5 Writing Skills for Effective E-mail Marketing

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If you own a business or if you’re planning to promote an organization of some kind, then you may be wondering how you can improve your email marketing skills so that more people are exposed to you. If you’re in this situation, then look no further because we have some of the very best tips so that you can develop some effective email writing skills.

Don’t Use Names in subject lines

You might be surprised because most customers want to know that they’re cared about and that they’re valued; therefore, a personalized email seems best, doesn’t it? Wrong.

Nowadays, people are becoming increasingly wary about their online security. If you include their names in an email, people may immediately disregard your email as being fishy and they’ll be less likely to visit your page, store, etc.

When people see their name in the subject line they know it is from an automated source because no-one actually dos this when sending an email except those automated programs. They want to feel like you are writing to and engaging them directly. We will give you some alternatives in the article to grab their attention.

The Subject

This is a big deal and touches a bit on your writing skills. We’ve all received that Email that is way too long. Most often, we delete it the moment it enters our inbox in fear of it being a scam or someone asking for money. They even have their spam filters set to pull out the common subject fields that automated email marketers are using. Watch out for special characters as they trigger spam filters too. 

Remember, the average human now has an attention span of 7 seconds, that is one second less than a goldfish. Short titles will get their attention. They either attract or repel.

Avoid having subject lines that are between 60 to 70 characters. Ideally, make your subject lines under forty-nine characters. Adestra conducted a study that demonstrated that subjects which had less than ten characters had an open rate of 58%. That is good since the industry average according to Mailchimp is around 21% depending on company size and industry. In the UK it is 24.88 says Smart Insights. This means that there is a correlation between shorter subject lines and the number of emails that are opened.

The Adestra study also showed that emails are skimmed based on the subject line so if you’re looking for people to be more aware of the subject you’re sharing, then you should go with shorter more impactful subject lines.

Here is writing skills list on how to improve your headlines:

1. Curiosity :

Make people want to know more about what the contents of the email are. Use words to draw attention.

  • Exciting development in weight loss
  • Dramatically increase reading speed
  • The experts are wrong
  • Once in a lifetime

2. Benefits:

People what to know what is in it for them before thy even open it.

  • Free Gift
  • Outstanding results
  • Money back guarantee
  1. Urgency:

If they feel like they are missing out, it can create a sense of urgency for them to see what it is. Combine these statements with other curiosity and benefits and see what happens to your open rate.

  • only 2 days left
  • limited offer
  • only 3 spaces remain
  1. Add a number:

Adding a number gives specificity to the email. It gives it a credibility from a psychological perspective. Adding a number like this can make it seem simple, easy to understand, fast to implement.

Improve your subject lines and you will improve your results. Michael Materson says “80% of the success of a sales letter is determined by the headline and lead.”

Give, give, give

Giving is one of the most important parts of effective email writing and effective email marketing. Everyone loves to get something for free. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but if you send an email with the promise of free samples or free products, then you’ll find that your clicks will be soaring in no-time.

If, for example, you own a blogging platform, then you may want to send out emails that will offer a free template for your customers to use and customize. You could even make contests that will have one winner who gains a big prize.

Give them educational content. There is a concept called reciprocity. When people learn something, receive a gift, or sample something, they feel compelled to do something for you in return such as make a purchase or make a referral.

What are ways you can give?

Know When to Send Your Emails

One way how to improve your mail opening is to know when the optimal time for you to send your emails is. Studies show that from the hours of eight at night to midnight is the best time for you to send out an email and gain exposure.


These tips are a great start to show you how to improve email marketing and writing skills? Effective email campaigns take work. It is not a one and done process. Marketing is also about testing to find the best response from your target market. Set up some test groups and find out which subjects, timing, and benefits will attract your customers. Before you know it, you will get plenty of your potential customers clicking!

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