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Focus On The Right Things

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Own Your Focus
Performance Under Pressure
Reduce Distraction, Stress and Conflict

Time To Reset?

Adopt a RESET PRACTICE to align your actions and behaviors with your goals, values, and intentions

People are exhausted and distracted:

Burnout, quiet quitting, change fatigue-call it what you want. Our people are exhausted, distracted, critical and hesitant. They feel out of control. Productivity, collaboration and innovation are suffering.

Competing priorities:

People lack clarity, and have trouble determining what’s most important. Markets and behaviors are constantly changing and communication is getting more scattered rather than clearer. Information is abundant but insights are limited.

Declining Trust in Leadership:

Stress rises under uncertainty; skepticism is at an all-time high and people don’t feel appreciated. Poor communication and lack of transparency decrease trust and disengage people. Complacency rises and productivity declines.

After 25+ years in founding, running, and scaling organizations and interviewing over 300 successful business leaders, I’ve learned the answer to these challenges is always found in teaching teams how to focus on the right things, focus on what creates the greatest impact.

Behind Every Engaging Keynote Are Real-world Stories And Tactical Solutions

Penny shows your teams how to focus on what matters most: Reducing wasted time and resources.

  • Founder of a multi-million dollar tech firm.
  • Former executive of a global top five research company.
  • Turnaround Strategist.
  • Best selling author.
  • Master NLP Practitioner, Neuro-strategist & Talent Dynamics Facilitator.

Here’s What People Are Saying


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Topics, Talks And Strategies That Inspire People To Action: Online Or Live

Learn The Focusologist™ Principles: The Reset Practice

Step Back

Take Ownership and

Step back away from the biases, distractions, and old ways of looking at things and reconnect with the bigger picture.

Get Perspective

Control and Direct
Your Focus

Evaluate different perspectives to break through resistance and limitation, challenge the status quo, and open up to maximize potential.


Focus on What
Matters Most

Align your actions with your values, goals, and intentions. Have systems to support your priorities to focus first on what matters most to achieve your goals.

Penny Zenker Motivational Speaker

It is not about how complex the problem is but how simply we approach it.

Penny uses the Rubik’s Cube as a metaphor for the complexities in our lives and work. She shows you how a few simple moves done over and over can solve the cube. She draws the parallel to her 3-step Reset Practice repeated over and over is the key to solving complex problems and reaching seemingly impossible goals.

Build a Reset Mindset

We will never go back to business as usual. We never have and never will.
A Reset Mindset helps us create more clarity, creativity and adaptability.
Keynote speaker on RESET MOMENTS in the following capacities :

We need better strategies to navigate change and build resiliency into the organization. It isn’t only the technology that will drive success for our companies future success, it is clearly how we adapt and change how we work together; How we meet the changing needs of our people, adapt to our environment and relate to the market developments.

Topics, Talks And Strategies That Inspire People To Action: Online Or Live

Finding the right female motivational speaker for your events can be difficult to know who to choose. Penny Zenker has spoken to hundreds of companies, associations, and schools on leadership, resilience, innovation, communication and productivity, and business growth. She will help your audience develop a RESET MINDSET. One Reset Moment at a Time.


Tools to improve leadership, communication, understand personality types, and reduce conflict.


Understand the relationship between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and strategies to make behavior change stick.


Avoid the addiction to distraction and learn how to live the 80/20 rule by focusing on the 20% that delivers 80% of the results..


Learn how to challenge assumptions and find new approaches to old problems and old ways of doing things.



Why Choose Penny As Your Motivational Speaker Keynote Speaker or Trainer?

Penny is a fun, energetic, inspiring, impactful, sought-after STRATEGIC COACH, INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER,
TALENTED FACILITATOR and Best-selling AUTHOR committed to bringing you actionable value.

The results you will see when you build a Reset Mindset

This concept is so sticky, that everyone in the office will be talking about it, and with intention, you can develop it into your culture.

Faster Growth

Penny specializes in helping teams find clarity, which accelerates growth.

Less Wasted Time & Resources - Boost Productivity

Own Your Focus shows your teams how to focus on what matters most: reducing wasted time and resources.

Lower Costs

As you waste less time and resources, your cost will decrease and your profits will grow.

Greater Connection, Engagement & Loyalty

When teams know where to put their focus, they feel connected, they stay engaged, they feel like they make a difference and they stay loyal.

Increased Profitability

With a career in scaling companies, Penny directs peoples focus on profits which leads to a clear roadmap for increasing profitability.