Victoria Buckmann: Finding The Sales Magic With Energy

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TBT 45 | Sales Magic

TBT 45 | Sales Magic

In business, the sales process connects us to people. It is the bridge where we can cross-over to present our products and hopefully make a difference in people’s lives. This is the kind of sales magic that Victoria Buckmann finds. As a certified Dream Coach, Higher Guidance Business Coach, Former Premier Success coach for eWomenNetwork, a hypnotherapist and Intuitive, she teaches people to be aware of their energies in how it affects the way they deal with business and selling. She shows how to shift your energy alongside the goals to actually get the results you want. By also shifting your energy to gratitude and clarity, you will see the most effective way towards the results.

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Victoria Buckmann: Finding The Sales Magic With Energy

We’re going to talk about sales magic. There’s got to be magic in sales because when you’re selling, there’s got to be magic to create that connection with somebody who’s buying. We’re talking to Victoria Buckmann and she has over 30 years of sales success and she loves to create sales magic. She has created a successful corporate career for herself with a Fortune 100 Company, achieving a 1,000% of quota month after month and year after year. She is a certified dream coach, higher-guidance business coach, and former premier success coach of the eWomenNetwork. She’s also a hypnotherapist and an intuitive so it’s the in and out game. With coaching, training and sales experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to those who want to learn the inside secrets of sales. Victoria, welcome to the show.
Thank you, Penny. I’m glad to be here.
What do you think is so magic about the sales process?
What I think is so magic about the sales process is that we get to connect with people. We get to make a new friend, find out what their dream and vision is, and help them achieve that. That’s magical.
It is magical when you have something that someone else wants and you can make that connection. Share on X When you have something that someone else wants and you can make that connection, that can be magical. Where’s the trouble? Where do salespeople have the biggest challenge?
The biggest challenge that people have is they don’t really recognize that they lead with their energy first. We’re energy beings. You have EKG, you have an EEG. When we have this emotion of fear, desperation or anxiety, that comes across long before we ever say a word.
I just did a keynote to an organization that was full of veterinarians and whatnot. To make that point, I said that there’s a thing that dogs can smell fear. They can’t really smell it. We can’t smell someone else’s fear but we can totally feel it. Just like that dog knows when somebody is apprehensive and then they react, their energy changes accordingly.
We are the same way. How many times have you walked into a room and there’s no one in the room but you know that somebody had a heated fight in that room ten minutes before? You can feel the energy in that room and it’s still lingering. When we show up with this fear, anxiety or this desperation, that energy is going to show up. The other party, the person who you’re speaking to, you’re going to feel it. They may not pinpoint it and know exactly what that energy is, but they’re going to go, “Something’s not right. It doesn’t feel good. Something’s off.”
It’s going to affect their energy and it’s going to affect the experience that they’re having in that conversation. I want to go back to the point you talked about desperation. So many people are goal-oriented and what they don’t realize is that they’re a little too goal-oriented. It creates an obsessive behavior towards the goal. It becomes more of that desperate energy. It becomes more of a scarcity than it does in terms of a motor towards that goal. How does somebody handle that? That’s maybe the way that I’m showing up in my sales process. How would I know that I’m probably not getting the results that I want and people are not buying from me? How do I shift that?
The fastest and easiest way to shift that is to think about something that you’re passionate about, someone that you love, if that’s an animal or a baby, just go into really deep gratitude. What do you have gratitude for? That will shift your energy so fast and it’s palpable.
I also recommend gratitude as a place to go into because you can always find something that you’re grateful for, whether it’s nature or whether it’s an animal.
Think about something that you did in your life that just excited you, it was so much fun, it was just madness and memory, and you’re just so grateful for having that experience.

TBT 45 | Sales Magic

Sales Magic: It’s really important to connect what is your drive and purpose to something you are excited about being a part of.

It’s really important to connect to what is your drive, your purpose. It’s not a goal, but something that you were excited about being a part of. If I am in sales and I’m selling something that isn’t just a product, how is this going to enhance someone’s life? Really get connected to the value that it provides. If I’m selling houses, for instance, I could look at it as though I’m building communities and that I’m creating happy families because they have a place to live and to call their own and to be comfortable in. It can be a different focus by focusing on what the other person is gaining than just making the sale.
You are not only building communities, but you are also providing somebody with a home. It has a whole different feel than selling a house. Even just the word.
Stop talking about selling. That’s a good point right there.
Even the word sales, it’s gotten a bad rap. For women, we think that we’re not good at that or we don’t know how to do it because of all the things that we’ve heard. We don’t want to be pushy. We don’t want to be aggressive. We don’t want to be salesy.
That in itself is describing that energy that you’re talking about that people don’t want to feel. That’s absolutely a good point. On this show, we’re talking about how we help people to be more strategic so they can take back time and they can do things more efficiently and effectively. Let’s put that into what that means in terms of the sales process. What kind of result will someone get when they can shift the energy that they’re bringing to a conversation?
They can double and triple their sales.
Could they do it faster or does it take just as long?
If you are coming from the right energy, your own energy, energy of gratitude, and you add to that your energy of, “I want to be of service to the person in front of me. I want to find out what do they dream about and I want to help them either reach their dream or get this much closer to their dream,” that’s that value that you talked about. When you can help somebody get what it is that dream about, you’re putting your own agenda aside. You’ve left your agenda, you’re there to serve them, and they are going to come closer to you, if not physically. That shortens up the whole timeframe of how you create trust, likeability and the whole know, like and trust factor.
When we have this emotion of fear, desperation, or anxiety, that comes across long before we ever say a word. Share on X It’s to speed the trust but it’s going to shorten the sales cycle. If we can optimize and improve our conversations, we don’t have to have as many of them. That in itself is an efficient and effective process. It really does, I totally believe, that it comes with the energy that you show up. It’s not just when you’re selling something. I was on stage three times last week. In one of those three times, I felt like something was off. I couldn’t put my finger on it and I record a lot of my sessions. I listened back through the session and I watched and I said, “It was my energy. My energy was not as powerful and as animated as it normally is. Something was a little flatter. I could feel it in the audience.” Either I was affected by the energy that was around me or I affected the energy that was around me because it’s a symbiotic relationship.
It is a give and take. It can go both ways.
It’s everywhere in our life. It’s not only if you’re selling. If you’re having a meeting and you’re just in a regular meeting at work or it’s happening in your relationships with your kids or with your spouse. Energy is everything. There’s this whole thing where you get in a fight when you walk in the door because everybody’s energy is in different places and so you’re responsible for your energy.
That’s funny that you say it’s not just selling. It can be talking to your kids or talking to your spouse or at work in a meeting. In fact, in all of those places, you’re selling. You are sharing an idea and selling somebody on some idea. If you’re working with your kids and you’re communicating and you’re trying to influence them in a certain way to be a certain person, to take care of their room or whatever it might be, you’re selling them on another idea. Whether it’s leadership or a meeting or at home, you are constantly selling in your life every moment. Whether you’re selling yourself on an idea, whether I have to sell myself to get my little fanny to the gym.
We’re selling to ourselves and we’re selling to others all the time. We might as well embrace it and know what drives a successful outcome.
One of the things that you said about speeding up time, being efficient. Not only will you pay attention to your energy and if you need to shift it but when you have clarity, you are very clear on where you’re going. If you see the end result of what it is that you want to happen, whether it’s an interaction with your partner, interaction with your kids, meeting at work or an interaction with someone who you want to provide your services or product to. When you have a very clear goal in mind, clarity of intention is how I would say it. You know what the best outcome could ever be and you state that or you think about that, and that also speeds up the timeframe.
That clarity, as you’re saying, that’s also directing your energy because I talk about that in terms of your time management. Before you sit down for any task, whether it’s a conversation that you’re having around a sales product or service or it’s just getting something done, set an intention for that timeframe, “What you can accomplish in this 30 minutes or this hour’s timeframe?” and be clear on your intention of where you’re going to focus. It’s the same kind of thing. It’s just giving you that focus so that your energy stays aligned to what it is that you want and then you can get there faster.
I see it like a laser. Our energy and our ideas are all over the place, but if you focus it and you direct it right to where you’re going and what result you want to have, you are laser-like in your clarity and your intention. You are going to get things done in a very short period of fine. You read my bio. I was over 1,000% of quota for thirteen years. All of my cohorts work eight, ten, twelve hours a day. I worked about four or five.

TBT 45 | Sales Magic

Sales Magic: There is that freedom when you can help other people get what they want, what they need, and what they dream about.

That’s because of these techniques, right?
Yes. That’s why I call it the magic.
The magic is being able to do it in four hours instead of eight. I understand that you also have a program around teaching people. Do you have something like that where people can find out more information about how they can get in touch with you?
We have a Sales Magic series of different classes. The best way to get ahold of me is to go in and apply for a strategy session where I can help you see where you need help with sales. The easiest way to do that is to go to There’s a very short little application and I’ll answer you and we can have a great chat.
Tell the audience something personal about you that they can connect to why this is important to you.
I have a passion for helping women. That’s one of the things that I have a passion for. When I was in sales, I was a single mom and when I was over 1,000% of quota. That allowed me to buy a house, take my child on trips. It allowed me to get up and leave the office if my kid fell down and skinned his knee. It’s the freedom. It’s not necessarily just for women. It’s the freedom that it gives you when you can help other people get what they want, what they need and what they dream about. It not only fills you up, but it gives you this freedom to explore more opportunities in your life and that’s something I’m really passionate about.
What’s one of the biggest challenges that you’ve had that you overcome?
I actually had my financial advisor steal my life savings and that was a big one.
We can’t smell someone else’s fear, but we can totally feel it. Share on X Was that also a driver in this where you said, “I’ve got to work and do this in four hours so that I can get my money back?”
That was the turning point. Not only that, a lot of times we have our self-worth wrapped up in our net worth. That doesn’t do you any good. We are all amazing beings and however much money you have or you make or whatever your product you’re selling, none of that makes any difference towards who you are. We are magnificent beings. We’re all geniuses in our own right. I love to help people find their genius and go towards their dream and make their lives more fulfilling.
Was that one of your challenges? I had that same challenge where I had early success in my career, big time, major and then I switched careers and started at ground zero again. It was very humbling. I did have that complex of feeling like, “I’m not making the money and so I’m not worthy,” or having that lack of confidence because of that. I know that was something that I had to overcome. Is that what happened in that process?
I got the rug ripped out from underneath me and I toppled for a couple of years. I got to know who I am, what I love and what I’m passionate about. I’m passionate about people. I love being in a relationship with people and helping them achieve their dreams. It took me a little bit to figure that out. That was definitely the catalyst.
That’s great. Thank you so much for being here.
Thank you. This was fun.
For all of our audience, thank you for being here. We all have challenges in our beliefs that tell us we’re not enough, that create fear, that make us want to reach that goal in desperation. The truth is you are worth it and all you need to do is bring that energy from within. Love the people that you’re selling. Care about them, want them to have more and just bring the energy, the intention and that clarity that is going to help you be more successful, to shorten that sales cycle and double your sales at the same time. That’s how you take back time. Thank you all and I will see you in the next episode.

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TBT 45 | Sales MagicVictoria Buckmann has over 30 years of sales success and loves to create ‘Sales Magic’. She created a successful corporate career with a Fortune 100 company achieving 1000% of quota month after month, year after year! Victoria is a certified Dream Coach, Higher Guidance Business Coach, Former Premier Success coach for eWomenNetwork, a hypnotherapist and Intuitive. With coaching, training and sales experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to those who want to learn the inside secrets to sales success. She has coached women business owners internationally and throughout the United States to successfully lead and grow their teams. By connecting your heart and mind, Victoria specializes in helping you master the ‘inner game’ to easily triple your sales and grow your client base.

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