama. He was more traumatized by the drama because he wasn’t escaping the same way that I was. Interestingly enough, I gravitated to all friends whose families were highly intact and loving. It became a vision of what was possible for me and that gave me a vision of what my future could be like as part of that imagination. That was part of the nature of me or the innate in me that helped me to not get traumatized to create too much damage.
We get to choose how we view anything that happens to us. Click To Tweet Everyone can heal, but it didn’t create as much damage as my brother. However, I would always feel like there needed to be another way or a better way. When I went to college, I instantly gravitated to psychology. It was the first time I ever loved school. It became this nurturing thing of learning that there could be a better way. There is another way. There are psychological ways to change patterns and sabotage old cycles and create new ones. For me, it became a combination of this innate thing of wanting to change and knowing that I wanted something different. This information thing that helped me know it was possible and then I could put those tools in my toolbox. Those tools helped me truly reshape who I was, healed the trauma of the past, which is important and then build a better future.
That’s where The MORE Method came from. It’s this whole development. 
The MORE Method is the toolbox that worked for me, worked for all the people that I’ve helped along the way, to give to more people to help them along the way because we all have trauma. Every one of us does, it’s all relative. My story might sound like wow to a lot of people. To some other people, it might be like, “That’s it? That’s all your experience?” It’s all relative. That relativity is truly what shapes our views of the world, whether it’s right or wrong, enough or not enough for somebody. We must acknowledge and heal our trauma. We also must know that we have the ability to choose in every moment of our lives how we want our future to be. Even when the cards are against us, when things are challenging, we still get to choose in every moment of life how we view something that’s happening to us.
I want to relate it to a lot of people who are thinking about right now. They’re at home because of the pandemic. Some of them are dealing with a lot of stress. I want to bring it back to people and what they’re feeling and going through. Maybe one aspect of how The MORE Method and what you’re saying, how that could support them while they’re in it. Some people say, “I know it will get better, but what do I do now?” 
As an entrepreneur, I have a ton of friends that are entrepreneurs whose businesses might not ever reopen. It’s an interesting perception. A lot of people think, “If you’re a business owner, you have a lot of money.” What a lot of people don’t realize is a lot of business owners have a lot of debt and they’re living pretty much not paycheck-to-paycheck, but like paycheck-to-paycheck, customer-to-customer to survive. When they’re losing their business, it usually means that they’re potentially going to lose their house. It means that they’re potentially not paying their bills and there is a lot of financial stress, which leads to mental and emotional stress. With that being said, one of the things that I teach in the emotional intelligence part of the book is nothing has meaning until you give it meaning. A lot of people get jarred by this. They’re like, “That’s not true. That person stole from me. That person cheated on me.” What meaning are you giving that? Are you letting the meaning hurt you or help you? That’s what it comes down to. Is the meaning hurting you or is it helping you?
When my entrepreneur friends would call me as all this is transpiring, I’d say, “You’re getting freaked out, which I get it, but you’re in a state of fear and panic. Your body and brain are constricting. In a state of constriction, you’re not going to be creative and you’re not going to be strategic.” This is when you need to be creative and strategic. You need to stay calm and center and you need to figure out another meaning that this can give for you. I’ll give my own example. I was in the middle of a book launch. I had an entire year of a book tour planned. I had over 105 speaking engagements canceled. That was a huge part of my livelihood. One hundred and five times each one of those. I lost over 75% of my predicted revenue for this year. My book launch came to a screeching halt. My publisher called me and said, “The books are at Amazon, but Amazon won’t put them on their website because they’re only putting non-essentials in their warehouse now.”
TBT 128 | The MORE Method

The MORE Method: We need to harmonize our lives if we want to be successful and happy.

I had a choice to freak out or stay calm, centered, and creative. Here’s, what’s happening to me? How do I innovate? How do I pivot? How do I do something different? How do I also observe the change in behavior that’s happening from this crisis and innovate something new potentially around it? One of the things was calling all the different companies and ask them if they would do virtual. That was a big one. The positive that I was focused on was a lot of companies who wouldn’t do virtual for a long time. They wanted me there and I didn’t need to be there. They’re forced to pivot and do virtual with me. That was positive to focus on. What we focus on expands. I kept focusing on the little wins and the positive, instead of the negatives and the more I felt better. I was able to be more strategic and I was putting my body and mind in a less stressful place, which isn’t good mentally, physically, or emotionally.
I also started questioning like, “Behavioral changes are happening. How do I fill the void of these behavior changes?” I then started reaching out to every company I worked with and offering a new training called Mastering Your Mind In Uncertain Times. Everyone needed that right now. That’s what we’re talking about. I offered a new program that was a big hit. That got a new business that I didn’t expect. I launched a brand-new company, filling the void also of a new change in human behavior of what’s happening because of the crisis. This company wouldn’t have been relevant before the crisis, but now it is. It’s about the meaning that you’re giving things and trying to keep saying, “Is this hurting me or helping me? How do I keep changing so that I am in control and not letting everything control me?”
I’m a big proponent of meaning and questioning the meaning. The truth to happiness is being able because it’s the one thing that we do have control over. What you say and I want to point out for everybody is the mechanism. They’re listening, but they’re not hearing how. I heard the how and I’m not sure if they heard it. I heard that you ask a question and that’s the how. In case anybody missed it and correct me if I’m wrong, but the how is that question, is it hurting me or helping me? If it’s hurting you, you’re going to look for another meaning. What else could this mean? You listed a lot of different questions that you go through. If somebody who let’s say isn’t used to asking themselves that question, what do you have them do in those stressful times and in times when they might be giving not so great meanings to remind them of the question?
I always tell my clients, the second you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, pause, walk away from where you are and what you’re doing. If it’s nice out, go out for a walk and begin this inquiry process. The inquiry process is, “Is what I’m feeling real? Is there another way to see what I’m feeling or this circumstance and how I’m perceiving it? Is there a solution to this problem?” The problem is most people say, “Focus on the problem.” You see the problem and you keep focusing on the problem and nothing happens.
The problem gets bigger.
It gets bigger and more overwhelming. You see the problem. You train your brain to go to the solution. What is the solution? How can I solve this problem? How could I pivot? What new action steps do I need to take? That action step part helps you get out of your head and into this forward motion. I’m on a board of this organization called Back On My Feet and it helps homeless people get back on their feet through the activity of running. The metaphor is running. The rate of rehabilitation of our members is 98%. The reason is that this running program is a metaphor for moving forward. When they’re running every day with their coach and their team, they’re moving forward. Taking action and growing through the action is what brings happiness and a better state of feeling in control. Why do people freak out? They feel out of control. How do you keep getting yourself back into feeling more in control? Taking action is one of those things, growth. A lot of my clients we’re finding that they had this free time. The free time was taking them into a mental spiral downward. I’d say take a course, read a book, and do things that are making you grow. Take a hobby. If you liked gardening and you want to do more of it, take action so you can grow because growth equals happiness.
We get to choose how we view anything that happens to us. Click To Tweet There’s one other powerful thing that I do that I learned a long time ago when I feel stuck. It’s exactly how the title of The MORE Method came to be and what the acronym of The MORE Method came to be from this exact exercise. It’s asking yourself questions before bed. The reason to ask yourself questions before bed is in a simple form of neuroscience is the flip between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind has a lot of answers to our questions, but we can’t access our subconscious mind when we’re awake because our conscious mind is running the show. It’s too busy and too much of an editor. There’s too much judgment happening in our editing. When you ask yourself questions where you’re stuck before bed like, “How could I solve this problem? How can I see this differently?” You’ll often get clarity through your REM state. You’ll often wake up at 3:00 or 4:00 AM with clarity to that question. It’s a strategy I’ve used for a long time. A lot of my colleagues use the same strategy and we all feel it to be an incredibly powerful strategy that we all learn when we’re kids.
Was there a particular question that you ask or it’s whatever I feel is the question that I need?  
It’s whatever you feel the question that you need. If you’re stuck on a name for a business, how you start the business? There’s a problem in your business and you need clarity to solve the problem. It’s asking, “How can I see this differently? How can I solve this problem?” For me, The MORE Method and I was writing that other book I told you. At the same time, I started noticing that all of a sudden these emotional intelligence experts were popping up. It’s because it became the cool thing. I had been teaching it for such a long period of time that I was like, “This space is going to get drownded out quickly. How do I remain relevant?” All of a sudden, everyone’s an emotional intelligence expert. “What do I do that’s different?” This is what I asked myself before bed. “What value do I add that’s different than what my colleagues add? What do I do? What’s the value I add to people’s lives?” The answer was, “I teach people how to get more of everything they desire in life.” That is literally what I woke up with. You teach people how to get more.
What was always confusing to me is I’m not a business expert. I don’t teach people in business, in relationships or all these different boxes people would try to put me in. I teach people whether they want better relationships, finances, health, and well-being. I teach all of those things because the core formula is still the same. I woke up with, we teach people how to get more of everything they desire, and all of a sudden the acronym, like a divine consciousness came through me. I called my publisher the next day and I was like, “We’ve got to change the book. We’ve got to put that on the back burner. This other one has to come first. This one is critical to laying the foundation of what this next one is and this came to me as divine consciousness in the middle of the night. I know that it is legit and what we need to go with.”
I’ve heard a lot of people who’ve had these downloads at night when the unconscious is free to explore and come up with those answers. What I’m hearing also is a common theme. It’s how powerful questions are to direct our focus so that we can be more purposeful. You talked about the question in terms of defining meaning, but also questions at night. Sometimes when I talk to people about, “What kind of question can you ask?” it seems trivial like, “It’s asking a question.” It’s simple yet the most powerful tool that we have. 
Questions give clarity and clarity is what we’re all seeking. When you’re feeling stuck and lost, it’s because you lack clarity.
Nothing has meaning until you give it meaning. Click To Tweet Is there anything else that you wanted to share with us about The MORE Method? I have a couple of other questions that might not relate to The MORE Method. I don’t think you gave us the acronym and what it stands for. Could you give us that?  
I would love to. In the first part of the book, I share my story so everyone can understand the perspective in which I’m coming from. I then give the universal laws that I’ve learned through some of my mentors around the foundation of how to get more of everything you desire in life. These universal laws are like the Law of Gravity. It’s important for someone who hasn’t had that training to understand these universal laws. I break it down into four simple things. In order to get more of everything we desire in life, you must first envision what it is, have clarity. Many people don’t get more of what they want because they’re not clear as to what it is, and they don’t ask the right questions. They never get to where they want to go. One of the first things I ask in every training and as you saw in the book is, what is it that you want more of and why? This is such a crazy, simple question, but still profound. I started asking people, “What is it they want more of?” I get to instantly see their value system. More time with my family, more time for travel, and more flexibility. You start to see what they value, then you start to ask them their goals. Here’s a funny thing. Their goals are appealing to the ego.
Those are often what their bosses project on them and what they think other people want them to say. I started to show people, your goals and what you want more of is out of alignment. You’re going to be in this fighting against yourself stage. You get clear as to what matters to you. We get clear is what they want more of. Once they can envision that, they can begin the process of manifestation. Envisioning what you want every day, emotionally connecting to it, living as if it is before it is all are things that I used since my twenties when my mentors taught me this to change the course of my life, to not repeat my past. The next is you have to believe you’re worthy and capable. A lot of people have a lot of goals, visions, and dreams, but they don’t believe that they’re worthy of that. If you don’t believe you’re worthy of them, then you’re going to have little to no chance of getting them.
That’s the ultimate self-sabotage.
The next step is once you identify what do you want and believe that you’re worthy and capable, then you need to continue to explore your beliefs and behaviors that are blocking you from getting that. What are the beliefs that you hold today that keep you from what you desire tomorrow? What are the behaviors you hold? Your beliefs and behaviors are directly correlated. Your behaviors are emulating what your beliefs are. I can tell someone’s beliefs by their behaviors. You have to start to remove those beliefs. Therefore, the behaviors that block you from getting what you want. Lastly, you have to become more intentional. You said asking the right questions and be intentional about why you’re doing what you’re doing every single day. That’s the foundation and then I move into the acronym of MORE. If people can follow this framework, no matter where they are, no matter what level or stage of life they are, they will get to the next level and the next stage by following this simple framework. You can keep coming back to the framework as you keep evolving. We’re like people in a hot air balloon.
Once we decide we want more, we take out some sandbags in hot air balloons. Those are your beliefs and behaviors that are keeping you down. We get to a certain level and we’re like, “This is cool. It’s a new perspective. There are trees I never even knew. There are buildings I never saw before.” We’re stuck there and that’s when we get bored and we’re like, “I want to get to the next level.” We have to take out more of those sandbags to get to the next level. As we keep evolving, we go back to the foundation of what we had to do at the beginning to get to the next level. The MORE acronym is that.
TBT 128 | The MORE Method

The MORE Method: The Simple Formula to Get More of Everything You Desire in Life

I love that metaphor because people learn a lot and grow through metaphors. It cuts right through to the unconscious. I visualize that. Where are you now for those who are reading? What sandbags need to be let go of so that you can get to the next level?
It’s a process. You can’t get rid of all the sandbags at one time. Get rid of these sandbags or even just one can change your perspective in life. It’s an ongoing process to keep going up and up. The reason I am such a visual learner, that I teach in such a visual way with all these metaphors is because it’s how I learn. When I was in school and teachers would regurgitate information to me, I was completely lost. I was like, “What is happening? There’s no context. There’s no engagement.” They’re fire hosing me with information. I had this history professor in college. For the first time in my life I loved history because she was a storyteller and she’d use these metaphors. I was like, “This is like a whole new world. I wish I had this for the first twelve years of school. This is crazy.” That’s why I teach this way and use these metaphors.
The M is Mindfulness and all that you do. In order to get more of everything we desire in life, we have to create a solid foundation of becoming highly aware of where we are so we can keep moving to where we want to go. Mindfulness seems like this big elusive thing to people when in reality, it’s an auditing system of your life. I created an auditing system for people to become more mindful of things like the thoughts they think, the words they choose, the people they surround themselves with, and start to be able to evaluate, is this person hurting me or helping me? Is this thought process hurting me or helping me? Is how I spend my free time hurting me or helping me? All these keep coming back to that question. We’re not perfect. None of us are perfect, but when we become more mindful, we can course-correct faster. We can be like, “This is hurting me. I need to get that off my path.” The O is the Optimization of the body and brain. When we realized we are in control, the one thing that we have control of is what we do to our bodies. Most people never take that power. They usually completely disempower themselves with their choices.
If you think about it, entrepreneurs like myself, I got caught up in this where we’re focused on the business that I didn’t sleep enough. I was eating junk. It’s the first thing that we sacrifice. 
Most people do and most people think about eating, the way the diet industry has brainwashed us to think about is, “I can’t eat. That’s going to make me gain weight,” versus, “I don’t want that because it’s going to make me tired.” The way I teach it is about energy management and optimization. The diet industry is scarcity and it’s taught people the scarcity mindset that makes people self-sabotage quite honestly. I teach people how their daily habits of how they treat their body make them work harder or smarter. I keep saying, “Is this making you work harder or smarter?” The same thing, “Hurting you or helping you?” I want to work smarter. I want to leverage my time. How we optimize our bodies and brains by our daily habits of how we eat, how we sleep, how we hydrate, supplement, things like that. We can time hack. One of the first things everyone says, “We want more of time.” I’m going to teach you how to do it. If you’re working at minimal optimization, you’re tired and you ate garbage all day, you’re working harder, which now you’re making your time less leveraged. When you’re optimized, you’re focused.
You’re getting stuff done. You’re not distracted. You’re focused and clear.
To get more of what we desire life, we have to become more emotionally intelligent. Click To Tweet I can go into the R, which is learning how to be more Responsive versus reactive. In order to get more of everything we desire in life, we have to become more emotionally intelligent. That’s what being responsive versus reactive is. It’s learning how to respond to life and people instead of reacting to it. There was a movie that I watched called the Way of the Peaceful Warrior. It’s like Karate Kid. There’s a mentor and a student. The student is ego-tripping and has a tantrum. The mentor says to the student, “Fools react, warriors respond.” I was like, “Wow.”
I said wow when I read it. I was like, “Wow.” I had to watch that movie because that is super powerful. 
I thought of all the reactionary people in my past, my parents included, and how foolish their behavior was. I thought of mentors like the Dalai Lama and people that stayed calm like Yoda, “Calm and centered.” That’s how you get more of everything you desire in life. I break it down in the book into what I call mindset shifts to teach people quickly how to become emotionally intelligent. The E is Excelling in all aspects of life. To get more of what we desire in life, we need to look at success from a holistic point of view and not in your professional life, which a lot of people do because that’s what they were told to do. If you’re successful, you’re going to be happy. That’s not necessarily the case. For most people, it’s not at all. In order to be successful and be happy, we need to be harmonizing our lives, and being nurturing our professional quadrant, but our relationship quadrant, the health and well-being quadrant, and our personal evolution quadrant. When we nurture all those quadrants of our lives every day, we then have holistic success. Your relationships are in harmony. Your health is thriving. Therefore your professional life is thriving and you feel amazing about who you are. You are your best version of yourself every day. That’s how we get more of everything we desire in life.
TBT 128 | The MORE Method

The MORE Method: We need to harmonize our lives if we want to be successful and happy.

Thank you. You’ve shared many great nuggets here to help people to work smarter and that’s what this show is all about. When is the book coming out? When can they get a copy? Where do they go and how can they find out more about you?  
The book is already out. Thankfully, Amazon released it. They can go to Amazon, search The MORE Method and my name, Jen Groover. I’m extremely active on social media, on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. Not as much on Twitter and it’s my name, @JenGroover. I post about this type of information constantly to inspire and also to share with people that I’m connected with on social media. It’s not just stuff that I believe in or teach myself, but some other great authors, some other good blogs, podcasts, and things like that.
Thank you. 
Thank you for having me.
Thank you all for being here because you’re dedicated to working smarter. I know that you’re going to go out and you’re going to get Jen’s book. You’re going to make sure that you do the journals and you answer the questions. You get a little sticky pad and you start putting those questions around the house. Remember, you’re training yourself to ask those important questions. We’ll see you in the next episode.

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About Jen Groover

TBT 128 | The MORE MethodJen Groover has been tagged by SUCCESS MAGAZINE as a “One-Woman Brand,” a “Creativity and Innovation Guru” and a leading “Serial Entrepreneur” by Entrepreneur Magazine and ranked #8 by SAP in the Top 51 Influencers of Human Potential. She was recently nominated for “Motivational Speaker of the Year for 2019” from Speakercon. As well as “Woman of the Year 2019” by PhillyMan Magazine. She is a UN delegate to the Global Entrepreneurs Council. She also made history at the NYSE, as a member of the first all-female group to ring the opening bell, made Forbes’ list of “50 Founders to Follow” and was nominated “TV Personality of The Year Award” in 2015.
As a successful serial entrepreneur, author, performance coach and retired National Level Fitness Competitor, Jen Groover has been an highly sought after global speaker and trainer for over 20 years.
She is a top business and lifestyle contributor and content creator for every major television network. Jen also contributes editorial pieces to several prominent business magazines and online resources. She has been featured in hundreds of media outlets.
Jen is currently launching her second book , “The MORE Method: The Simple Formula to Get More of Everything You Desire in Life” which teaches people how to get more of everything the desire in life by; mastering their mindset, beliefs and physiological state, understanding the power of perspectives, elevating their relationships, and understanding the expansiveness of their potential in all aspects of life.
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