10 Low Stress Jobs Today

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Some people like to say, “It’s not work if you are doing what you love.” Many such people may thrive on a fast-paced, quick-decision sort of environment. Many others prefer more predictable environment and low stress jobs.

If you dream of a job that pays you enough but does not stress you out, then you are definitely not alone. In certain ways, United States workers are as over-stressed as those in any country in the world. We often bring home the stress that unavoidably comes with working in an environment that is too demanding. Although a little stress is healthy, too much stress can post some serious health risks. The big question for us today is, “Are there low stress jobs out there that pay well and won’t cost us your sanity? Luckily, there are plenty of low stress jobs. Not so fortunately, though, some of them are tough to land.

Types and Causes of Work-Related Stress

Many Americans lose sleep due to the overwhelming stress of their jobs. The range of work environments and conditions is so broad because every industry and business has its own problems and goals to meet. It is one thing to deal with a stressful time when problems arise, but it’s especially difficult and exhausting when every day you work in a business causes plenty of stress.

There are many types of work-related stressors and factors that cause them. If you are busy from the second you come into work until the second you clock out, you may well be in a high-demand/low-control environment. Employees in these roles are always on the move and have endless to-do lists. With so little freedom or time to breathe, jobs like this can cause serious psychological strain.

What Can Companies Do to Offset Work Stress?

Often, employees feel like they work incredibly hard but never get recognized for their dedication and commitment levels. This is a product of what analysts call “effort-reward imbalances.” These environments produce many frustrated and disloyal workers. Genuine recognition and incentives are good cures.

Loyalty to a company can feel great, and feeling like we belong is vital in our lives overall. If you don’t feel welcomed or a sense of belongingness at your workplace, this can cause major stress and symptoms of social isolation. On average, we working adults spend nearly 35 percent of our waking hours at our jobs, so if such a large part of our lives is spent unhappily, it can cause depression and physical illness over the long haul.

Unhappy Customers and Rugged Working Hours

People who work in customer service areas like retail and call centers, often as the “face of the business” on the front line, can usually tell some alarming stories about stressful situations at work. If an accommodation cannot be made for a customer, these employees are stuck in the middle trying to deal with that customer’s anguish. This becomes mentally exhausting for many.

Demanding hours also cause people to burn out and search for more low stress jobs. Many employees in corporate and restaurant positions pull 12-to-16-hour shifts routinely. Doctors and nurses are the saving grace of millions each year, but with that rewarding work usually comes demanding hours and a boatload of stress. In reality, this becomes dangerous because one mistake often has a very high cost.

Negative Effects of Too Much Stress

No one wants to feel disdain for their jobs or feel like they spend more time there than at home. Do jobs with lower stress levels hold the answers? Stress is normal and can even be a good motivator in situations that require quick thinking. However, if you suffer from high amounts of stress often, it could turn into a chronic stress problem.

A chronic issue is an illness that persists for a long time or is constantly recurring. Chronic stress affects you mentally, but it can also quickly move into causing physical problems, too. Chronic stress disrupts every single part of your body. Beyond making you anxious and depressed, it can overwork your nervous system, weaken your immune system, and increase your chances of heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes.

Various symptoms may indicate that you are suffering from chronic stress. You may be affected cognitively, emotionally, physically, or behaviorally. It’s important to maintain a healthy balance between your work-life and home-life, and a great way to do that is to make sure you are working a low stress job… or, at least, one with stress levels you can manage.

10 Low Stress Jobs Today

There are dozens of low stress jobs out there today. It’s easy to think if you’re not working hard, then you’re not getting paid much. The good news is that this is by no means a hard rule. We will run through a list of ten of the best low stress jobs today, considering average salaries and education required alongside the Rahe Stress Scale rating for each position. On this scale, 100 represents the highest stressors and 0 indicates the lowest.

1. Online Merchant

An online merchant conducts retail business over the Internet. This is becoming a very popular position as many businesses are becoming primarily or only online-based in today’s digital age. Your days might involve researching business strategies, managing inventory, and other important tasks and decisions. These kinds of low stress jobs are rated 57 and the median salary is about $70,000. Most online merchants have bachelor’s degrees or equivalent experience.

2. Post-Secondary Law Teacher

A position as a law teacher can be a low-stress job if you know about our system and its laws through your education to become an attorney. Teaching can certainly be a challenge, but it offers flexibility. These positions are collectively rated 63 on the stress scale, and the median salary is about $104,000. You’ll need a law degree and some peripheral skills to land a position.

3. Anthropologist

An anthropologist is an interesting and educational low stress job. Anthropologists study humans. Often, studies focus more specifically on primitive behaviors, cultures and religions, languages, and biology. An anthropologist’s work is never done because one can always ask: “What does this finding tell us about modern culture?”. These low stress jobs are rated 59, and the prevailing median salary is about $62,000. It generally requires a master’s or doctorate degree.

4. Bookkeeper/Accountant

If you are good with numbers and like to work in solitude at your own pace, then bookkeeping and accounting are good career paths. You must keep track of financial transactions for people and businesses. You’ll need to know accounting and math to help analyze and create income statements and balance sheets. These low stress jobs are rated 58 and have a median salary around $39,000. Remember that most accountants’ stress levels and demands rise at tax time, and that such a career generally requires at least some post-secondary coursework in accounting.

5. Massage Therapist

Imagine that your office is dimly lit, it smells of lavender, and the only noise is hushed music. A massage therapist helps their clients relieve stress and pain by manipulating muscles and tissues through stretching techniques. These kinds of low stress jobs are rated 55 on the Rahe scale. The median income is about $40,000, depending greatly on market demand. Massage therapy generally requires a post-secondary certification.

6. Statistician

A statistician requires a good amount of knowledge about math, but this low stress job focuses on collecting and analyzing data to help predict outcomes and trends. Statistician are needed in many businesses. These jobs are rated 62 for stress, and they have a median salary of approximately $84,000. Most statisticians have completed a master’s degree or Ph.D.

7. Web Developer

Web developers are sought-out professional in today’s digital age. A web developer uses code to create and develop websites, pages, apps and other work product specific to each client. These low stress jobs have a stress rating of 60 and a median salary around $68,000. Employment generally requires an associate degree, but many in this role have four-year degrees in related fields.

8. Transportation Equipment Installation and Repair

A worker who specializes in transportation installation and repair installs and adjusts electronic equipment in various vehicles. This includes sound, satellite, and navigation systems. These kinds of low stress jobs are rated 60 on the Rahe scale, with the median salary at about $60,000. Installers and repair pros often have post-secondary training and a certification.

9. Environmental Restoration Planner

With ever-growing concern about preserving our environment, environmental restoration planners are greatly. In these relatively low stress jobs, planners help oversee and create restoration products like windmill installations and solar HVAC systems. These kinds of low stress jobs are rated 57, and the median salary is about $69,000. Generally, this role requires a bachelor’s degree.

10. Cartographer

A cartographer collects geographical information based on surveys, photographs, and drone footage to help create maps. Cartographers are useful for lesser-known locations and they also help digital companies through tasks such as creating maps for navigation systems. These kinds of low stress jobs are rated 62 and pay in the neighborhood of $64,000.You’ll need a bachelor’s degree or astounding natural talent for cartography.


Ways To Reduce Stress

Believe it or not, even low-stress jobs come with a certain level of anxiety. There’s always pressure to perform well or met certain goals. Not to mention, the unfortunate circumstance of having an unpleasant boss. Luckily, there are ways to reduce stress if you find yourself having unhealthy emotions. Here are a few suggestions:

Set A Calming Ambiance 

You can calm your nerves by either lighting a candle or warming up some essential oils. Just by changing the smell of a room is enough to relax you and put you in a better mood. Furthermore, there are apps that have calming music like spa sounds and thunderstorms. Combining that with a candle should reduce your anxiety and help you unwind for the day. Here are some of the best aromatherapy scents:
Ylang ylang

Keep A Journal

Sometimes you just have to get your emotions out! But you might not have anyone to talk to, or you may not want to vomit your problems to your family and friends—and that’s okay. Keeping a journal will help you get your thoughts out of your head and also help you find solutions. Sometimes with you have too many thoughts swirling around in your mind, and it’s hard to really process what’s happening. However, if you clear your mind and actually read your problems, it might help to give you more perspective on your situation.

Chew Gum

Popping in a stick of gum can help you get quick stress relief. The taste of the gum and the chewing helps promote blood flow to the brain. You’ll feel a sense of calm and control as you continue to chew.


Sometimes all you need is a good laugh. It’ll make you feel better and get your mind off of whatever is worrying you. Even if you don’t have anyone to hang ou and laugh with, you can always put on a funny movie or look at comedy videos on Youtube. No matter which option you choose, you can always count on a laugh to bring you positive vibes.

Take A Yoga Or Pilates Class

There’s something about breathing and stretching that provides a sense of relaxation. Doing yoga can get your blood flowing and help you calm down by centering and meditating. Exercise is an antidepressant that reduces anxiety and stress, and it’s perfect to do after a long, hectic day.

Practice Gratitude

Sometimes stress comes because life isn’t going your way. However, if you write down what you’re grateful for helps to put things into perspective. You might not like having to wake up early for work, but if you focus on the fact that you have a job, it makes things easier. You can also practice not complaining. When things don’t go as planned, the natural thing to do is to complain. But, if you accept things for what they are, you’ll feel a lot better.

How To Find Low-Stress Jobs

Let’s be honest, the job search process isn’t fun—only if you’re searching for a career you don’t love. Here are a few ways to make work-life better:

Indulge In Your Hobbies

This article is all about finding stress free jobs, but most people find their passion by indulging in the things they love. For starters, doing your hobbies after work can relieve your stress. It gives you some time to do the activities you love, and do it for fun—not for a paycheck. Not to mention that your hobbies can also turn into revenue. One of the best ways to find low-stress jobs is by monetizing the hobbies you like. For instance, if you’re good at baking cookies, try selling them; it could turn into a business.

Write Down Your Interests

Write down all the things that interest you. For example, if you’re good a making drinks, you might like being a bartender. Likewise, if you enjoy being around children, you can build the trust of your family and friends, and babysit their kids for pay. Once you write down a list of of all the things you enjoy, you can start looking for jobs online or within your circle of loved ones. 

Ask Around

This might be an old school method of doing things, but it’s still effective. If there’s a job that you’ve had your heart set on, but you don’t know how to get it, there are always alternative options. Sometimes it’s not about what you know, but who you know. Therefore you should always be asking around and telling your loved ones about your interests. Not only that, but it’s also important for people to know what your talents are. If the people around you know what you’re skilled to do, they’ll refer you to others with connections. It’s the best way to advertise yourself.7

Final Thoughts On Low-Stress Jobs

We discussed some of the most popular low stress jobs, their stress ratings, median salaries, and types of education that these positions generally require. These low stress jobs are all fairly popular, pay reasonably well, and could offer relief from work-related stress. There’s a lot of truth in another common piece of folk wisdom: “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.” Finding your ideal career might just start with this detailed look at what low stress jobs are out there.

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