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In a world filled with competing priorities and accumulated stress, it’s easy to feel stuck. But fear not because breakthroughs are within reach! Dr. Michael Matucci, a human breakthrough artist, joins Penny Zenker to discuss his unique method for achieving quantum leaps in life. Through his company, Encompass Life, he and his team offer the Quantum Leap technique, a transformative approach to lifting oneself out of challenges and creating miracles. Learn how to identify hidden purposes behind challenges, rewrite your emotional response to past events, and shift your state of being to unlock your true potential. Dr. Matucci also offers a free guide to help you discover what’s stopping your success. Tune in and discover how to transform everyday struggles into stepping stones for breakthroughs!

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Unlock Your Quantum Leap: Achieve Your Next Breakthrough With Dr. Michael Matucci

On this show, we’re always looking for interesting people who are going to bring unique tips so that you might think a little bit differently and that might help you to show up differently and work smarter. That’s the whole point, work and live smarter. I’m excited to have Dr. Michael Matucci with me. He is a human breakthrough artist. We’re going to hear more about that.

He has gone down the rabbit hole as both a student and a teacher of a plethora of self-development modalities so you don’t have to. He is an accomplished performer and storyteller. He is going to tell us more about his academy. He and his team have a transformational company called Encompass Life. They share their quantum leap technique to help people lift themselves out of their challenges and create their own miracles. Let’s hear more about that.

Welcome. Can I call you Michael?

You may.

Mike? What do you like?

Whatever floats your boat. Whatever sounds great to you. I love to connect to people, and I’d love to show them their power like people showed me my power and it came to my awareness. We moved around a bunch when I was a kid, and we ended up going to a place where the kids were pretty vicious. I was a dough. I’m like, “What’s going on here?” I have a very high level of sensitivity. I went through 4 really intense years and 8 years of a lot of bullying, isolation, and betrayal from people who were my friends. It was quite impactful as a young kid growing up.

What that did was later, I found out it created this program, pattern, or desire in my subconscious beyond my awareness to become almost superhuman because that would enable me to not get made fun of. I didn’t realize that until later, but that’s what drove me to live in many countries around the world and learn languages, arts, martial arts, Eastern practices, and Western practices. It also imbued me with sensitivity, compassion, and empathy for those who have struggled, who have been in vulnerable places, and who have been on the underside of people’s feet.

I take these two things and do what I can to provide the space to lift them up and help you break through because there’s a lot going on in our world and a lot to contend with in business, our country, and everything else. Some of us who have had the chance to do different things are happy to lift each other up. We’re one big family here. I love to be able to spark a little change in somebody’s life.

That’s awesome. There’s no better feeling than making a difference in supporting somebody, getting what they want in their life, or reaching a new level of heightened awareness, experience, or things like that. Are you saying you have this technique? Is that derived from your own personal experience? A lot of people have this breakthrough and it takes them years. People don’t realize it takes you years to simplify something, unwind it, and figure out what you did, how it works, and how you will bring that to other people in a very conscious and intentional way. Did this come from your own experience?

In many aspects, what we’re doing is taking ancient wisdom, scripture, things that have been around for a while, and spiritual laws, and making them practical and simple. It’s other than inventing anything as far as knowledge is concerned. What we’re using the quantum leap technique for is to make it a system you can use. We use people at the beginning as we’re going through our experiences, and then we give it away so people can do it inside of themselves to be the catalyst for their own change.

It is a lot of broad wisdom to synthesize and catalyze into a way that anybody can use. You don’t have to have done a lot of personal development. You are required to be open and have an inner commitment to make a shift in your life, the life of your family, and the life of your employees, your company, and your community. It is by far the fastest way to spark change with being able to shift people’s lives in 10 minutes or 5 minutes. It is a permanent change. We are also a huge bunch of stuff inside of us, and we can continue to upgrade. People then continue to get the next thing. They get a miracle and are like, “This is great.” Guess what? There’s a lot more of this happening. It’s simply the most condensed and simplified process to do it, and it draws from a lot of different stuff from the past, for sure.

I want to come back to the word breakthrough. You used the word miracles. A bunch of people are like, “What are you talking about?” It’s important to define it. I have a specific definition of what a breakthrough is. I’m curious. I don’t want to share mine until I know yours. What’s your definition of a breakthrough or a miracle?

Those are commonly used words and used in a variety of ways, so thanks for that question. There are many types of breakthroughs. The breakthroughs that interest me are the ones that people don’t think are possible. Typically, in our world, we consider miracles as somebody breaking an addiction to alcohol and tobacco after 20 years in 1 week. It could be someone who has an autoimmune disorder or issue. She’s been going at it for 10 years, and in 1 session, 90% of her symptoms go away.

It could be someone who couldn’t read because his cognitive decline was so steep and had been happening for so many years. He couldn’t buckle his belt, and in a few weeks, he’s dressing himself and reading books on brain trauma. He also has repaired the relationship with his daughter who had been estranged for eight years due to the inability to handle this in the family.

A breakthrough is even getting 2x or 10x your yearly revenue in a very short amount of time. It’s breaking through the glass ceiling of what you perceive to be possible in your industry or what resources you have. How we do this is it has separate strategies for all these different types of things. That’s what most people do. They work from the outside in. It’s like, “I got the strategy for this, the experience for that, and the advice for this.” What we’re doing is we’re going straight to the core.

This might sound a little strange to some people, but what happens inside of you is being broadcast all around you. If you were to say, “I have stress,” and then you see stress disrupting your kids or your spouse, they are reflecting on you. That reflection is more obvious in some cases, but that’s happening all the time. It’s part of our universe. When we make shifts at this deep level inside of us, it’s going to show up in and around us in any aspect of life. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about health, business, family, or relationships because it’s all happening inside of me first and then reflects on the outside. We go within. That’s how we do it.

I believe also we have to do the inner work. There’s a reflection there. I want to come back to my definition of a breakthrough. There are those big breakthroughs. What I wrote down when I heard your definition is to break through the perception of what limits you, so to speak. All those things that you mentioned are big things. I believe big things are possible in a short period of time. I also have taken a number of different incredible courses and methods that I’ve seen. It’s possible, so I’m a believer.

I also think that a breakthrough can be a very simple little distinction that can make a huge impact. A breakthrough doesn’t have to be breaking a twenty-year addiction. Even the thing that allows you to do that might be a small distinction or difference that shifts everything inside. I want to bring it down for people also who are skeptical that breakthroughs can happen easily, and they can be small distinctions as well.

I completely agree. There are so many little things that can happen in our lives that can be massive victories. It’s Einstein, I believe, who said, “All of life is a miracle or none of it’s a miracle. You get to choose.” I used to do this on the opposite end. As I grew in my journey, it allowed my love and joy to come through on a regular basis to stop reserving it for special people and start sharing it with people on the street.

I remember going back to New York. I hadn’t been there in a while, and I said, “I’m going to bring this to the people on the street. I’m going to see what happens in this rough place and see if people will smile back.” I didn’t think I’d have that much success. It was surprisingly the opposite. People who probably hadn’t smiled all day were smiling at some stranger on the street that they’re normally so guarded against. That’s even a little beautiful breakthrough for somebody. You may not think it’s for you, or you may think, “Maybe it is for me. I was nervous. I’m like, “They’re going to look at me on the street. I’m going to be smiling like, “Who is this guy? What does he want?” That might be the most genuine interaction that somebody might have all week. For them, that’s a breakthrough.

I agree with you. It’s so important to move beyond the numbers and the value and that this is so big, and it has to be movie-like quality. It’s important to recognize that maybe it’s a breakthrough when someone argues with their spouse where it takes hours or days to calm the waters in some cases and they can in a few minutes laugh through the disagreement and then find something of value to build upon in their relationship. That’s a major breakthrough as well. I agree. When we look at life like that, every day can be a new jumping-off point to something new in your life. Thank you for making that clear because I agree with you. I love that.

I know that everybody’s in a different place. We do live in such a more skeptical world than we ever have. I want to bring that down to earth for people who are like, “I don’t have anything like that.” There are breakthroughs available for all of us every day if we’re looking for them.

Sometimes, it’s not so tangible. For me, in doing this work in the first years, I became able to see the distinct pattern that I had in my relationship life and how I was subconsciously almost running away from the challenge, coming back, and rescinding my energy because I thought, “She doesn’t like me,” or, “She doesn’t want to talk about this,” or, “She has put the line here.” I was able to, through my mentor, start seeing, “That’s me. I’m the one pulling it back. I could do something different. Why do I require her to be perfect and set all these clear boundaries? I can be the one to be in love and stand as divine love.”

It was first A) Seeing my own limiting pattern, but then B) Being able to be in any storm and be okay with somebody, a partner, having a day, having a scream, having a cry, or maybe running away for a little while and be as a steady man of love. There’s nothing physical to show there, but for me, that was one of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve ever had going from doing love to being love. It vastly changed the landscape in all relationships for me and my ability to be here and now for whoever I’m with and whatever they’re going through.

For those of you who are reading, imagine what kinds of shifts that could have in your life going from doing to being. Love is a great example, but there’s the act of doing gratitude or doing various different things. I’m having a brain absence, but it strikes me. That’s an important gap in what our state of being is. How we show up makes all the difference in the results that we get around us.

One of the things that I want to get your feedback and thoughts on is when I said breakthroughs are available every day, and you’re talking about recognizing in a relationship and being able to turn it over, I call these opportunities for breakthroughs in a way, these smaller breakthroughs, as reset moments. These are moments that require us to be present, be more intentional, rethink something, and create some space for that opportunity.

I call those reset moments not just for emotional breakthroughs, but also for focus. It’s to be focused on what matters most. If it’s in business or in the way we communicate with one another, it’s to be more present and empathetic to the person that we’re speaking with and understanding. I know it’s a new concept for you, but I’m curious. How does that strike you with the work that you do, the research that you do, and the people that you work with? What does a reset moment mean to you?

I love that. I study a lot of quantum physics. There’s a lot of evidence that suggests that we’re in a simulation or a video game if you will. It’s a nice analogy. I was so concerned about how everybody thought of me and what I did in the past. I’m like, “I said this. I didn’t say that. I should have done this,” or, “This could have been better.”

I realize that most people don’t really remember much and half of what they remember is incorrect. You can hit the reset button, so to speak, on the video game in your life and wash all that away. You can hit it and start at a level. You’re like, “I’m back on level 22. I’m back on level 155,” or whatever it happens to be. Do it and it will be like that for you. I love the analogy because it’s such a clear clearing of the slate.

Let’s say there’s somebody you knew marginally well a few years ago or even now. How much do you remember about them at this very moment? Not so much. What’s the point of being upset or worried about, “Did I mess this up?” or, “Did I miss this opportunity?” Hit the reset button, start fresh, and go at it with the energy that you choose to at that moment. That is the new reality that you’re going to see and the new way you’re going to take on the next level of your life.

I love that. It is clearing. That’s one of the ideas of it. Instead of allowing the stress to compound and these worries, we’re constantly growing and learning. We’re different today than we were yesterday. We’re different this morning than we are this evening. Taking those conscious moments to say, “What did I learn today?” or, “How could I be more grateful in this moment?” or, “How can I be more present if that’s what it calls for? What does it call for?” If we take a few more of those throughout the day, like a little time out for ourselves, and reset, we can also practice letting go, which we’re not very good at. It’s like meditation but in a different way.

You can also, as I discovered and others share, revisit those stuck moments. One of the biggest things about the breakthroughs that I believe is somewhat unique to what we’re doing, or maybe the way we’re doing it is unique, is how you feel about a certain circumstance that’s keeping it stuck in your consciousness or stuck in a loop.

You can go to that circumstance and change the way you feel about it, like, “I messed up this relationship or this business deal,” or, “I said this comment. I wish I had said that.” You can go back and revisit that inside of you when you feel that charge, like, “Dang it,” or whatever that thing is for you inside. It can be a bit of grief or a bit of anger. You can go back and relive that circumstance. You are painting your new picture. You are the designer of that level of the video game. You get to go back and say, “I’m going to re-experience this. I’m going to visualize it like I would’ve liked it to go.” You can move that energy.

Take Back Time | Michael Matucci | Breakthrough

Breakthrough: You are the designer of that level of video game. You get to go back and re-experience.


When you move that energy, that is a form of then creating liberation inside of yourself and allowing it to flow to return while you’re still holding onto anything. That’s especially for specific emotions which are shame, embarrassment, or blame. You’re looking at somebody else. You’re like, “They did this. They didn’t do that.” It may be guilt and hate. Hate is a whole cornucopia of different dislikes, criticisms, and complaints. If you’re holding onto any of that, you are holding that stuff stuck. You’re holding yourself stuck. Being able to revisit that and then come and see what happened, reimagine it, shift it, learn from it, and then move on, you then liberate yourself and allow yourself to create your own breakthroughs.

I believe that once we get that lesson and we learn from it, that’s what enables us to let it go. An important part of that discovery and that breakthrough is what we’re learning so that we can let go.

When you’ve reached a level of gratitude, you’ve got the lesson. You see the lesson. It’s a gift. You’re like, “This is an amazing lesson.” When you’re fully seeing that and you’re feeling gratitude for that, the rest of the stuff’s going to go away. Forgiveness is easy. Other stuff going away is easy. It’s a matter of exactly finding the lesson and then seeing all aspects of it to the point where it’s, “That’s what’s going on there.” The rest is like a disintegrating cord that was holding you back before and then it’s gone because you’re fully in the seeing of the blessing of what that was.

Let me ask you one last thing because we’re running out of time. Let’s say somebody is, on a day-to-day, struggling with competing priorities. They are both overloaded and overwhelmed at the same time, and they’re feeling stuck as a result of that. Maybe it’s not a major relationship problem or something like that. It’s accumulated stress. I know that there’s always something deeper, but what is something practical that they could put into practice that would be supportive for them? It could be an example of something that you might do, and then we can share with them where they can find out more information about you.

The key is to find out what it’s for, whatever that is. It might be a little bit of bickering or your kid not behaving. It can be something small. This idea that people are free of problems is like a social media mirage. Everybody’s got stuff going on. If you’ve white past it and then think, “I’m going to endure it,” that keeps it going, so take that little thing. Take one little thing. Find out all the things. Ask yourself, “What do I not like right now? That’s one thing. What are the other things?”

Go back and start to look at what they could be serving you if it was intentional. If it was a person who was an unwitting personal trainer for your life and they were showing you something in a prickly way, what could that be? Find what purpose it serves and then connect to that lesson. Connect that or dive into it. It may be deeper, so it may require some time. Maybe it’s something simple, like you’re recognizing that it’s time to speak up in a certain way.

Everyone’s showing you something. When you see life as a blessing, especially in the most prickly things, then you are opening the pathway. You are opening your intuition, opening your vision, and opening yourself to the gifts that are here, and stepping in the direction of where you choose to go. That has got to be one of the top things.

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Those things come up again. It’s not like those things go away. You clear the slate and then it’s like, “I’m a guy of love. Why is this person acting this way?” It’s the next lesson. This is why we do extensive journeys. It’s like a workshop laboratory because stuff keeps coming up. We handle it together. Instead of saying, “Here’s the advice. Go home,” it’s you working through it until you can do it by yourself. It’s faster with assistance, which is why we do what we do.

How do people get a hold of you? Where can they find out about your academy and this breakthrough system?

They can go to EncompassLife.com/breakthrough. On /breakthrough, I have a free PDF for folks that specifically deals with getting unique success and what’s stopping your success that you don’t know about. Also, if you’d like to book an appointment with me, a short appointment, to discuss how this could be useful for you, your business, or what have you, I’m happy to have a chat with you. There’s a little scheduler on that page as well.

If you choose, you can look at other pages on our website. We’ve got a lot of free content. We’re here to serve a lot of resources. Ultimately, our goal is to lift up leaders and lift up those who lift up other people, like healers, coaches, or people who care about people, to give you a chance to get out of the stress and worry of handling all these folks and doing all the things and lift yourself up. In doing so, you’ll automatically lift up your people that much more.

Thank you so much for being here.

You are welcome. Thanks for having me.

Thank you all for being here. You deserve a breakthrough. Breakthroughs are there every single day. In my language, you need to take those reset moments to pause and think through, “What is the situation teaching me? What can I learn from this? How can I apply it? Where can I use this moving forward?” We talked about so many interesting things, but that’s my summary and my language.

The other thing to highlight is that it is a state of being that will change the way that we interact with the world. Whether it’s your kids, whether it’s your parents, or whether it is how you show up at work, our energy is contagious. We need to do the work, check-in, and do those insights for ourselves so that we can see the change that we want to see in the world. There’s that quote. “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

You guys are here. Take those moments. Take a moment to reflect on what you’re grateful for and what’s one lesson if you thought about it with the frustration or aggravation that you had that you could take away and would make you a better person. Create maybe a new action or a new way of behaving. Go ahead and take that reflection. Give yourself that gift. This is the show. We’ll see you in the next episode.


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About Dr. Michael Matucci

Take Back Time | Michael Matucci | BreakthroughA human breakthrough artist, Dr. Michael Matucci has gone deep down the rabbit hole as both student and teacher of a plethora of self-development modalities so you don’t have to.

During the tens of thousands of hours of dedication to Biology, fitness, nutrition, yoga, martial arts, meditation, sociology, multiple languages, and theatrical arts, in far-flung cities around the globe, he debunked assumptions about life and flipped over the table on society’s rules.

Through these intense experiences, he decoded the rules of a Life Game which, with the proper tools, he feels that we can all play at ever increasing levels.

Today, he sparks leaders, managers, coaches, and healers to vastly increase their impact, fulfillment and abundance. He also assists them in finding their purpose and boldly walking it. He empowers men and women to build their own inner ability to guide, heal, and transform themselves.

He and his team at the avant-garde transformational company Encompass Life share their Quantum Leap Technique™ (QLT) to help people lift themselves out of their challenges and create their own miracles. They are coach to coaches and trainer to trainers and have accredited masters track for those that choose to use their technique to complement their work or start new careers.

An accomplished performer and storyteller, Michael also uses the medium of film to highlight the most outrageous stories of transformation. He uses media, coaching, as well as technology to further empower the journey of overcomers that escaped slavery, violence, and exploitation and now help others do the same.


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