3 Ways Templates Improve Productivity

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Why waste time recreating the wheel, every time if you are doing repetitive tasks and responses? You are too busy to be wasting your time doing the same work over and over. Using templates is one of those time management tips from the best of the best. They create templates for emails, frequently asked questions, text messages, intake forms and more.
Of course, not all of what you are doing is repetitive but if you look closely there is a part of your work that does occur over and over. You have to invest some time to look for the patterns. Create templates will simplify your work process and enable you to spend more time on the more challenging parts of what you do.
A big reason templates improve productivity is because you do not have to keep creating the original skeleton. By creating a template it frees you to insert original information without worrying about the structure.

Here are some ways templates help you get more things done.

1.Reduces errors
Templates allow you to standardize the process. The Tip here is, if you standardize the process you or anyone else doing the same work is less likely to make errors. It provides a structure for you to put the information in, so it is less likely you will forget a step or leave important information out. Removing the need to remember what must be included leads to more accurate communication. For instance, If you send an email that is missing information the receiver has to request the missing information or attachment. sage.com says “A template’s standardization solves this issue because you will know that everything is completed.”
I have seen these productivity leaks that result from missed data transfer. It majorly slows down the order process. In addition, these back and forth clarifications cause major frustrations all parties in the back and forth. This is another productivity killer as this frustration eats away at motivation.
2. Increases speed
Speed is achieved through accurate and timely communication. Missed information is like a wrench in the system. It brings the system to a halt until it is fixed.
Also, Like data entry, the more you do an activity, the faster you become. Templates allow you to develop muscle memory, and in some way, function on auto-pilot. By training your muscles to press certain keys or check certain boxes, your productivity will increase significantly.
As you make more templates, you will also become faster at creating the original content for the template. These templates can be shared with your company, and a standardized system can be put into place, which will speed up replies and approvals.
Templates allow for more succinct messaging and even eliminating the need for text and simply offering a check box or circling an option available. The speed for order taking increases significantly from both the side of the person filling out the order and those that receive the order for processing. Simplify your templates and improve your speed and accuracy.
3. Boosts consistency
Throughout your company, each department may have different ways of presenting information. This can hinder your company’s reputation, communication and ability to send a consistent message. By using templates, your business will look, and sound, and function like a well-oiled machine. All parts working together.

Critical links, messages, and signatures can be easily found by clients, or other departments, because they will have a specific location on the page.

Proper Branding lets the company create an image and be seen as a cohesive whole across the organization despite the department.

Fewer words make for clearer communication. When your business has clearer communication you can negotiate deals, understand each other’s needs, increase morale, and work towards the same goals faster and easier.

Using templates are the best productivity tip for immediate results. Templates are an excellent way to save time by reducing repetitive work and streamlining your workflow. Creating templates is a time management skill you need to embrace.

Here are five great resources for every template you may need.


Use an abbreviation or quick search to insert paragraphs of text from a repository of text responses, emails, and other content, as you type.


Provides excellent templates for posters, Facebook covers, book covers, and business cards.

Templates Assistant

Excellent for free templates across various personal and professional topics.

The Muse

Excellent for resume templates. Ranging from free to $9.95.


This blog will give you 25 fantastic website design templates.


This website offers 40 links to many different templates to improve productivity. You can find templates for “project management, business planning, and projections, invoicing and other finances, presentations, marketing and sales, and personal organization”, says sitepoint.

Microsoft word

Microsoft Word comes with personal and business templates, ranging from notetaking, flyers, and brochures.

You can try templates with the following steps: File > New > “Describe the needed template” > Download.

You can also download some from the internet.

One of the biggest reasons people don’t create templates is they say they don’t have the time. You have to invest time now to save time in the long run. Why not use time boxing to box time, specifically schedule time dedicated to this task. This is also known as Time Blocking. If you don’t plan time for it, it won’t happen. Time boxing will create the space for what is important in the long run and help you be proactive in your time management and productivity efforts.
Good luck with your templates. When you implement them, you will discover all the ways they can increase productivity in your business.

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