The Next Steps: Taking A Leap Of Faith with Dom Faussette

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TBT 36 | Next Steps

There’s are so many other areas in life when things don’t go our way, but that doesn’t mean we retreat. It doesn’t mean that we stop. Executive coach, leadership speaker and bestselling author Dom Faussette has been to hell and back, but retreating was never an option for him. He says when we’re faced with challenges, we should take the next steps and use all the tools we have at our disposal and engage. Dom is a military veteran and a prior police officer with ten plus years of corporate leadership experience. He now heads Think React Lead as a CEO, a company dedicated to pushing people past their limiting beliefs by bridging the gap between their mind and heart for increased success.

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The Next Steps: Taking A Leap Of Faith with Dom Faussette

We have an exciting guest with us, Dom Faussette, who is an amazing speaker. I’ve been impressed with the level of vulnerability and how he shares his story so freely so that people can connect with the challenges that they’re having in their life and how they can take that shift. We wanted to talk about next steps because sometimes those next steps are hard. Maybe we’re in a place where we’re stuck. Maybe we’re in a place where we want to get to somewhere incredibly big, but it’s overwhelming. That’s our theme, Next Steps. Dom, tell our audience who you are and what’s special about Dom Faussette?
My name is Dom Faussette. I am a speaker, but before any titles, which to me aren’t that important, I am a person. I’m a son, a father, a husband, a brother. With those titles, what they suggest is that there are people that depend on you. Maybe not financially, but maybe emotionally or maybe just a good laugh or leadership.
There are expectations with those roles from ourselves and from other people?
Totally. You bring up a valid point with ourselves first. You brought up taking the next step and, in my life, personally, I’ve missed the boat on taking the next step and I think many people have.
What do you mean by that, you’ve missed the boat on taking the next step?
I overthought it and if I would’ve just taken that step or I might call it a leap of faith.
You didn’t take the step because of fear?
I am a Veteran. I was an Air Force K9.Once I got out of the military, I became a cop. I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, which what happens in law enforcement on TV isn’t always what happens in real life. I got to a point in my law enforcement career where I was fed up. I was done. I couldn’t feel. I was angry, hateful and violent. I was still serving warrants and kicking in doors. In hindsight, they say life’s a breach, but while I was kicking in doors and serving warrants, I wasn’t wearing a bulletproof vest. I’m here, so I felt God had a different plan for me. Let me explain what happens when you breach a door. Intel says, “Two out of five, we got two suspects in the house with a gun.” I was a little crazy at the time, so I suggested I can go into two people like, “I’m good. I have enough skill set,” in my mind. I thought I did, so I kicked on the door.
Laughter cures a lot of people. Click To Tweet Without a vest, so it means you wanted to die.
That’s where it boils down to. I don’t want anybody around because I don’t want anybody to see me being taken out. I just wanted to be taken out. When you’re kicking the door and Intel says there are two people, a lot of times what happens is there are two or three more people, so that’s five. When you kick in a door, you don’t have the luxury of saying, “I thought there was only two of you. There’s five. I’ll be right back.”
Let me get somebody.
Yes, a couple of people, more artillery, that’s not an option. If I can make it through that, then there are so many other areas in life that we kick on a door and things don’t go our way, but that doesn’t mean we retreat. It doesn’t mean that we stop. It doesn’t mean that we have to ask for help or reinforcements. We always think if something doesn’t go our way, we have to go seek counselor we have to go do all these things. There’s nothing wrong with seeking counsel.
Typically, fear makes people retreat, so it’s a great analogy, a great metaphor. That’s what happens is that most people get afraid of what’s next, what they see when they open the door and say, “Quickly shut that door so hopefully, they don’t see me, and I can retreat,” but that wasn’t an option for you. The truth is it’s not a viable option for us either in any situation. I shouldn’t say that.
I was about to drop a bunch of coin on some marketing and one of my business coaches said, “What can you do on your own? What more can you do?” I asked myself at the end of every business day, I’m self-employed and I work from home most of the time, “What can I do next?” Before I go to bed, “Is there a blog I can write? Is there a video that I can do for social media specific to my niche? What more can we do?” With so many people and I was almost there, pay people to do things that you’re not that busy. If you cut away the fact, you’ve already kicked on the door, engage. You have the tools. We’ve been through too much in life to not be able to deal with the little things that are on our desks.

TBT 36 | Next Steps

Next Steps: We’ve been through too much in life to not be able to deal with the little things that are on our desks.

I find if you’re not retreating, but staying in motion, you’re going to get the feedback you need so that you can pivot where you need to pivot. What happens is you’ve got to take that next step. You got to stay in motion. When you get overwhelmed and I can imagine, you’re probably a big goal-seeker. I can tell that about you. We have so many in common. When you’ve got that big goal and you feel overwhelmed, what do you fall back on?
I will go skateboarding or go play soccer with my son. I will play Nerf guns wars in the house with my son. If my son is at school, my wife’s at work and it’s the middle of the day and I’m overwhelmed, I’ll go for a run or I’ll go to the gym.
Is it to clear your head? Is it to change your patterns?
Totally to clear my head. Do something different. It’s a pivot. Just do something else.
When you’re in an emotional cycle, we need to break that, otherwise, we continue it and it gets bigger and the story engulfs us as if we were putting ourselves in a bag.
Or I’ll watch a comedy. It happens. I will literally go from my office and go to a different part of the house. I’ll go to Netflix and turn on a twenty-minutes comedy skit. I’ll watch it, get refreshed and then I’ll go back. Laughter cures a lot of people.
One of the things that I talk to people when they’re overwhelmed is to just help them to get perspective. That’s one way that you get perspective. The other way that I do is like you said, a simple question is I tell them to ask that question that we’re talking about today, which is “What’s next?” Even though you’ve got many steps that you want to get to, if you focus on what’s next, then it seems so manageable. It’s so much smaller. If it’s too big, then break it down into the very next step and then it enables you. That very next step might be to clear your head, break your pattern, and then after you come back ask yourself, “What’s the very next step?”In that way, that keeps us in motion.
For some reason, we’re taught to think a three to five-year plan. Not to be morbid, but I don’t do a three to five-year plan. I’ve seen so much death in my life, I might not be here in three to five years, but I’m certain I’ll be here for the next three to five hours. When I get up in the morning, if I get up at 4 AM, “Dom, what can I do for three hours?” “I can get up.” That sometimes is a task. “I’m up.”I can go eat some oatmeal then I can go to the gym and take a shower. That’s three hours.
You do all that in three hours? Yes, because you’ve got the gym in there. That oatmeal doesn’t take that long.
To me, that’s a win. I’ve already set a goal for the next three hours. I’ve done all four things, getting up, eating, working out and showering, getting ready for my next three hours. In my mind, and it’s worked for everybody, once you win, your endorphins are up. You’re like, “I’m a winner.” They’re like, “What did you do to win?” “I ate oatmeal and had my shower.” It’s still a win because you have a goal for that. You completed it. I do three to five-hour plans for my day.
My path is my path. Click To Tweet I do this little game with people in some of my workshops to help people see what it’s like when they don’t set a plan for themselves when they come in the morning and you don’t know what’s next. Then, you flounder and waste a lot of time, but when you’re clear with what you’re going to do, if you know that those are the three things that you’re going to do, I know some people when they get up, they know that they’re going to have their hour of power. They know that they’re going to journal and they’re going to meditate and know what it is, they get it done and they feel good. That’s why we’re on the topic of “What’s next?” I want you guys to think about as you’re planning your day, as you’re planning your week, there are different levels of planning. I also am not a big three to five-year planner because everything’s different.
Everything changes.
Our industries change. The environment is changing, but you do need to plan because planning sets us up for success.
That’s a better way of putting that, the energy, the environment, not death, I speak a whole bunch of things.
Death happens too. You’ll never know. I’ve had people in my life that suddenly passed and it does create a new sense of urgency. I like to think about it like that, the way you bring it back is to create that sense of urgency in yourself to plan and be purposeful about what you’re doing and be clear on what’s next. Is there anything else that you want to share with the audience about that theme, about yourself and then, tell us what’s going on with you, what you’re looking forward to?

TBT 36 | Next Steps

Next Steps: More than once, I’ve sat over a man as he breathed his last breath. To see somebody have regret and sorrow in their eyes as they have seconds left, I never wanted to be that person.

Specific to the audience, have fun. It’s easy to say don’t take life seriously. As a police officer or in the military, you witness a lot of things. More than once I’ve sat over a man as he breathed his last breath and to see somebody have agony, regret and sorrow in their eyes as they have seconds left, I never wanted to be that person. I make sure to have fun. I haven’t always liked everybody in my family, but I found a way to find something about them that I like. Even prior to this, just for forgiveness. What I’m working on now is celebrating my first year in entrepreneurship, having a great time.
One of the things I learned from you as I’ve never met you before, I found that I was comparing my journey and my path to what maybe a Tony Robbins would do or a John Maxwell, but I’m Dom Faussette, my path is my path. The reason they’re successful is because they carved their own path. It wasn’t going to be easy. I’m carving my own path and coming to the realization that I am Dom Faussette and that’s okay.
Compared to what is an important thing that we need to compare ourselves to where we are now and be the best version of ourselves and not try to be someone else because they’re in a different place and like you said, a different path. You said that beautifully and I hope that that’s a point that you’re all going to take with you as you decide what’s next. It is not what’s next for someone else, it’s what’s next for you. Thank you, Dom, for being here. It’s been great having you here.
Thank you. I appreciate that.
Thank you guys for being here. We’ll see you in the next episode.

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TBT 36 | Next Steps

Executive Coach, Leadership Speaker and best-selling author Dom Faussette… has been to HELL and back. Dom is a military veteran and prior Police Officer with 10+ years of corporate leadership experience. Dom is the CEO of ThinkReactLead. ThinkReactLead is a company dedicated to pushing people past their limiting beliefs by bridging the gap between their mind and heart for increased success.
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